c: boy with the best intentions


Description: After Metatron killing Dean and him turning into a demon, you and Sam have brought him back in order to revert him to the human you loved. GIFs are not mine.

Characters: Demon!Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Warnings: smut, oral sex (both sexes receiving), forced (?) and stuff that usually happens during sex

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JB Scenario - ‘Needy’ xMale

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Sherlock

The cold had no mercy on my way home, making my hands freeze despite having gloves on. I dug my hands into my pocket, retrieving the keys inside so I could enter my, hopefully warm, home.

When I opened the door, a welcoming warmth greeted me, almost making me just want to collapse right then and there.

Closing the door behind me, I let my briefcase beside a wall on my way to the couch, collapsing as soon as I was close enough.

“Hey babe”, I heard, reluctant to open my eyes, which I didn’t even realize I closed, comforted by the melodic voice.

Feeling the couch around me sink, I finally opened my eyes, finding Jaebum straddling my legs, “Hey Jae” I yawned.

“When did you come over”, I asked, hoping he hadn’t been waiting for too long, yet I was too preoccupied with the idea of cuddling with him until we fell asleep.

“Not too long ago”, he said, randomly pressing his lips on mine, not that I was complaining.

After a brief moment of silence, I opened my eyes, finding him staring at me, making me smile.

“Admiring my face”, I questioned, grabbing his chin and moving it side to side, watching his expression change cutely, “What’s up baby?”

Pulling his chin away from me, he briefly pouted, biting his lips, “I was thinking…” he began, placing his hands on my shoulders, massaging them, “We’ve been going out for a while…”

Raising my brow, I looked at him incredulously, “We haven’t even gotten to talk about who is going to top”, I groaned, “I am too tired to have this conversation, let’s just sleep”, pushing his chest slightly, letting him know I wasn’t in the mood for another discussion.

Getting up from the couch, I began to lazily take off my tie, walking towards my room. When I felt his warm hand grab mine, I was tempted to hug him so that he could lend me more of that warmth, but refrained from doing so, knowing how things went last time, trying to make the wrong advance on me.

“C’mon babe”, he whined, looking at me with a failed attempt at puppy eyes, only exempting a lustful expression, “We both want to- let’s just make a compromise.”

Taking his hand, I kissed it gently, just so he wouldn’t feel rejected, also like last time, “Jae, I love you, just let me sleep and we can do this tomorrow.”

Walking away, I entered my absurdly cold room, already missing the warmth Jaebum provided me with. I turned on the heater, changing lazily into some warm pajamas, not minding Jaebum’s groans, rarely turning to face him standing against one of the walls in my room.

Getting into the cold blankets, I watched as Jae sat at the edge of my bed, clutching the edges of the bed, “I really want you (Y/N)…” he mumbled, “I… I really wouldn’t mind if it were you”, he admitted, never turning to face me as he spoke, making it even harder to believe.

I almost scoffed, “You were really eager when you tried to top me that one time”, I said, “What’s with the sudden change of heart.”

He snapped back to face me, “Change of heart-!” he said, almost frustrated, surprising me.

After a moment of staring at one another, he turned back around, facing the wall again, “I really thought you would have realized…” he said, just audible enough for me to hear him, “I.. I kind of really wanted you to break…”

He sighed, placing his head in his hands, “I wanted you to break… and make me yours”, he choked out, “Fuck- why’d you make me say that.”

Intrigued, and slightly more awake, I beckoned him over to me, “Come over here for a second Jaebum”, I said, willing to test out to what extent he would be willing to take his supposed hopes.

He stiffened, straightening his back in shock, probably not used to me calling him by his full name. After a while, he hummed, getting up before walking slowly to the empty side of the bed, better known as his side.

Slipping into the covers, he turned onto his side, continuing to avoid contact with me, “What’s wrong Jaebummie”, I teased, turning so that I could hug him from behind, though I had other intentions, “No longer willing to be submissive anymore”, I asked, lowering my hand to the hem of his shirt, lifting it to glide my hand across his smooth skin, stopping once I met one of his nipples.

“I-”, he began, extremely tense, making me laugh.

“What’s up baby boy”, I teased, “you can tell me”, I said, squeezing his pec, making him whine, surprisingly enough.

“C-can you move a bit back”, he grumbled, once again surprising me. Inspecting his expression best I could from behind, I found his ears as red as can be, restraining himself to the point where he was hardly breathing.

I lowered my hand experimentally, keeping my eyes locked on the back of his head, looking for a reaction, “Jaebummie”, I hummed, reaching his pelvis, feeling him jerk back into my crotch, only to uncomfortably trying to retract himself from the contact.

I chuckled, getting closer to him again, “I’m here for you baby boy”, I smirked, whispering into his nape, enjoying to see the small hairs on his neck stand up every time I spoke, “You’re doing so good.”

He groaned, unwillingly backing up into me again, groaning even louder when he realized what he’d done.

Allowing my hand to finally venture past his waistband, he finally turned around to face me, pulling my hand out when he did.

I grinned, “Not ready are you”, I said, knowing he probably did not want to continue as the bottom.

Pulling me into a hug, he groaned into my shoulder, so close that I could feel his hard-on on me, “Wouldn’t you be embarrassed”, he mumbled, “I’ve been thinking about this for months and when I give in you won’t even believe me.”

“Sorry baby”, I said, pulling back so I could look at him, brushing his bangs out of his face, “I thought it was too good to be true”, I planted a kiss on his perfect lips, rubbing his lower back.

“It should be”, he groaned, sitting up, bravely climbing on top of me, laying on my chest.

“Are you gonna help me with my situation or are you just gonna lay there?” he asked, extremely red, but completely overtaken with lust once more.

Not waiting for my response, he sat up, shyly grinding on my crotch, throwing his head back, giving me a clear view of his defined jawline.

“Fuck”, I mumbled, grabbing his hips as he grinded on me, causing him to groan.

“Shut up”, he said, extremely flustered and sweaty, “Don’t look at me.”

Closing my eyes briefly, I reopened them when he suddenly stopped, lifting himself off of me, only to find him with only the top half of his clothing on, “I told you not to open your eyes!”

“Sorry”, I mumbled, yet still I could not refrain from complying, allowing my hands to wander up his chest.

Moaning, he gave up on his pleas, leaning into my touch, “So what do you want to do?”

He flinched, losing the rhythm he had slowly acquired, “Shut up won’t you”, he said, looking down, placing his hands on my chest, trying to keep himself up, “Jus- sit up.”

Complying, finally, I sat up, allowing him to rest his head on my shoulder, continuing to ride up his hoodie, slowly stroking his chest then his back, feeling it unwillingly curve at every touch, all while engaging in a deep kiss.

He hummed, pulling away, “Can you give me your hand”, he whispered, yet he snatched it from his body anyway, just when I was getting so close to his ass too.

Grabbing something in the pocket of his hoodie, he squirted the jelly like substance into my hand, “Do you want to ride me?”

He shivered, yet shook his head, “No- no, I am not- not ready for that”, he huffed, “But- just do this-”, he stuttered, too embarrassed to speak properly, or think apparently, “I tried, but I couldn’t- it was weird- teach me.”

Shivering myself, I nodded, pushing him down, repositioning ourselves so that he’d be on his back, “W-why-”

“Just relax.”

He groaned, suddenly shivering when my first finger went inside, “Wh-whoa- this is-”

“You’ll get used to it baby”, I breathed, kissing him intensely, distracting him from the discomfort.

The kissing worked, not showing too many signs of displeasure when I inserted the next two fingers, curling and stretching him out.

“Oh shit- fuck”, he suddenly pulled away, moaning loudly, digging his head into the mattress, “How do you- oh my god.”

I chuckled, “You’re so loud baby”, I teased, nipping at his neck, “The neighbors will hear.”

“Tell them- to fuck off”, he moaned, “Oh lord.”

I bit my lip, starting to pump my member, knowing that Jaebum was probably on edge as well.

“Shit-”, he bit his bottom lip, “I-I’m close”, he groaned.

It didn’t take too long for Jaebum to finally come onto his sweater, with myself following suit, potentially ruining one of his favorite hoodies.

“I think you have to say goodbye to that hoodie, Jae”, I said, a bit wary that he’d be upset and never want to do this again.

After a brief moment of pants and catching his breath, he spoke, “Fuck that- I’ll buy another one”, he said, pulling my face down to meet his, “Just promise me we’ll do this again.”

anonymous asked:

If you have time, may I please rq some hc's for Todoroki having a very shy and sweet s/o who is quite dense/naive and gets very confused or doesn't realize when someone is hitting on her? So she tries to be nice back the best she can, even though socializing is a little uncomfortable for her, because she doesn't realize their intentions :'0 How would this boy react to someone else his age trying to flirt with her?? Good luck on your new blog mods!! I'm rooting for you c//:

thankyouuu soo much for your kind words, they made Ryo and I both smile uwu.

I also love this request lol it was fun to write

  • Okay, but for one thing, he already loves your kind and sweet personality, and appreciates your manners towards him and others. He just loves you okay, despite how dim you may be he just appriacites and admires your innocence and selfless kindness
  • But like, of someone is hitting on you and youre just like going with it because you dont kno much better, then holy jesus Shoto is now pissed
  • Like how dare he??? do that to her?? Taking advantage of people who dont understand is wrong?? Have you no decency???
  • Once he sees how uncomfortable you are, yet you’re still being nice, the first thought that crosses his mind is, “hoe is cheating” but then he realizes that its your common nature to be absurdly nice to everyone.
  • So then its kinda like the guy is messing and manipulating with you and omg Shoto just like only has to walk up behind you to scare the other guy in the slightest.
  • “Excuse me, but she has a boyfriend” and like glares through their soul Jesus.
  • The guy passes the fuck out and Shoto drags you away to give you a stern   of who you belong to, since he was just jealous.
No Laughing Matter

I promised that the more angsty the season got, the more my ridiculous fic gene kicked in - and then he had to go and make a stupid pirate joke…

I was aiming for Captain Charming Friday, but Saturday will have to do!

(I researched this! Seriously - so many good jokes just didn’t make the cut)

No Laughing Matter

Word Count: 1200ish

Rated: S for stupid

It started innocently enough.

Henry sat over a pile of books in a booth at Granny’s, his head in his hands as frustrated sighs drifted across the diner. Concerned, Killian slipped into the seat opposite, pushing a frothy milkshake across the table to the boy.

“All well, lad?” he asked. Henry looked up, brows knotted in anger. The boy gathered up several of the offending tomes and dropped them down in front of Killian with a bang.

“Here,” he announced. “Take my algebra books. You’re the only person I see around here with any need for finding x.”

Behind them, there was a snort of laughter. “Nice one, Henry,” David chuckled, sliding into the booth next to the pirate. “Just as well it’s math you want him to do, though.”

Henry looked curiously at his grandfather.

“Well you know that pirates have a lot of trouble with the alphabet,” David continued. Killian turned slowly towards him, head cocked and eyes cautious. “They always get lost at ‘c’.”

It was Henry’s turn to snort. The sound, and the accompanying smile on the face of Emma’s boy, were a small comfort for Killian in the face of such ridicule - but he had no intention of letting David know that.

“Ah, yes, very droll, Dave. Wonderful. But we have kept Henry from his studies long enough with your attempts at humour. Best leave the lad be.” Killian stood to leave, winking at the boy before taking David by the arm. Intent on the counter, he failed to notice the grin twisting his friend’s face.

“Sorry about that, Henry,” David said over his shoulder. “You know what they say, buddy. To err is human.”

The boy didn’t skip a beat. “Yeah but to ARRR is pirate.”

The high five between grandfather and grandson was both heartwarming and horribly, horribly annoying.  He would be the bigger man…


By the time they had gathered for the traditional mid week family dinner at Granny’s, it appeared Killian’s ability to be the bigger man was to be sorely tested.

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