c: benny lafitte


do you ever get emotional about the fact that Benny – big, burly, vampire Benny – didn’t protest when Dean cut ties with him? Benny didn’t hold over him all the things he’d done for him, he didn’t get angry and say Dean owed him, he just quietly accepted it. and when Dean called him up to ask him for the motherlode of favors, Benny didn’t get pissed that Dean would ask for help after abandoning him, he just freely did what he could to save Dean’s brother.

of all the fictional vampires in the world to love, I’m pretty sure Benny should be at the top of the list.

Oh, Benny Lafitte? Yeah, that guy’s great. I love how the writers just *clenches fist* completely forgot about his story arc and the way he taught Dean that there is a grey area in hunting and that you don’t have to kill every monster.

oh my god. imagine benny back in purgatory after taxi driver. seeking out new-to-town monsters, becoming their friend, asking about dean’s doing, if they know. he finds a djinn mother and son who tell him they last saw dean with sam and a redheaded woman. “charlie,” benny realizes. dean told him about her, how he thinks of her as a sister and secretly wants to see her again.

two different werewolves remark on dean’s stunning strength and capability. that’s not surprising to benny, who fought side-by-side with dean and witnessed his ruthless determination to find his friend.

a small clan of other vampires swear that boy is something inhuman.

a shapeshifter tells benny his master captured dean, wanted him as part of his collection. the shapeshifter doesn’t know why - he’s only a grunt - and benny really starts to worry.

another vampire tells benny about the mark of cain. benny isn’t ashamed to say he began to cry

“oh, brother, what have you gotten yourself into?”