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So I finished Little Witch Academia very late last night, and it was so good :0 

Also I’m def in love with Chariot lol 


Uhhh…. How long have they been standing there…?

H-… Hello! Fellow traveler! We’ve recently had a… Slight mishap…

… Slight? B/


… And we’re wondering if thou couldst maybe point us to the nearest town?



A-… Ah! So uh. That direction then?


Ok! Thank you! [waves awkwardly]
C… Come on everyone! We need to get Flamon some assistance.

[whispers to Lam and Pengi]
Is it just me or is that guy giving you two the creeps too…?

Some definite creep waves happening here. We should get going.


[The group awkwardly shuffles off, while the stranger continues to stare.]

Emma (John Laurens x Reader)


So this is my first time uploading onto Tumblr so adventure, am I right! Haha sorry. Anyway, it was just a little something I wrote that was originally supposed to be TJeff but became this. Probably because I love Laurens, idk. Anyway, enjoy and if you want to send a request, feel free.

Ship: John Lauren x Reader

Warnings: None except fluff I guess

It had been a peaceful day. Your boyfriend John was a work and your daughter Emma had spent most of the day in preschool. Even now, Emma was playing in her room quietly with her stuffed animals while you finished cleaning the kitchen.

“Mommy, mommy, mommy!”

Maybe she wasn’t being so quiet. You put down the towel you had been using to dry the dishes and kneeled down to her eye level. “What’s up, buttercup?”

Emma giggled at the phrase, a smile taking home on her freckled face. “When will daddy be home?”

You glanced at the clock that hung next to the fridge and couldn’t help but smile yourself. “About 30 minutes. Why?”

“Can I draw daddy a picture?” The 4 year old asked sweetly, as though you could possibly say no to such an innocent request.

“Of course!” You ruffled her (H/C) hair. “Come on, I’ll get you paper and some colour pencils.”

Emma cheered, running back to her room with you following, first stopping in your office to pick up supplies. You set them down on Emma’s desk. “All set?” You chuckled as Emma nodded excited. “Okie dokie, artichokie. I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.” Emma nodded again as you left to the kitchen with a quick smile.

While she had been a bit of a surprise, Emma has been one of the biggest joys in your lives. You had been dating John for about a year and a half when you were expecting and when you told John, he was frightened and confused and nervous but overall, he was excited. He had fussed and pampered you and even proposed.

However, you said no. You knew he loved you and would love this baby more than anything. At that point, though, you felt like he was doing it out of obligation and had to decline. He understood, even if he was a bit disappointed. Then Emma was born.

You couldn’t help but think back to what John’s face was like when they first handed her to him. It was like he had been handed the world. And essentially, he had. He doted on her whenever he could, making sure she always knew just how much she was loved. And boy did she know it.

You sighed and sat at your kitchen table with a cup of tea, taking in a deep breath. Peace once again.

“(Y/N)! Emma!”

Or not.

“In here, John!” You shouted. John walked in and smiled. “Hey, have you seen the paper towels?”

“Yeah.” He reached into the pantry and pulled a roll out from the back. “Here you go.” Handing you the roll, he pressed a quick kiss to your lips. “I love being your hero.”

“Hero?” You scoffed, standing up and placing the roll on its holder. “More like the villain that put it up there.”

John smirked, placing his hands on your hips. “Don’t you love villains though?”

“Oh my, you’re right!” You said, faking a tiny gasp and wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him in for a kiss.

“Daddy! You’re home!” Emma shouted, running in.

“Emma!” John pulled away to pick the young girl up, drawing tiny giggles from her. “How was your day today, sweetheart?”

“Really good! I got to play tag at school and got a gold star for colouring in the lines!”

John gasped. “No way! I can’t even colour in the lines! I’m so proud of you!”

“Oh, I drew you a picture, daddy! Want to see?” Nodding, John put her down, allowing her to bolt to her room.

“Need a drink?” You asked when you noticed just how worn out he looked.

He chuckled and nodded. “Yeah, that’d be good.” You stood up and went to the fridge, grabbing a beer and the opener. You sat next to them and handed it off. “Thanks. Have you seen the picture yet?” Chuckling, you shook your head as Emma ran back.

“Here you go!” She shouted, handing him the paper with 3 people drawn in only a way a young child could. You automatically recognised the small person with freckles and (H/C) hair as your daughter, making the other 2 you and John.

John grinned widely. “This is amazing, Emma!”

“You like it?” A shy little smile crossed her face and John enveloped her in a hug.

“I love it.” He pulled away and pressed a quick kiss to her forehead before turning to you. “What do you think, mommy? Its great, right?”

You smiled and nodded. “It’s amazing. I absolutely love it Emma. Maybe you can even show your little baby brother or sister how to draw like that.”

John looked up in shock. “You’re-”

“Yeah.” You smiled, hoping he’d be just as excited as he was when you told him about Emma.

He stood up slowly, picking up Emma and setting her in his lap when he sat down set to you. “Marry me.”

You smile, leaning forward and giving him a quick kiss.


Older Jinora and Kai :) He’s almost done with his tattoos lol not there yet XD They are reeeeeallly cuteeeee so i sketched them at work ❤

like man before i got into the star wars fandom i was a very single-ship person, like “person a belongs with person b in a monogamous relationship and i will not accept anything else”

now i am in the star wars fandom and of course i have favorite ships but i’m also like “yooo man, do whatever you want as long as you’re not related. person a and person b in a relationship? stellar. person a, b, and c in a threesome? also stellar. person a and c in an open relationship where persons b and d come in and get some lovin’ too? fantastic. do whatever you want, you kinky bastards. just no incest.”

Teacher left the room so I decided to get a little frisky and show of some skin. Holla at me, boys. ;)