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Percy Jackson 30 day challenge (continued)

Day idk what day it is and frankly i don’t care anymore

ok despite the Sea of Monsters not being one of my top 3 favorites, it’s still pretty fantastic. it has a lot of really great moments and really awesome aspects of the story, my favorite of which is probably Clarisse. prior to SoM she’s kinda just there to be the Token Jackass Tough Kid that picks on the main character. in Sea of Monsters we get to know her a lot more and quite honestly she’s one of my favorite characters besides the main cast. she’s so great i can’t even

also Tyson is gr8

(one of these days i’ll draw Luke in something but I’m just not feelin it at all right now sigh)

  • Clarisse: hey, PRISSY
  • Percy: *gets in a fight every five seconds*
  • Percy: *kills Fury without training*
  • Percy: *kills Minotaur without training*
  • Percy: *defeats Ares*
  • Percy: *holds up the sky*
  • Percy: *kills giants and titans in his sleep*
  • Percy: *survives Tartarus*
  • Percy:
  • Percy: bitch call me prissy one more time

10. Chris and Clarisse grow up to have a daughter that Clarisse names Silena Charlie Rodriguez, out of respect for her best friends. She woke up in the hospital after giving birth to find the room filled with roses and metal flowers. Everyone could tell Silena was a very happy ghost that day.

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End of Chrisse Week !

just a little fanfic i wanted to write. hope you like it :)

Rating: T
Summary: He really is the only one that could make her feel better about herself.
Warning: cussing and an attempt at fluff :)
“Does she scare you at all?”

“She did at first… but you get used to it.”

“… I’ll never get used to it. She’s bloody terrifying.”

“Didn’t you douse her with toilet water and humiliate her?”

“… Uh… Yeah– oh look! Here she comes–”

“God fucking damn it!” Clarisse forcefully pulled her helmet off of her long, wild hair as she walked towards where Percy and Chris were conversing under the awning of a nearby shack. She was damp with sweat and breathing heavily, tucking her helmet underneath her armpit, clanking it against her armor, “Is Avana always that stuck-up and bitchy?”  

“Well, yes. But I believe you’re also just very short tempered,” Percy said with a lopsided smile as Annabeth walked from finishing her own melee training, having beat the other girl she was against, Avana’s best friend. It was Thursday, and the teenage girls and boys would take turns with practice. Percy threw an arm around Annabeth’s shoulder, kissing her on her cheek as she sighed. Clarisse only scowled at him, her well fit figure tensing. 

“Fuck off, Jackson.” She scoffed, blowing her bangs out of her face while she crossed her arms stubbornly.

“Hey now, you beat her– obviously, Ares versus Aphrodite; it was bound to happen– so why are you so upset?” Annabeth asked.

Just then, Avana and Drew walked by, arms linked together, “Nice hair, Clarisse. I didn’t know cave woman was in.”

“Oh, nice breast implants, I didn’t know being an attention whore was in,” Clarisse hissed at her, “Oh wait, I guess I did. Except, it doesn’t work well on you. It just makes you look trashy.”

Drew stomped her designer boots against the dirt, “You can’t talk to us like that just because you’re jealous.”

Piper just happened to be walking by, having been beaten in her practice, “Drew, you might want to go wash your face. Your neon mascara is running. Makes you look kind of scary.”

“Ugh!” she stomped off, dragging Avana with her, but not before shouting back at Piper, “You’re our sister, you’re supposed to stick up for us!”

“Yeah yeah, where was that attitude when I was new to camp and I needed someone to stick up for because I was being bullied by– oh yeah, YOU?!” Piper yelled back, laughing at how mad Drew was.

“Hazel beat you?” Annabeth inquired curiously.

Piper only smirked, “Um yeah, that girl can fight.” She turned to Clarisse, “Hey, I’m sorry for my unfortunate siblings. They’re really… dimwitted.”

Clarisse sighed, leaning against the wooden support beam, “You know Piper… you really remind me of Silena…”

She blinked for second before smiling, “I’ll take that as a compliment. But Avana and Drew have this idea in their head that she was a bad person just because she had true love that she wanted to protect.” She paused and then let out another breath, “I’ll see you guys later, there’s Leo over there,” she said as she ran towards her friend, looking backwards as she talked. 

“God… ’Clarisse, are you sure you aren’t a man? Clarisse, when are you going to shave your mustache? Clarisse, blah freaking blah!’” she mimicked Avana, “I’ll talk to you guys at dinner,” her voice wavered as she stomped off towards the woods. Annabeth and Percy exchanged a worried glance, while Chris didn’t know what to do.

Annabeth noticed his hesitant movements, and sighed, “Here’s the time where you go after her.”

Chris nodded and chucked nervously, scratching his head, “Y-yeah. I knew that.” And with that, he took off after his girlfriend.

Annabeth smiled at Percy, “Boys just don’t know when to bother a girl at the right times.” she threw an accusing glance at Percy.

“I’m working on that…” he replied shyly.


Chris wondered around for a few minutes until he heard splashing near the stream. He walked to a clearing, dodging brush from every which direction, until he saw his girlfriend sitting on a log, cheek squished against her palm while her free hand flung pebbles into the clear water. Chris cautiously approached her, not wanting to annoy or anger her any further. It wasn’t until he caught the faint sound of a sniffle that he suddenly became protective and rushed to her as calmly as possible. She jumped a bit as he pulled her into an embrace, but let him hold her after a minute.

“What’s wrong?” he asked slowly, unsure of how to comfort a girl in distress.

Clarisse didn’t answer for awhile, not sure if she should really tell him why she almost got watery eyes, but she decided to just ask him, “…C….Chris, do you think I’m… dear god… Do you think I’m… pretty?” she asked hesitantly, not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable,

Chris was taken aback by the question but answered right away. “Of course!” he exclaimed. He pulled back and gripped her shoulders, admiring her sharp bone structure and deep brown eyes, “You’re more than that, Clarisse. You’re uniquely beautiful.”

She looked at him for a second before glancing back at the stream, a red hue just barely visible on her face.


Chris did a double take. What? Wasn’t she supposed to smile and kiss him? No? Girls were so complicated.

He sighed, putting a tan finger under her chin and making her look at him.

“Clarisse La Rue, I swear you are beautiful inside and out. Sure, you're fierce, but that just makes it better.” he smiled at her now bright pink face, “I love you for all of your flaws. And I hope you feel the same way. And no matter what, don’t let those barbies that look unreal make you feel bad. They’re probably just using words because they know that if they picked a real fight with you then they'ed be dead.”

It was quite for awhile, until Chris reviewed what he said, making him freeze and panic.

“Y-you… You l-love me?” Clarisse asked, in complete shock.


Chris could barely nod before Clarisse kissed him right on the lips, but he soon responded with the same amount. For a daughter of Ares, she wasn’t rough with it. It was just a pure, sweet kiss.

And really, that was good for now. Because Clarisse knew that even if she was weird looking in the eyes of those plastic dolls, Chris thought she was beautiful. 


(AU) Clarisse la Rue and the 18th birthday present (courtesy of Lord Ares) right after she ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere and had to call her half brother to pick her up (photo credit to Frank Zhang - ha!).

Why didn’t she call Chris Rodriguez? *shrugs* 

She bonded with Frank after that other AU in which they go on a quest together. I will finish that drawing someday, hopefully.