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I really like Touhou, so I felt it would be cool to combine my two favorite things! LoK and Touhou. So I drew Eska and Desna in Zun’s style (Sorta) Maybe i’ll make a fun crossover in danmakufu!

If I were, it would be like korra stumbling into a different world, where everything is the same, except it’s like Touhou, and everyone is a shoujou anime girl trying to kill you. I want to make Unalaq a Shoujou anime girl so bad omgggg

Also sorry for not uploading in two months, btw! I hope this is satisfying enough!

anonymous asked:

I know you love drawing parallels between different characters, and I was wondering if you found in parallels between any characters in Steven Universe and Eska and Desna? Or even Unalaq?

hi!! i never get questions like these anymore, so thanks for giving me something interesting to think about regarding eska and desna. :)

i can probably initially compare them to garnet and her lack of expression/emotion especially in season 1. she’s a gem of few words and is very serious when she speaks. (i think that’s why garnet was my favorite character at first actually, i really like the stoic ones for some reason) the three are all leaders, eska and desna the leaders of the nwt and garnet the leader of the gems. HOWEVER, what i just connected is that both became the leaders after unalaq and rose died. so they both took the place of “great” people who were parent figures to them. in a way eska and desna also make up two halves of the same whole as they complete each other in the literal way garnet is two halves of one whole. neither can ever be apart for long.

i can also connect them to peridot, who is VERY literal just like eska and desna. they both start off as anti-heros, who think they are performing for the greater good (the twins for their father and peridot for yellow diamond). but in reality they were being misguided by people who didn’t care about them in the slightest to do the wrong thing. both just wanted to go home. however, eska and desna and peridot realize the flaws in their manipulators, whom they once loved and admired, and decide to stand up for the greater good to protect their friends and the earth. so they go through dramatic character arcs from “evil” to “good.” (wow i love eska and desna and peridot dearly)

anyway thanks for this again, i had a lot more to say than i thought i would bc this is long lmao