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SUMMARY: Dean doesn’t like to be sad, not in front of Emma. He and Castiel broke up two months ago and he’s been miserable ever since. However, when five-year-old Emma calls Castiel things might turn for the better.

Beta’d by @galaxystiel ♥♥


Dean doesn’t like to be sad, not in front of Emma. He smiles at her as he sets down her colouring book and their big set of felt tips pens. Emma looks up at him with wide green eyes as she kneels by the coffee table and spreads out her things. She’s got that look that she knows something but Dean ignores it because he’s an adult and he can deal with his own problems without shouldering them onto his five-year-old.

“Thanks, daddy!” Emma grins and begins concentrating on a new colouring, taking her time to choose just the right felt tip for her mermaid picture.

Dean sits down on the couch behind her and listens as she hums a tune he doesn’t recognise; he assumes it’s from one of the kids shows she watches in the mornings. He scrubs his face, wearily. It’s been a long week – a long several weeks - especially since his break up with Cas. He wishes he hadn’t been so stupid, but it’s too late now and he doubts Cas will ever want to come back.

A lump forms in his throat suddenly and it feels like he’s going to choke. He gets up swiftly, glancing back at his daughter to make sure she’s okay before heading out to the back porch for some fresh air. He just needs a moment, the deep breaths pushing away anything that reminds him of the past two years with Cas. It hurts his chest just to think about him, although Dean know it’s his own fault they broke up. His own stupid idea that he would be better off without Castiel and his interfering parents.

When Dean opens the door to the porch, he sees the rain and feels the chill but he sits down on the top step leading down to their small backyard anyway. It isn’t much but it’s enough for Emma to run around in when it’s warmer. He’d built her a playhouse with Cas the year previous and his stomach sinks when he looks over to it.

Rain drops are dripping on his shoulders and he shivers. If he doesn’t move soon he’s going to get very wet, but he can’t really find it within himself to care. Dean sighs and puts his head in his hands, hoping to block out any sights of what he and Cas had.

There’s a shuffle and a determined grunt behind him and Dean looks around to see Emma with her tiny pink umbrella opened up. She’s even managed to put her welly boots on the right feet which makes Dean smile, despite his heartache. Emma toddles over and sits next to Dean, umbrella above them as best she can to keep them dry.

“Daddy’s sad?” She asks, leaning against him. Dean takes the small umbrella off her and holds it to better protect them.

He doesn’t lie to her. “Yeah,” he tells her, taking her small hand in his own.

“Don’t be sad, Daddy.” She instructs with a frown. The words make tears spring to his eyes and he pulls Emma on to his lap single-handedly.

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Black Eyes and Bruised Hearts

Written for: @destielonfire ♥♥
Prompt:  I would really love a destiel drabble please ^^ can you do my absolute fav trope: enemies to lovers, maybe mixed with the soumate trope?
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Word Count: 2,820
Tags/Warnings: enemies to lovers, soulmate AU, injuries, bar fights, drunkenness, happy ending


Dean was happy to drown his bad day with several beers and more than his fair share of fingers of whiskey. He had always thought that making a business of his enjoyable hobby would be the best thing that happened to him – except people were picky and people were hurtful when things didn’t go their way and people didn’t seem to want to pay Dean what he was owed for the time he spent on their restorations. So he was angry and most of the way to drunk and he knew Benny, the bartender, was giving him the eyebrow as he scowled into the fizz of his beer. He really wasn’t up for caring though, and only huffed at Benny as he handed him a glass of water along with his next beer.

The bar was heating up with the amount of people standing around and chatting. Dean sighed as he stood up and headed outside to get some fresh air. His step was wobbly as he navigated the people and it was only when he felt a shoulder bump into him, spilling his drink down his shirt that he stopped, turned and socked the first guy he saw, assuming it’d be the guy who knocked him.

The guy went down hard, clutching his face and wasn’t able to catch himself as he knocked into a table on the way down.

“Dean!” Someone yelled behind him. The pain in his knuckles seemed to sober him up some and he realised that the rest of the bar had gone silent around him, only the soft tune of atmosphere music was still playing. There was a hand gripping his upper arm, stopping him from going at the guy again.

The guy was completely floored, clutching his side with one hand and his eye with the other. Dean breathed heavily as he forced himself to loosen his fist at his side.

“Dean? C’mon brother, we don’t need none of that in ‘ere.” There was a tug at his arm but Dean didn’t move, he just stood and stared at the guy on the floor, shocked with himself more than anything. It wasn’t like Dean to lose his cool over such a minor thing.

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do you ever get emotional about the fact that Benny – big, burly, vampire Benny – didn’t protest when Dean cut ties with him? Benny didn’t hold over him all the things he’d done for him, he didn’t get angry and say Dean owed him, he just quietly accepted it. and when Dean called him up to ask him for the motherlode of favors, Benny didn’t get pissed that Dean would ask for help after abandoning him, he just freely did what he could to save Dean’s brother.

of all the fictional vampires in the world to love, I’m pretty sure Benny should be at the top of the list.


DeanBenny + In which Dean and Benny attend their first pride parade | Requested by the delightful @lafitte ♥♥

Neither of them dress up, neither of them has a flag or brightly coloured clothing on. Dean has his standard flannel and jeans on and Benny his jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. They’ve heard all about the Pride parades but this is the first time attending.

They stand at the side lines, watching as brightly colour rainbow flags are flown high and everyone his just happy. It’s refreshing. Dean watches as a girl runs past with her girlfriend in tow and smiles.

It’s not long before he can feel Benny standing closer to him than before and he moves himself closer too. Benny’s hand reaches his and Dean takes in, squeezing it tight in reassurance – his own rather than Benny’s.

“You okay there, cher?” Benny whispers, his breath warm as it ghosts over his ear. The sound of the parade nearly drowns out Benny’s words but Dean hears them and nods slowly. This is amazing.

“Yeah, this is…” Dean breathes.

“I know – I’m glad Charlie told us about this.” Benny agrees. He knows exactly what Dean’s thinking and draws him into a side hug, tight and warm.

They stay like that for a while before Dean turns in Benny’s arms so they’re chest to chest, toe to toe and face to face. Benny is a little taller than Dean and Benny tilts his head down as Dean tilts his up and they kiss. Sweet, soft, nothing like the previous night where it was harsh and desperate. Dean revels in it. Behind them, people are cheering, at them or other people, Dean’s not paying that much attention but he keeps kissing Benny until he’s out of breath and his brain is a haze of white fog where all he can see is Benny. Benny’s blue eyes are looking down at him with a softness he rarely sees and Dean loves it. 

He loves Benny.

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