c: emily merchant

Okay so, I did some serious Victorian Era research because I was sick of people going on about Henry and 5x03 and I discovered three things.

1. A Victorian husband had the legal right to lock up his wife.
2. A Victorian husband had the legal right to beat his wife.
3. a Victorian husband had the legal right to own all of his wife’s belongings, clothes, and money.

The earliest any of these things was banned?

So like, Henry was one of the scummiest fictional characters to exist in our mostly-happy little universe, and the guy was a prize-winning turnip and deserved every punch Emily gave him,,,, but like,,,,,

He wasn’t technically breaking any laws????

And I’m not saying that means I excuse any of his actions or like think he deserved better or whatever, because I do not.
I dunno man, the Victorian Era was pretty messed up.


Primeval S04E07:  Emily: I don’t belong here. And neither do. You came though a Gateway of your own, didn’t you? From where? The future? Matt: Everything there is either dead or dying. We exist underground because the surface of the planet can’t sustain life anymore. Its sterile because of something mankind did. We destroyed it.

Title: Matt Anderson & Emily Merchant || A Place in Time

Song: Amanda Abizaid - A Place in Time [4400 Theme]

Okay, so first proper video. It’s just following the lyrics, and center’s around the ship of Matt and Emily - The ARC’s two resident time travelers.
The idea of the song came to me after using some of the lyrics on my Live journal Header for the pair, and it seems to work well. Hopefully my next video will have some kind of story :)