c: david rossi

The Butcher and The Blonde

Prompt: You have a nasty encounter with the Butcher and Morgan comes in to protect you.

“I’m right here, if you need me just look.” Morgan reassured, rubbing your back as you stood outside the door, the only thing separating you from a man who had killed over 20 women who shared one trait with you, blonde hair.

“Why do I have to do this?” you asked once again, not expecting an answer, rather just showing Morgan and Rossi how uncomfortable you were in this situation. 

“You’ll do fine Y/N, just go in and pick up the files, I need to see how he reacts, you don’t even have to talk to him.” Rossi explained once again. You gave them both one last look before opening the door and entering the small room, heading straight towards the table with files sprawled out across it.

“Hello beautiful.” the Butcher smirked. He may have been old but he was immediately interested. You gave him the cold shoulder, completely ignoring his comment. “You’re body is beautiful, and that hair.” he said once again, shifting in his seat. “The things I would do to you.”

“Back off old man.” you spoke harshly, not letting your hands slow down as you put every file one at a time back in the box.

“Feisty, I would love to just cut into you. That perfect skin, the blade would go perfectly through, like butter.” he continued, ignoring your warning. “And then after I was done torturing you, I would make a little exception.” he started. “I normally don’t touch my play toys, but with you, I just might have to.” you didn’t even have to look at Morgan for him to know that the Butcher had just crossed a line, he showed this by storming into the room, letting the glass door slam against the wall.

“Come on Y/N.” he spoke, placing a protective arm around you and escorting you out of the room, the box only half filled, still on the counter.

“I would’ve loved to hear you scream.” the Butcher muttered, a smirk on his face as he watched you leave. Morgan pushed you out of the room and turned, walking angrily over to the Butcher.

“You speak to her like that one more time and I break every bone in your body, you get that.” he whispered, in a hushed but furious tone, his face close with the Butchers. 

“Ahh I see, you already have that little diamond in the sack, bummer, then again, that’s never stopped me before.” the old man smirked, his face disgusting even you who was unaware of the words that went along with it. Morgan turned and walked out, going directly towards you who were leaning up against a desk, your hands tucked in between your legs as though it was an instinct. 

“Come here.” he spoke before wrapping you in his arms tightly. You closed your eyes, letting your body melt into his breathing.