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I used to get mad in the past when people called Daphne a bitch

But what she did to Bay this episode and what she says to Bay next episode makes her a bitch. Seriously, poor Bay. She DID fight for Daphne to live with her and although she was reluctant at first, she opened her whole heart to her. She even forgave her parents for showering Daphne with attention while Regina hardly gave a second look at Bay. The switch seems to be the worst on Bay and this was highlighted in the last episode. While Daphne got Bay’s mom hugging her and consoling her, Bay got Regina screaming at her, threatening her and making her feel like shit. Now Daphne is yelling at Bay for thinking that Regina is drinking again, making out with her boyfriend, and now telling Bay she basically doesn’t want her at Carlton even though Bay has sacrificed A LOT to be there. Bay admires the deaf community so much she left a school that offered her a GREAT education so she could be around classmates she felt she respected. Now they are turning on her and Daphne is mouthing off on Bay next episode about her playing the victim?? Are you kidding me??? I’m so fed up with all the Vasquez’s right now. Good grief. 

I saw someone complaining that it made no sense for AU!Daphne to act out the way she did because she didn't remember Regina. I'm sorry, but no, that just proves your lack of understanding about the situation. It makes perfect sense:

Bay said Daphne cried all the time after she began living with the Kennishes. Even if she doesn’t remember that, it’s going to leave a subconscious stamp on her relationship with them. Moreover, she was forced to grow up with a cochlear implant (she clearly did have real insecurities about that, too, but over the years she learned to use those insecurities as a scapegoat) and the oral method. The oral method in and of itself is absolute hell to learn when there is no base to learn from (and at three, there was very little foundation to work with), then add that to the trauma of being ripped away from Regina and forced to live with the complete strangers in a totally different lifestyle. (And apparently there wasn’t even supervised visitation allowed? Which seems ridiculous.)

Hearing children who don’t know ASL actually throw more temper tantrums than deaf children because they haven’t yet mastered the complexity of vocals and therefore don’t know how else to communicate. Alternatively, hand muscles are much simpler to master. With Daphne, she obviously had some level of speech developing before she went deaf, but then one day she wakes up and her whole life has changed because she’s lost her ability to hear. She’s too young to be able to understand this yet, so nobody can explain it to her, and then suddenly the only parent she’s ever known disappears too. So now she’s lost all stability in her life and her developing source of communication is gone. Of course she was going to grow up acting out. It doesn’t give her a pass for her behavior, especially when she was finally old enough to know better and began manipulating everyone to get her way, but it definitely makes sense.

It’s unfortunate the show chose to skip over all of that. I’d have rather seen the implications of the CI/oral method and family dynamics as they tried to cope with raising Daphne over the years instead of seeing Kathryn cheating on her husband. That deserved to be shown instead of told.

Switched at Birth is starting to piss me off okay because whenever Bay pisses the Kennishes off and Daphne is nice they’re like “see, we were supposed to have that daughter (Daphne).” like fuck you biology had nothing to do with it, you raised Bay, you didn’t raise Daphne, that is the difference between them so maybe you should stop being so hard on Regina okay, fuckers, thanks.


James “Wilke” Wilkerson III gif/picspam part 1 and half (had to split this one up)

           ♥ Wilke and Daphne ♥ 

I’m going to miss this character so much. He brought a lightness to “Switched at Birth” that sometimes it lacks with all the drama. I really hope the PTB bring him back one day and soon.

          ♥  Ketchup and eggs ♥ 

I just realized it speaks volumes that Daphne gets a new love interest every season before it inevitably doesn’t work out or they have to go away for some reason, and then we never see them again, but Emmett’s always constant in Bay’s life, even after she broke up with him, and they’re not like totally shoving new guys at her left and right like they do with Daphne.

Travis is the only one so far that’s had a failed relationship with Daphne and gotten to stay constant on the show, but really, when’s the last time we saw him interact with Daphne? Bay and Emmett are ALWAYS interacting (okay not as much as I’d like but you know xP)

(Also, as a side note, I have no idea what’s happening with Jace or whether or not he’ll be back, but I do like him so hopefully he comes back)