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The Couslands are a noble family from Ferelden. From their seat, Castle Cousland, they rule the teyrnir of Highever, one of only two remaining teyrnirs in Ferelden, giving them wealth and power second only to the royal family.

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Together, they destroyed a dozen enemy ships side by side in the battle in Denerim Harbor, cementing their friendship and demonstrating once again that nothing brings Fereldans together like a good fight.

[…] They met again in Denerim at the formal coronation of King Maric. The teyrn of Highever attempted to propose to the Lady of the Storm Coast by singing her all ten verses of “The Soldier and the Seawolf.” She only let him go to three. 


The Family Cousland

This man, Teyrn Bryce Cousland, was more of a father to the Dragon Age version of me, Robert Cousland, in 30 minutes than my lazy good-for-nothing abandoning father has been my entire 23 years of life.

He made me feel loved, and it was just scripted words from a CGI character. He made me feel like I was good enough and I could make him proud of me through my actions.

CGI or not, fake or not, Happy Father’s Day Bryce. I love you “Dad”.

Stuff that goes on with Bryce and Eleanor Cousland in my head

They met during the Orlesian Rebellion.

Bryce was a dual wielding warrior with a Marbari at his side.

Bryce was someone who always tried to keep people’s spirits up high.

Always gave faith to his comrades.

Eleanor a young woman who had her household taken away by the Orlesians.

She would use a bow in battle.

The first thing Bryce says to her is how amazing she is with a bow.

When both interacted together all Bryce would think is “She is so perfect!” and Eleanor would think “Is he a man or a child?”

Both would be impressed with each other on the battlefield

At Battle of White River both refused to leave each other’s side and confess their feelings to each other. Soon afterwards they get married.

I loved them in DA:O

Posting it before I can make any more changes <.< 

Some cute cuddles for OC kiss week (totally counts, ok?)

My warden Aer Surana and @of-elves-and-wolves‘s and @geeky-jez‘s brain child, Bryce Cousland (who in some world setting is also a warden)

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Like my art? Here’s more.

What’s this? Why it’s part 3 of a bunch of life-less faces! Ok so these are all the young versions of characters we know (and how I imagine them). The canon!gang (Bryce, Eleanor, Rendon and Leonas) are around the ages they have at which I imagine the Battle of White River took place (9:00). The other two characters are depicted around 9:11, when Lorelei Cousland was born (hint hint).

Ages in picture (left to right, top to bottom): Bryce Cousland (22), Eleanor Mac Eanraig (21), Rendon Howe (23), Aidan Cousland (born 8:84, younger non-canon brother of Bryce, around here he’s 27), Amaranth (±23), Leonas Bryland (21).