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Request – Deaton “Involuntary side-effects”

 “You can do it, I’m sure of it. You just have to want it bad enough.” You stood in the animal clinic, trying to get the powers you had inside you to work, to do something, but like usual, those sessions with your uncle were just a huge disappointment.
“I can’t do it, uncle Deaton…” He looked at you, a look you knew all too well,  a look that indicated one of his speeches, and you already started sighing. You knew what was coming, you had heard it over and over again.
“You have a spark inside of you… you know that, you used the powers that came with it when it was necessary. The only thing we are going to try to do, is learning you how to use those powers consciously, not only when you or someone else is in danger.”
“I know, I know… you’ve told me this over and over again. It just doesn’t work!” He smiled, waving you to get back to the table. You sighed, stood up, shook your hands again to relax them a bit, and went back to the plant he had put on his work table.
“What you showed seemed to be powers of life. Focus on this plant, try to see if you can make it green again. I might have forgotten to water it, the last days…” You started laughing, the last remark struck you as pretty funny after all the serious stuff he said before. He laughed along, for a short moment, before returning to the task at hand.
“Come on… focus!”
“Ok, ok… I’ll try…” You took a deep breath to get rid of the laughing fits that still wanted to come out, looked at the plant and focussed on it with all the concentration you could come up with. You were surprised when you felt actual power flowing through your body, a warm, good feeling, and you started to believe that it would word this time, really work. The world faded out, Deaton faded out, all that existed was you and that plant, but still, nothing happened. You didn’t know how long you had been trying, but suddenly you were woken up from that trance by a screeching cat. It scared you, as you were so focussed on doing what you should do that you had forgotten everything else. Both you and Deaton spun around to see where the sound came from, and the moment you had located it, you really couldn’t stop laughing again.
“Uncle… wasn’t that cat bald?” You saw a smile appear on your uncle’s face as well.
“It was… it most definitely was.” He turned towards you, a proud look in his eye.
“You did this, you do realize that, don’t you?” You looked surprised.
“Me? But…”
“Yes, you were focussing on something else, but it must have been you. Look at all the powers you possess! When you really manage to master them… you won’t know what you’re able to do!”
“But… poor cat!!” You still hadn’t been able to stop laughing, even when you felt sorry for the cat, who was really looking like he didn’t know why this has happened to him.
“I will have to shave it though…” Deaton sighed deep, and walked towards a drawer, probably searching for a razor.


Another week of Teen Wolf and as always here are my top 5 scenes

  1. Derek saving Chris Argent, which, I find ironic since most of the time they trying to hurt each other.
  2. Alan Deaton being a BAMF.
  3. Melissa being the Pack Mama.
  4. Scott using to his Alpha roar on Aiden.
  5. Not just an uncle Peter Hale

Welcome to the pack Malia


What I want to talk about today, is what was the point of this scene. What was the point of the Nogitsune manipulating the MRI results so it matches Claudia Stilinski’s MRI. As in its basically the same MRI. And then the Sheriff sprouted out some line about how Stiles’ hope would be broken if he realized that his symptoms matched his mother’s disease. 

Well right after that, the Sheriff said how it was completely impossible to have the same exact MRI result. And we know Stiles’ is the researching God, and most likely researched everything about the disease his mother was diagnosed with, frontotemporal dementia. And that would most likely also include MRI scans because if his mom was getting one, he would want to know everything about it and so he would learn the impossibility of getting the same exact MRI result. So what hope would have been lost if Stiles’ would have realized that the Nogitsune was messing with his head and the things around him? 

Why doesn’t the Sheriff want Stiles to recognize his surroundings? Why doesn’t he want his son to realize that yes, the Nogitsune isn’t as clever as its trying to make itself seem? 

His wife died of something that Stiles was/is showing symptoms of. She was diagnosed with a disease that when researched, had nearly nothing in common with the listed symptoms. He had ‘noticed’ the symptoms in Stiles for two weeks, but never said anything until Melissa came to him. Why? 

It’s already been pretty much confirmed by everyone that Stiles is mostly gone and the Nogitsune in charge of the vessel. So how would showing a printed page of MRI readings change anything if Stiles’ isn’t there anyhow to look at it? 

What does this mean? It means that while we’ve been looking all over for this other possessed person, we never thought to look back at home. Of course, why would we? Papa Stilinski had no idea of the supernatural until just recently. Or did he? 

I never seem to find anything about how the Beacon Hills is basically a supernatural hot spot and it always has been because the Nematon was there to act like a Beacon. Which means, that some people of the town years ago had to have noticed the fact that supernatural creatures running all over the place. We know the Nematon was cut sometime between ninety years ago and now. I think it was cut eight years ago. Eight years ago, Malia Tate killed her mother and her sister as she lost control of her coyote form. Eight years ago, Claudia Stilinski got sick and eventually died. 

Eight years ago, if the Nematon was cut, there was a power in Beacon Hills that would have withered. Cutting something out that is essentially a part of the land itself would have consequences. Eight years ago, the Nematon was cut down and it grabbed with it three lives as sacrifices. Because you know, for a town that is constantly barraged with hunters, lizard-men, really hairy dudes with pointy ears slashing at each other, no one ever really seemed to mind. Really, the only person who really screams in Beacon Hills is Lydia. And the Nematon is a sacrificial deity, charm? I don’t know if those are the words I would use to describe the Nematon but I’m trying to think of others.

Uriel, there we go. Uriel is an angel from the Bible who is said to have guarded the gates of Eden with his fiery sword, actually be in charge of Hell (don’t ask Wikipedia says so) and one of the key Watchers during the Book of Enoch, where the other angels had slept with humans and created Nephilim.

Now, I’m going to go on a very long stretch here so things are quite possibly not going to make anymore sense. Let’s make this into a bit of an equation, shall we?

Uriel = Guardian + Leader + Watcher

We don’t even need to substitute that much do we?  

Papa Stilinkski = Guardian + Sheriff + Watcher

Where Guardian is a parent, Sheriff because Beacon Hills is his town, and Watcher because he has watched teenagers of his town turn into werewolves.

What, but Roxy this makes no sense whatsoever, it’s the Sheriff!

Yup, I am quite aware that it is the Sheriff. The Sheriff of a town that is called Beacon Hills and pretty much a Bat Signal for all supernatural creatures. Besides, doesn’t anyone find it odd how little things are done even though there are so many murders taking place in the town? Murders that seem to be done by so many “animals”, and animal protection never came down to help provide a safer environment for the town?  Seems a bit fishy. 

BUT, here is where I jump off the rainbow bridge even farther. Beacon Hills is a made up town in Northern California, but I have had discussions with a few friends about how the scenery and climate don’t exactly match Northern California. 

Beacon Hills has its own mall, own downtown apartment streets, own school, pretty much everything needed to to sustain a town isolated from other people. 

So, what if, just what if. Before the Nematon was cut down, Beacon Hills was one of those In-Between-Places? A place where Supernatural creatures and humans coexisted peacefully? Halfway between the mortal realm and halfway in the mystic realm, for lack of a better word. And all the residents were aware of their non-human friends and neighbors, until the Nematon was cut down. With the Nematon cut down, Beacon Hills lost its link to the Supernatural, it basically had a door closed in its face, and a vital part of the town was lost. But the Hales, the other guardians of the town, had decided that it was too risky for the humans living in Beacon Hills to remember the supernatural, or maybe it was too painful for those people who had supernatural abilities but couldn’t access them anymore. So, Talia and maybe some other Alpha wolves went around modifying everyone’s memory. And all of the non-werewolf creatures that are starting to show up, Lydia, were not people who had banshee blood in their veins that was just waiting to be unlocked, but instead powers that had been sealed when the Nematon was cut down but could be awoken again when having a jumpstart, or a spark if you will. (Peter you beautiful horrible person, you.) 

So, the Nogitsune is buried beneath the Nematon because the Nematon was a powerful something or the other. But then the Nematon got cut down, the power lost. So wouldn’t have the Nogitsune been able to escape then? And maybe it did, it escaped to a young mother who was probably dying near the Nematon when it had been cut down, and saved her life only for her to go to the hospital and get diagnosed with a dementia-related disease because of the Nogitsune inside of her. 

ANOTHER THOUGHT. Right, so the MRI scans are the same between Stiles and his mum. But what if its because the Nogitsune, or the Void Kitsune is using those parts of the brain? Void, the absence of. The nogitsune is the absence of certain parts and that could very well include parts of the brain of the host it is possessing. So the reason why the MRIs are so similar is because it is a sign of the Nogitsune possessing people. And when Claudia died, the Nogitsune went to only other body that was in the room at the same time of her death: Stiles. 

Alright, that was a bit off tangent, I apologize. Actually, I’m pretty sure this is getting completely off the original point. I don’t even remember what that was anymore. 

Anyways, so the the supernatural activity is basically dead by the time we start the show. But then we have Peter who was being manipulated by his nurse, Jennifer into becoming the alpha. Now, I think its been speculated that the nurse was Jennifer Blake, the durach wanting to speed things up to get revenge against the Alpha pack. It could be or it could be not. But we have a catalyst either way. Everything supernatural has to begin with a spark. So Peter’s healing could have started with a spark from Jennifer because she knows she’ll need help in order to take down the Alpha Pack and the Hales were considered one of the more powerful werewolves to roam around. Pity most of them were dead. But the catalyst had been started, things were starting to get back into motion; more and more supernatural beings coming into play. But in order for the town to be as it was before, the Nematon needed to wake up; it needed its own spark so that Beacon Hills could be restored to its proper place In-Between. And who do we know who is obsessed with keeping balance of things? 

External image

Yeah, these two. Deaton, who orchestrated the Sacrifice needed to wake up the Nematon. And Morrell who is obsessed with keeping the balance and so wants to kill Stiles because the Nogitsune isn’t supposed to be here. 

And really, why would Deaton stay in a town that never really had any supernatural sightings? In a place where all its werewolves were either dead, gone, or in a coma, why not move someplace else where that was more of a Supernatural hotspot and then come back to Beacon Hills when things started rearing up? Unless Beacon Hills was a supernatural hotspot and he needed to be around because it was unnatural that something like the Nematon could be cut down. 

Ok, that’s all I have for right now. Does any of this make sense at all? Or is it just ramblings? 

Updated; Deaton is the Benefactor theory.

Recently in an interview Jeff explained that the identity goes all the way back to season 1 and the Hale house fire. If you remember, Deaton was also the Hale’s emissary. No one know’s more about the pack than he does, he know’s about Liam, Malia being a hale, pretty much everything supernatural in Beacon Hills.

Let’s not forget that he’s a druid and his main priority is keeping everything in balance. He even made the comment to Scott about ‘Regression to the mean’ where no matter how bad or ‘good’ something gets, it will always become neutral (and he seemed pretty adamant about that) He also comment on the fact that Beacon Hill’s has literally become a Beacon again and it will invite a lot of Supernatural creatures. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but besides the ones we know, there is a hell of a lot of other names on the deadpool.

As for the money, we all know Deaton knows how to defend himself against the supernatural so he could have easily made the flash/smoke bombs that they used on Peter and Kate in the vault.

His sister Marin Morrell is also a druid and they had the scene at the end of season 2 where Marin was questioning his involvement in everything and about him supposedly being retired and he replied with “whoever said I was retired?” and he said he ‘does what he has to do’

This part is a little of the topic but what if the balance has shifted that much that he had to take drastic measures and, like Jennifer, become a Darach and that’s what made him become the Benefactor.

Also Seth Gilliam is on The Walking Dead for quite a while now and filming dates clash… what if he’s rumoured character death this season?

AND AND AND Deaton could easily kill the supernatural in Beacon Hills if he want but he cared about the pack that much that the only way he could do it was by hiring other people to do it!

So yeah that’s my theory, please let me know if any of you agree with me so I don’t feel like I’m over analysing things haha

Scott goes with Deaton, because Deaton is practically his father (and as much as I’d want him to go with Isaac, Deaton’s a closer connection).  Allison has the choice of Lydia or Isaac, because Lydia and Allison are best friends, and Allison and Isaac because well, Allisaac.  HOWEVER, Stiles has weak connection with Isaac because face it, they don’t really talk.  The only connection Stiles has with Isaac is Scott.  Ergo, Stiles goes with Lydia and Allison goes with Isaac.  It might have been set up as Allisaac just to work out the dynamics for the dunk tank.

I will deny the Allisaac. Scisaac is OTP.