c: clarisse la rue

  • Percy: *swimming in the ocean* *waves to Annabeth* *starts swimming towards her*
  • Percy: *reaches the beach*
  • Annabeth: ...........
  • Percy's brain: She's staring at me. Dam. What have I done now? Oh gods, she's glaring, visibly glaring. Why couldn't I have stayed in the sea? But I was just wondering how her eyes would look like in this light....Shit, She looks like she's going to stick me with her dagger.
  • Clarisse: *watching this* UGH JUST KISS ALREADY
  • Annabeth: ......
  • Percy: ......
  • Annabeth: .....what
  • Percy: ......
  • Annabeth: WHAT
  • Percy: .........
  • Annabeth: WHAT.?! DID YOU JUST...WHAT THE- But okay, I mean, if you insist.
  • Percy: .....
  • Percy: ...........
  • Percy: ??????
  • Percy: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Clarisse walks past in a pink shirt]

Leo: Clarisse is wearing pink, Clarisse is wearing pink!

Grover: Are we sure it’s not just a white shirt that’s been bloodied in a motorcycle crash?

Annabeth: Maybe is wasn’t her. Does she have a twin sister?

Percy: If Clarisse had a twin she would’ve eaten her in the womb.

Leo: Wait, hold it, stop. How come none of you teased her about it?

Grover: It’s Clarisse, she’s scary.

Leo: You guys are unbelievable! I once wore a tie with a splash of purple and you guys called me “Mister Grapes” for two years!

  • silena the tiny feisty daughter of aphrodite and her girlfriend clarisse the giant grumpy teddy bear daughter of ares
  • silena and clarisse growing close over the winters when they’re some of the only kids at camp
  • silena piercing clarisse’s ears one day when the aphrodite cabin is empty and clarisse being a big baby about it
  • silena taking clarisse out into the woods and picking flowers to make into crowns and standing on her toes to place them on clarisse’s head
  • silena inviting clarisse back to her house when she goes back for the weekend and the two of them stuffing themselves with silena’s dad’s chocolate
  • clarisse being able to hold silena back with one hand whenever she gets angry at someone
  • silena giving clarisse pegasus riding lessons
  • silena being the only person clarisse lets herself break down in front of
  • silena comforting clarisse when she gets back from the labyrinth
  • silena being the one who cuts clarisse’s hair short after her time in the labyrinth and purposefully cutting it ragged because clarisse asked her to
  • silena and clarisse going to the fireworks together every year
  • clarisse going back into the woods after the battle of manhattan and picking flowers for silena

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Excuse me but I've been wondering, could you draw Clarisse La Rue please? Idk I would love to see her in your style :)

Idk bout you, but she’s the cutest buff babe in the world, fight me

Clarisse La Rue

Daughter of Ares

Counselor of Cabin 5

“She was a hero, understand? A hero.”

Clarisse be like
  • <p> <b>Clarisse:</b> *sees Will and Nico holding hands* ugh please, too much love there. I thought Nico was a serious person.<p/><b>Clarisse inside:</b> OH MY FUCKING GODS THEY ARE HOLDING HANDS AM I THE ONLY ONE NOTICING IT. THEY ARE SO SHIPPEABLE I CAN'T CALM DOWN HELP ME.<p/><b></b> Clarisse is like Sue Sylvester shipping Klaine. I'm sure.<p/></p>

so…y’all requested: more frank, more pipercy, clarisse and more happy families au. so, here we are. big sis clarisse taking her lil brother frank out for a playdate with piper ft. tired percy. he is regretting this very much but will go through with it anyway because piper is too cute to say no to