c: drax

  • Mantis: you feel sexual love *points at Gamora* for her!
  • Drax: she 👏👏👌 just 😂😂👏👌😂 told everyone 👀😂💯your 👀👀👀deepest 🔫🔪🔪🔫🗡 darkest ☻😅😂 secret
  • Peter: how did you do it it's a verbal conversation
How I See the Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Peter Quill: My space son.
  • Gamora: My space daughter
  • Drax: My other space son
  • Rocket: My trash son
  • Groot: My tiny tree son
  • Nebula: My blue space daughter
  • Yondu: Awesome space grandpa
  • Mantis: Darling, precious space daughter who must be protected
  • Kraglin: My third space son who needs hugs
  • Ego: The biggest asshole this side of the cosmos