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Since I’m a follower of the Deaton is evil theory, the current headcanon weekend is pretty much ideal to sort all my thoughts on the matter (well, over here, there’s still some weekend left, so it counts, right? ^^)

I think that Deaton’s a darach himself. Possibly already hundreds of years old (so Marin is either his actual sister who extends her life as well, or a sister in the metaphorical sense).

Maybe he used to travel around the world, always in search of a Nemeton to harness its power. But since Nemetons are neutral sources of energy, they invariably become tainted, the longer he uses them and they wilt. They’ll die, if he uses them too long, so he usually finds another one if he comes too close to losing his current one. They take a long time to recover from that, though. He, and other people like him, have been doing that for so long that there aren’t many active Nemetons left.

Deaton got lucky with the one in Beacon Hills. It was stronger than most others because it stood in the territory of an established pack that cared for its well-being. So he got close to the pack, became their Emissary, and used it for his purposes as he liked - knowing it would last a lot longer than the ones he was used to.

But then the Argents cut it down, reducing its power, and slowly getting it tainted by the nogitsune’s rage (which hadn’t done anything to the Nemeton before, because it had been healthy). But Deaton is stuck in BH. Becoming the Hales’ Emissary tied him to the land. But even if he weren’t tied, this Nemeton was the last one on the continent not yet drained, so there’s no alternative but to stay and make the most of it.

He needs to find ways to wake it up again, and that only works by siphoning the life force of other living beings. The more powerful and the “purer”, the better. So the Hales would make ideal sacrifices, since they’re peaceful werewolves. He just can’t kill them himself or spill their blood on the trunk. Both would taint the sacrifice and the gained power would flare brightly and intense, but it would ultimately kill the tree in just a few years. Not an option for Deaton.

So he conspires with the Argents to take the Hales down. While that’d leave the Nemeton without the Hales’ protection, it would also mean that BH would become absolutely uninteresting to other supernatural beings. To their knowledge, the tree is dead and the territory not safe anymore, because of the Argents. And Deaton is finally free of his Emissary duties and his ties to the land.

Deaton makes sure to keep Peter on Hale land, though. His connection to the Nemeton helps its regeneration. If that also means Peter won’t wake from his coma, that’s okay with Deaton. It means nobody will ask any questions about what he’s doing. Peter was always the most dangerous to Deaton’s plans anyway. Too perceptive. So Deaton kinda likes how things worked out.

But then Peter wakes up. Deaton doesn’t know why, but suspects the nurse may have something to do with it. Too bad Peter is feral, though. That complicates things, because now BH is crawling with supernatural beings again. So Deaton begins to meddle.

Scott being turned is lucky for Deaton because now he has an in with the wolves. Scott trusts him and is easily manipulated. And with Scott comes Stiles who, the longer he is involved in the events, turns out to be no ordinary human. Him having being a Spark is both a blessing and a curse. A curse because he can become a threat to Deaton if he ever realizes the power at his hands. A blessing because Deaton can use the spark both for powering himself up and for fueling the Nemeton.

Not a moment too soon, too. With the Alpha Pack around and the other darach that followed them, the Nemeton is in danger of becoming too tainted. Already, Julia has made the first blood sacrifices. He needs to make sure she won’t finish the ritual or the Nemeton will be lost to him.

Enter the stand-in sacrifices. It drains Stiles’ spark and makes it easy for the nogitsune to take over Stiles. So Stiles has to deal with that and can’t apply his sharp mind on what’s going on in the town. On top of that, he won’t ever be a “magical” opponent for him, now, never be more powerful than him. With “normal” humans, he can deal.

Now the Nemeton can grow again and make sure Deaton will be able to continue to live his life. And if Scott manages to establish a pack here again, he’ll have it easy to steer thing in his favor - he’ll just make sure to never formally tie himself to a pack again. So now he won’t have to move on for a while. That’ll make sure one of the other Nemetons will be recharged by the time he finally does leave BH.

(And I’ll just ignore all seasons from 4 onwards. :P)

This is incredible, and it makes so much sense! I love it, and I need to read 200K+ words of it now! 

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A nonnie already gave a lot of my head canon for Deaton,(grieving Deaton) but I have a few extra bits! (1/2) I have always believed the Hales actually anchor the Nemeton - like, there has to be a Hale physically present in BH to keep the Nemeton contained. Laura and Derek could leave because Peter was there, with Deaton making sure he stayed alive and the Nemeton was quiet. I also think Deaton was the one who found Cora and sent her far away; keeping a backup Hale, as it were. His grief...

2/2) and anger over losing his Pack conflicted with his duty as a Emissary to keep the Nemeton in check because the balance was so damaged and he must maintain it. Then everything happens and he’s fucked and has to scramble. Scott could help with things, but the Hale bloodline is still needed. Derek’s and Cora are gone again, but can be recalled, Peter is probably skulking around, Malia shows up later (ugh), and Deaton is spending his time bts trying keeping at least one freaking Hale alive!

I like this a lot! I love the idea that the Hales are tied to the nemeton – and not just the Hale pack, but someone with Hale blood. And yes, so far there’s always been a Hale in town. Even Peter, when he was in his coma, counted. But I love the idea of Deaton trying to maintain the balance while also scrambling to keep one of them in Hale territory at all times! 

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1) alpha Thalia trusts Deaton (sandbox-friends) that he has only the best in mind. He loves her husband/Peter/Peter who is her husband since he can think, but of course Thalia got him. That's the time he forms the idea to take everything she loves from her. Death would destroy the plan so the pack survive the fire, but lose their home/feeling of secrutiy. heir!Laura runs away bc Thalias-way is the "wrong" way. Thalia thinks her reputation is still strong but Deaton destroyed this too,

2) so by the next CON Thalia is surprised that she is sitting at the “kids” table and nobody wants to speak with. At home she realises she lost everything (home, heir, family-support). The only problem is she can’t say what/when it happened or who was it. So she gets help from outside, which is mistake bc the alpha thinks that Thalia is too weak to protect the nemeton and BH-hellhound. He kills her/her husband and Deaton (who didn’t thought about such an ending) and gives the alpha to Peter.

Oooh! If the evil alpha at the end is Deucalion, consider me sold on all of this! 

Alan Rowan Deaton - Emissary

Age: 47
Gender: Cis-Male
Alignment: True Neutral
Orientation: Demisexual Biromantic

Alan is from a long line of Druids. His family, for as long as most can remember, has been tasked with helping the Hale family, in particular. There was always a Deaton in Beacon Hills, as long as there was a Hale.

While Alan loved his work as an emissary, there was something that he loved even more. Even though there was a strict rule, no emissary should ever fall in love with the Alpha they are charged with helping for it would make keeping the balance far too difficult, there was no way that Alan could stop himself from falling for Talia Hale. But Talia was married and the rules were the rules, so Alan kept his mouth shut, never mentioning that he was in love with the Alpha.

The day that the Hale family burned to death in the fire was the day that Deaton felt his heart rip apart. He couldn’t help but to blame himself. He’d often find himself in the years to pass wondering if he had been there, in the house, if he would be able to save them, save Talia.

For several years, Alan Deaton tried to forget about his other life as an Emissary, instead choosing to focus on his day job of being a veterinarian. Everything changed, however, when Scott McCall, his surrogate son for all intents and purposes, was bitten by an Alpha. This pulled him back into the work of being an Emissary, without him even realizing.


• Alan can speak english, spanish, japanese, french, and some american sign language.
• Deaton has never married. Largely due to his feelings for Talia Hale.


What I want to talk about today, is what was the point of this scene. What was the point of the Nogitsune manipulating the MRI results so it matches Claudia Stilinski’s MRI. As in its basically the same MRI. And then the Sheriff sprouted out some line about how Stiles’ hope would be broken if he realized that his symptoms matched his mother’s disease. 

Well right after that, the Sheriff said how it was completely impossible to have the same exact MRI result. And we know Stiles’ is the researching God, and most likely researched everything about the disease his mother was diagnosed with, frontotemporal dementia. And that would most likely also include MRI scans because if his mom was getting one, he would want to know everything about it and so he would learn the impossibility of getting the same exact MRI result. So what hope would have been lost if Stiles’ would have realized that the Nogitsune was messing with his head and the things around him? 

Why doesn’t the Sheriff want Stiles to recognize his surroundings? Why doesn’t he want his son to realize that yes, the Nogitsune isn’t as clever as its trying to make itself seem? 

His wife died of something that Stiles was/is showing symptoms of. She was diagnosed with a disease that when researched, had nearly nothing in common with the listed symptoms. He had ‘noticed’ the symptoms in Stiles for two weeks, but never said anything until Melissa came to him. Why? 

It’s already been pretty much confirmed by everyone that Stiles is mostly gone and the Nogitsune in charge of the vessel. So how would showing a printed page of MRI readings change anything if Stiles’ isn’t there anyhow to look at it? 

What does this mean? It means that while we’ve been looking all over for this other possessed person, we never thought to look back at home. Of course, why would we? Papa Stilinski had no idea of the supernatural until just recently. Or did he? 

I never seem to find anything about how the Beacon Hills is basically a supernatural hot spot and it always has been because the Nematon was there to act like a Beacon. Which means, that some people of the town years ago had to have noticed the fact that supernatural creatures running all over the place. We know the Nematon was cut sometime between ninety years ago and now. I think it was cut eight years ago. Eight years ago, Malia Tate killed her mother and her sister as she lost control of her coyote form. Eight years ago, Claudia Stilinski got sick and eventually died. 

Eight years ago, if the Nematon was cut, there was a power in Beacon Hills that would have withered. Cutting something out that is essentially a part of the land itself would have consequences. Eight years ago, the Nematon was cut down and it grabbed with it three lives as sacrifices. Because you know, for a town that is constantly barraged with hunters, lizard-men, really hairy dudes with pointy ears slashing at each other, no one ever really seemed to mind. Really, the only person who really screams in Beacon Hills is Lydia. And the Nematon is a sacrificial deity, charm? I don’t know if those are the words I would use to describe the Nematon but I’m trying to think of others.

Uriel, there we go. Uriel is an angel from the Bible who is said to have guarded the gates of Eden with his fiery sword, actually be in charge of Hell (don’t ask Wikipedia says so) and one of the key Watchers during the Book of Enoch, where the other angels had slept with humans and created Nephilim.

Now, I’m going to go on a very long stretch here so things are quite possibly not going to make anymore sense. Let’s make this into a bit of an equation, shall we?

Uriel = Guardian + Leader + Watcher

We don’t even need to substitute that much do we?  

Papa Stilinkski = Guardian + Sheriff + Watcher

Where Guardian is a parent, Sheriff because Beacon Hills is his town, and Watcher because he has watched teenagers of his town turn into werewolves.

What, but Roxy this makes no sense whatsoever, it’s the Sheriff!

Yup, I am quite aware that it is the Sheriff. The Sheriff of a town that is called Beacon Hills and pretty much a Bat Signal for all supernatural creatures. Besides, doesn’t anyone find it odd how little things are done even though there are so many murders taking place in the town? Murders that seem to be done by so many “animals”, and animal protection never came down to help provide a safer environment for the town?  Seems a bit fishy. 

BUT, here is where I jump off the rainbow bridge even farther. Beacon Hills is a made up town in Northern California, but I have had discussions with a few friends about how the scenery and climate don’t exactly match Northern California. 

Beacon Hills has its own mall, own downtown apartment streets, own school, pretty much everything needed to to sustain a town isolated from other people. 

So, what if, just what if. Before the Nematon was cut down, Beacon Hills was one of those In-Between-Places? A place where Supernatural creatures and humans coexisted peacefully? Halfway between the mortal realm and halfway in the mystic realm, for lack of a better word. And all the residents were aware of their non-human friends and neighbors, until the Nematon was cut down. With the Nematon cut down, Beacon Hills lost its link to the Supernatural, it basically had a door closed in its face, and a vital part of the town was lost. But the Hales, the other guardians of the town, had decided that it was too risky for the humans living in Beacon Hills to remember the supernatural, or maybe it was too painful for those people who had supernatural abilities but couldn’t access them anymore. So, Talia and maybe some other Alpha wolves went around modifying everyone’s memory. And all of the non-werewolf creatures that are starting to show up, Lydia, were not people who had banshee blood in their veins that was just waiting to be unlocked, but instead powers that had been sealed when the Nematon was cut down but could be awoken again when having a jumpstart, or a spark if you will. (Peter you beautiful horrible person, you.) 

So, the Nogitsune is buried beneath the Nematon because the Nematon was a powerful something or the other. But then the Nematon got cut down, the power lost. So wouldn’t have the Nogitsune been able to escape then? And maybe it did, it escaped to a young mother who was probably dying near the Nematon when it had been cut down, and saved her life only for her to go to the hospital and get diagnosed with a dementia-related disease because of the Nogitsune inside of her. 

ANOTHER THOUGHT. Right, so the MRI scans are the same between Stiles and his mum. But what if its because the Nogitsune, or the Void Kitsune is using those parts of the brain? Void, the absence of. The nogitsune is the absence of certain parts and that could very well include parts of the brain of the host it is possessing. So the reason why the MRIs are so similar is because it is a sign of the Nogitsune possessing people. And when Claudia died, the Nogitsune went to only other body that was in the room at the same time of her death: Stiles. 

Alright, that was a bit off tangent, I apologize. Actually, I’m pretty sure this is getting completely off the original point. I don’t even remember what that was anymore. 

Anyways, so the the supernatural activity is basically dead by the time we start the show. But then we have Peter who was being manipulated by his nurse, Jennifer into becoming the alpha. Now, I think its been speculated that the nurse was Jennifer Blake, the durach wanting to speed things up to get revenge against the Alpha pack. It could be or it could be not. But we have a catalyst either way. Everything supernatural has to begin with a spark. So Peter’s healing could have started with a spark from Jennifer because she knows she’ll need help in order to take down the Alpha Pack and the Hales were considered one of the more powerful werewolves to roam around. Pity most of them were dead. But the catalyst had been started, things were starting to get back into motion; more and more supernatural beings coming into play. But in order for the town to be as it was before, the Nematon needed to wake up; it needed its own spark so that Beacon Hills could be restored to its proper place In-Between. And who do we know who is obsessed with keeping balance of things? 

External image

Yeah, these two. Deaton, who orchestrated the Sacrifice needed to wake up the Nematon. And Morrell who is obsessed with keeping the balance and so wants to kill Stiles because the Nogitsune isn’t supposed to be here. 

And really, why would Deaton stay in a town that never really had any supernatural sightings? In a place where all its werewolves were either dead, gone, or in a coma, why not move someplace else where that was more of a Supernatural hotspot and then come back to Beacon Hills when things started rearing up? Unless Beacon Hills was a supernatural hotspot and he needed to be around because it was unnatural that something like the Nematon could be cut down. 

Ok, that’s all I have for right now. Does any of this make sense at all? Or is it just ramblings? 

Brett: Finding An Anchor

Bright by Echosmith came on shuffle and I was already planning about doing a Brett something something when it hit me. I’m also super into the blog right now because its brand new so I’m just throwing them out. Thank yoou

“Deaton, I can’t do it!” You screamed, the screech ending in a roar as your eyes burned flame blue and your fangs bit into your lips.

“Y/N! Calm down!” He shouted but you couldn’t hear him, not anymore. All you could hear were the screams of the woman as you fell upon her, tearing at her flesh with your claws, watching the life drain from her weakened body. In that moment, you had never felt more alive. Until you blinked.

Then it all came crashing down on you. The fear, the screams, the tears, her feeble attempts to make you stop before she simply gave in and let you.

“Noo!” You roared, scratching at your body, your claws digging into your flesh and leaving broken marks behind. “I can’t li- I can’t- It’s too much!”

“Deaton, help her!” Brett shouted, watching as you cut deeper and deeper, crisscrossing the claw marks. “She’s going too far!”

Brett took a step toward you and your head snapped up, adjusting to the movement and twisting expertly into a defensive position. You growled low, claws still digging deeply into your legs, before swiping down your neck and deep into your shoulder.

He took another step forward and you growled again. The sound rumbling from deep in your chest, warning the werewolf off. Warning the one guy you’ve ever loved away.

Somewhere, deep in your head, you knew you couldn’t kill him. That he’d stop you before anything got out of hand but the wolf inside of you didn’t understand that, all it knew was this was yours and it needed to stay away in case you hurt it. And you would hurt him. And he’d hurt you to stop you. And then you’d both feel awful, unable to look at each other without seeing what you did to them.

Brett moved an inch forward and you inched backwards, growling deeply, claws still buried deep in your own body, the screams still echoing through your mind until you felt a pinch and spun around to see Deaton standing there, a needle in hand and a slightly nervous look on his face.

You let out a screeching roar and leapt for him, only to be grabbed from behind by Brett. You scrabbled against him, trying to get away without embedding your claws anywhere near him, until the dead mellow spread through your limbs.

Fog filled your mind and you heaved a sigh before running your claws deeply, one last time, down your chest and closing your eyes.

You whimpered, eyes blinking open in rhythm to the pounding in your head. You scanned what you could see, inhaling deeply to get an idea of the rest.

You were in your room, in bed, wrapped up in Brett. As you shifted, you felt a sharp pulling and the crinkling of plastic bandages.

What the hell happened?

Brett shifted behind you, his impossibly large shoulders shrugging into wakefulness. You rolled over, wincing, and took in his half-asleep half-awake face with glee. You couldn’t stop the secretive smile stealing across your face as you took in the soft set of his mouth and the slow blinking of his eyes. This was him. Him without any of the smirks or sharp looks he used to keep people at arm’s length. To keep the secret, to protect not only him or his sister, but his entire pack.

“You’re giving me the dopey look again aren’t you.” He mumbled, stretching into a yawn and you blushed, while eyeing his fantastic figure greedily.

“You know you love it.” You smirked and he smiled, eyes still shut. You leaned over him, tapping his nose with the tip of your finger, your bandages brushing him with a crinkle.

At the noise, he winced, his eyes opening quickly and scanning your face. Once he saw you were fine, other than a headache frown, he relaxed.

“Speaking of, what the heck are these?” You asked him, tapping the gauze delicately in case you were damaged underneath.

“Technically, we weren’t talking anything about you or the damages you’ve done to my favourite thing. The thing in question being your body.” He smirked and you punched him, hard, in the rib.

“I am not a thing and my body is not an object, jerk. And quiet down with your technicalities, I want to hear you explain how I did this.” You sniped, while he let out a clearly fake groan of pain, but you appreciated it all the same. It’s no fun trying to be big and powerful when they don’t react.

Brett sighed heavily, eyeing you from the corner of his eye before flopping an arm over his head and blocking his vision. Stopping you from seeing the ache in them- not that you really thought of that, not that you connected the action to his speech at all.

“Last night was a full moon and you lost it. I called Deaton, cause I had no idea what to do and Satomi was just as clueless as me. You know how the mantra doesn’t help you. You were scratching and clawing at yourself, screaming and howling for what, we had no idea. And the cuts were getting deeper, cutting into already deep cuts. So Deaton knocked you out and patched you up. I brought you here and eventually fell asleep once I was sure you were safe.” He ended in a mumble.

Your breath hitched before blowing out all at once.

Rising from the bed you walked over to the floor length mirror, peeling off your shirt and taking in all the bandages. Brett sat up and eyed you sadly, noticing that yes you were half naked but this time the impossible to look away factor had changed.

You peeled up the bandage on your left hip and sighed- scarlessly healed skin. You continued this with each piece of dressing, either wincing at the still unhealed and stitched skin or letting out a huff of calm breath at the restored bits. This went on until you reached the last one, the largest bandage covered in red spots that was most definitely unhealed and hurting.

“Maybe you should leave that one as it is.” Brett mumbled, his face solemn and sad. You didn’t reply, just shaking your head and you peeling it away, tears filling your eyes.

You hissed as the last of the adhesive came off your skin and you saw it in its entirety. The skin was angry and red, jagged and roughly stitched. It was obvious that some parts hadn’t fit together right afterwards and Deaton had had to make do with his on the go med kit. You looked at Brett in the mirror, his face ashen with worry and a small sob escaped you.

He was on his feet in an instant, arms wrapping around you carefully, not wanting to knock the bloody tear that went from collarbone to belly button.

“What am I going to do next month? Or when something happens? Brett… I can’t do this, I can’t forget her, I can’t…” You whimpered, tears tracking down your cheeks as he tucked your head under his chin, making soft soothing sounds.

You pressed into him, knowing he didn’t have the answer but that he wouldn’t stop thinking until he did.

“I love you. We are going to get you better, so don’t worry, okay? I’ve got you and I’ve got this.” He whispered into your hair and you closed your eyes.

All day you were twitchy. It was the full moon tonight and neither you nor anyone else, Brett, Satomi, Deaton, Derek or Scott had been able to come up with anything. The most prevalent idea, your own, was to knock you out in a ring of mountain ash. No one else was really into that, because what if you woke up and hurt yourself again, possibly going too far and too deep this time.

Teachers looked at you funny, the other students around you were giving you the side eye. It was as if they were waiting for you to lose it. To tear into their flesh and watch the blood leak out.

Brett nipped your ear and you jumped, feeling your eyes fade back to their human shade.

“People are acting weird because you’re acting weird, sunshine.” He whispered, reading your mind, and you pressed your face into his chest, clinging to him. He held you back just as tight.

“Of course I’m acting weird; I could claw their faces off before they even knew they were missing a face!” You hissed into his sweatshirt and he chuckled. His heart skipped a beat and you flinched. He was afraid. For you or of you- it didn’t matter. You were afraid too.

“Look, you’re perfect and you’re going to be fine. I have to practice after school but I called in a favour from Liam and he’s going to hang out with you, talk about how he controls it, considering he’s the king of insanity. I’ll be back long before night falls, okay?” He smiled down at you, eyes bouncing between your own earnestly. You could smell the lie but it was okay. You both needed a break for a few hours and as long as he would be back…

“Okay.” You nodded and he kissed you hard and fast before jogging out the double doors.

“Brett says you’re insane.” You start, eyeing the boy sitting across from you. His hair was fluffy and his eyes an earnest blue. He really looked like he wanted to help you, you even bet he knew about the scar, the long one that spanned down your chest because despite being a werewolf it hadn’t healed right.

“Brett also said a girl that killed her father and psychiatrist was cute.” He replied, the corner of his mouth tipping up a little. A smile he was trying to hide.

You flashed him with the baby blues of a killer and he grimaced.

“He thinks I’m cute too.” Your smile was more teeth than friendliness and he sighed.

“Look, I’m here to help. I know that you’ve tried it all and nothings getting through to you, but it’s not about the tool. It’s about you. You need to want to be better. We all know you regret her, and that this is some kind of way of paying for it but it’s not helping. You have to want to be better.”

“I do!” You snapped, clenching your claws into the skin of your hand. “I don’t want to hurt anymore- I don’t want to upset him or make him worry anymore but I just… I hear her, every time. Her screams. I watch her as she accepts it, watch as the life dies in her eyes. And I feel it, the rush that came when she died, it felt so good. How am I supposed to be okay if I like it? I’m not human anymore, if I ever was.

By the time you finish, you’re whispering harshly, your face raw and heartbroken. Liam flinches at your expression and your eyes shutter, closing him out.

“It’s getting late. I need to go.” You murmur and rise, walking slightly unsteadily for the door, leaving him sitting there.

You click open your front door, taking the stairs slowly and sadly. The plans for tonight were sketchy; and that was putting it kindly. All you really knew was that Brett wouldn’t be leaving you alone, despite your pleas.

Once you reached the landing you heard a thump from down the hall, and a slightly elevated heartbeat. Walking silently across the carpet, you eased open your bedroom door, coming face to knee with Brett.

“What are you doing!?” You snapped, your gaze sliding up his figure before tracking to where his hands held a paintbrush to your ceiling.

Your mouth fell open, taking in your now black-blue roof and the white gold sparks that dotted it. The stars.

“You…” You whispered, eyes still roving over the marks.

“It’s my last idea.” He sighed, stepping off the chair. “Your parents took your little brother to a basketball game out of town and won’t be back until tomorrow at the earliest. It’s just you and me, and I told them you were a bit upset lately- which they had noticed, and I wanted to surprise you.”

Tugging you against him, he eyed your face, looking for signs that he did the wrong thing.

“I figured we could spend the night watching the stars, picking constellations and stuff…” He trailed off, seeing the tears in your eyes. “I didn’t do it wrong, did I?”

His voice was slightly panicked and you pulled his face to yours, pressing your lips onto his own. You loved the stars any day and it was something you used to force him to do with you all the time, lay on a blanket picking out your own constellations. Before you were bitten. Now there was barely any time anymore.

“It’s perfect, you’re perfect. I love you. I hope it works.” You whispered against his mouth and his eyes lit up. Tugging you down, he pulled you against him on your bed as the sun set and the pair of you looked to your roof.

All through the night you talked and kissed. Your eyes roving over the multitude of golden dots, the lights dimmed to slightly visible darkness.

Somewhere through the night you felt your eyes change, but before you could panic Brett pointed out another shape and it was forgotten.

As the sun broke the horizon you blinked. You were fine. Brett was fine. No one was hurt.

Jumping against him, you climbed his body, pressing your lips against his sleepy ones manically. He hadn’t fallen asleep, although he looked like he needed it. He’d stayed awake with you.

“I- love- you” You whispered, breaking the sentence with kisses all over his face. “I- love- you- so- much!”

You kept kissing him, repeating the words until he was fully awake and kissing you back fiercely.

“Anything, anything for you.” He replied between the touches of his lips.