c: daphne vasquez

omfg daphne stop saying ur puerto rican ffs

did you learn nothing from the scholarship incident

growing up in a poor hood of colour with parents of colour and the last name vasquez doesn’t make you of colour like ur biological parents are white


“the right to offend people” lmao fuck off

Everything was wrapped up pretty well in the finale. I especially loved how instead of Bay and Travis leaving together, it was Travis and Emmett. That was really really sweet and of course, Travis and Bay are still together except long distance and it’s healthy. I also didn’t mind the little tribute to Bemmett.

I’m so glad Regina broke it off with Luka. That shit never made any sense and I wished it never happened in the first place. Eric was kind of a blast from the past but if Regina’s going to be with anyone, it would be him. 

Thank goodness for Daphne and Mingo. Honestly I expected them to be endgame and I’m kind of glad they were.

I was crying at the end. Bay’s face when she found out Regina was moving out broke me. Vanessa Marano has always been such a great actress and I’m gonna miss her on the show. The ending was beautiful with Daphne and Bay recreating the season 1 cover. It gave me so many feels. 

I’m so glad everything worked out the way I wanted and it left me satisfied. The season itself wasn’t all that great but at least the ending was nice. I appreciated this show so much and it helped me through some tough times and I’m glad I stuck through until the end. 

I really hate how this show treats Bay’s character all the time. Like, she always has to make sacrifices while Daphne gets to run around and always have the moral high ground. Daphne lives in that apartment too, but they’re making Bay sell her transportation while they’re paying for Daphne’s education? Because of what? She didn’t want to go to college? Teach her a life lesson?
And, also Emmett? Here’s this great character who is dealing with depression issues and they choose to just gloss over him in favor of, what? Illicit tattoos and out of control parties? New romances for Daphne? It doesn’t make any sense. /rant over