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one tree hill relationships

↳Chase and Chuck ♔ “I know that you guys wanna kick Chase out of the Air Force because you think that he did something wrong. But he didn’t. I did. ‘Cause I didn’t tell the truth. My dad hits me. He hits me even when I haven’t done anything wrong. Chase found out and he stopped him. I know I shouldn’t have lied about it. But I did and I’m sorry. So it’s my fault. Chase was protecting me. Isn’t that what you taught him to do? He’s really nice to me and helps me with all kinds of stuff. All he ever wanted to do was fly. Please don’t take that away from him. (…) So what I said meant nothing? No. What you said meant everything.”

s5 brooke

every time I get to season 5 in my rewatch (this is what, my 5th time?) I think of the low-key ships I’m secretly rooting for

For example…..

  • Brooke x Chase (”Call me if you need anything…someone to talk to, some carpet…I don’t know, a husband…”)
  • Brooke x Dr. Coplan cause let’s be real he was super cute and they had some serious eye contact going on there [read below tags for a hilarious update]
  • Brooke x Lucas – I know they weren’t endgame but Mark Schwann playyyed with ussss with the whole Angie thing! Luke was so cute and good for Brooke when she was dealing with that stuff