c: daphne vasquez

omfg daphne stop saying ur puerto rican ffs

did you learn nothing from the scholarship incident

growing up in a poor hood of colour with parents of colour and the last name vasquez doesn’t make you of colour like ur biological parents are white


“the right to offend people” lmao fuck off

So confused about Switched At Birth. Questions, multiple questions. Why did Bay and Daphne go to China again? And what the hell made them think it was a good idea to stay there longer than they planned seriously why did they just randomly go and live in china for a year? I mean Bay said ‘school will still be there’ but what made them think that was true? Daphne must’ve been aware of the fact that you have to register for classes and secure yourself a place to stay.

Also, seriously? You’re telling me Daphne went to China and did a medical program or whatever without checking to make sure it would count? Like? You’re a 20 year old college student- you don’t just jet across the world for 8 months without knowing that you’re covered? You don’t take all that time away from school without checking to make sure it would count. You’re telling me she was mature and responsible enough to find a place to live and move across the globe, but she wasn’t responsible and mature enough to to see what she needed for her degree. Okay.

Another thing, why are Bay and Daphne so close, because I don’t remember them being quite this close. I guess it’s supposed to be that they’ve gotten closer due to living together in China for 8 months, right? Idk.

And Bay and Travis? In the point of their relationship that they were planning on moving in together? Like..when did that happen? And Mango and Daphne have somehow gotten to the point where they were no longer doing the long distance thing and like they weren’t even talking until she got back? Weird. And when did Katherine get a corporate job? Regina apparently went back to classes and met a younger guy and had a fling with him, so there’s not much in terms of plotholes there, and same with Toby being in England with the baby- but the rest of it is just weird. At first I thought that maybe they were designing this season to be presented like How To Get Away With Murder, where they start out by telling you the end and then give you more hints to fill in the blanks of how things happened as the season goes on, but this is the last season of this show, and I don’t think they’d have the end of it be such a mess.

So while I understand that a year has gone by and this is where everyone is at now, they could’ve communicated it better. 'Cause this is so different that it’s almost an AU, or like it’s a spin-off of the original series; neither of which is supposed to be the case. The plot and acting and such is fine, but the communication of most of it to the viewers was poorly done.

You had no idea because you were too busy taking over the spotlight and whining about how you and Mingo have the right to free speech. You openly admitted that a guy wearing a Sombrero and pushing a lawn mower would offend you, but you can’t seem to understand why Mingo’s costume would offend others. You don’t understand because it doesn’t directly effect you. Instead of listening to your friend, you couldn’t get past your own white privilege and need to overshadow her feelings with your justifications about why what Mingo did wasn’t wrong. While you’re celebrating with a vegetarian pizza, your friend is leaving the dorms because she doesn’t feel safe. You’re right. You had no idea about the things she goes through on a daily basis based purely off the color of her skin, and that is exactly why you had no right to voice your opinion on the subject. You’ve spent your whole life fighting for your own voice that was robbed from you because of a illness you couldn’t control, but you didn’t stop and think for one second about how you were robbing the voices of every Black person. Everyone was reading your article. Everyone was getting your side of the story. Everyone was listening to your voice. You didn’t use your platform to do the right thing and offer them the chance to express their feelings. You used it for your own agenda, and there is no way you can justify that being okay.