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I’m very busy this week, hopefully I’ll have time for part four. 

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Levi was sitting at the table, playing with his food as he was watching TV. In 15 minutes Neymar was going to be here, and meet him properly for the first time. And although this was all I ever wanted for Levi, I was scared. What if they don’t like one another?

‘Sweetheart, listen to me.’ He didn’t take his eyes of the TV-screen, obviously Spongebob was way more important at this moment.

‘Somebody important is coming here in a minute, so you need to try and behave.’ He nodded slowly, and looked at me with a thoughtful eye.  

‘Mum, if I behave can we eat fries and pizza tonight?’ He grinned at me, showing all his missing teeth.  ‘You’re so naughty mister.’ I say as I lift him over my shoulder tickling him everywhere I can.

I can hardly hear the bell through his laughter and screams as he’s jumping up and down on the sofa trying to shoot my tickles away from him with a toy bow-and-arrow my mum gave him. ‘Is that the important person?!’ He yells all hyped, I nod and quickly make my way to the door.

‘Hey, Neymar please come in.’ As he walks past me I can smell a combination of after-shave and perfume, he smelled the same when he saw me walking down the street four years ago, I was on my way to school and he asked my number, back then I didn’t even realize it was Neymar Jr. And although I wasn’t in love with him, I’ll never forget the first time and last time I saw him.

When Neymar enters the living room he gets ‘hit’ by and arrow in the leg. So to Levi’s joy he decided to start limping towards the sofa, crashing down with a painful face.

‘How am I suppose to football now?’ He asks him. ‘Don’t worry,’ Levi yells and runs to his bedroom.

‘Is he always this hyped?’ Neymar asks me with a smile on his face. ‘He has his moments.’ I say, which is a lie. From the moment he wakes up till about lunch he is all over the place, his naptime is my break, and then until dinner he’ll be terrorizing the house again. If I’d have the money I’d make him do more sports, for now I always take him to the parks in my spare time.

‘Would you like a drink?’ I ask, as Levi comes rushing back into the room with a role of bandage in his hand. Neymar quickly nods, and turns his attention to Levi again.

I stare at them from the kitchen, Neymar was good with kids, that is obvious right away, he knows how to react and what to say and Levi obviously was loving the attention. Ever since Levi I’ve not had a boyfriend, I’ve fooled around but he’d never meet them. I guess for him it was also very exciting to have a real ‘man’ in the house. Somebody strong and cool.

Levi was carefully wrapping the bandage around Neymar’s jeans when I came back with the drinks.

‘He’s quite the character,’ Neymar said, staring at Levi.

‘Yeah, he diffidently isn’t shy. He’s a little trouble maker aren’t you.’ I say as I pinch his cheek.

‘Moooom.’ He says annoyed as he pushes my hand away. However when he looks up at me a worried expression is on his face. ‘I mean, yes sometimes.’ He turns his attention to Neymar and says happily, ‘Mummy said that if I behave I will get fries and pizza tonight.’

The little boys confession make my cheeks heat up, I could have guessed he would tell Neymar about my plan.

‘Did she now?’ He asks, grinning. ‘Yes. She. Did. Are you staying for dinner? I’ll show you my pizza trick.’ I can’t help but snort, Levi’s ‘pizza trick’ is stuffing as much pizza in his mouth and showing everybody.

‘I bet Neymar would love to see your pizza trick, but he’s busy baby.’

‘No, I’m not.’ Neymar said a little to fast, and before I can look at him with a surprised smile Levi screams in excitement.  

The rest of the afternoon Levi showed Neymar almost all his toys, drawings, DVDs, games etc. And all the while Neymar listened and played with him, not losing his patience one. On the contrary they seemed to be enjoying themselves. At some point I even went out and got some fries to come back too them playing FiFa together. It made me happy and sad at the same time, I was so relieved they got along, but seeing the football made me realise Neymar needed to go home soon. And how were we ever going to make this work?

‘Are you going to show me your trick now?’ Neymar asked, during dinner. Which was a combination of fries and pizza, as I promised.

Levi’s face lit up, and grabbed the biggest slice of pizza on the table. Neymar looked at me and winked. I just sighed with a smile, shaking my head.

After making the whole slice disappear in his mouth, he took a few seconds to chew and then opened his mouth again showing Neymar and me. I couldn’t help but laugh, I’d normally never let him do this when we had guests around, but I bet even if I had tried to stop him he would have done it anyway.

‘That’s cool, but I know a better trick.’ Neymar said getting up from the table, Levi started at him as he tried to swallow the pizza.

He threw one fry in the air and kept it high it with his feet, after switching between his feet three times he kicked up high enough so he could catch it with his mouth. Levi just stared at him in silence, and Neymar sheepishly chewed the fry. The rest of the evening Neymar was obliged to try and teach him how to do his trick.

At some point Levi started to yawn, and I knew it was way past his bedtime. All this time I had left them mostly alone, but now I picked him up and told him to say goodnight. After putting him in bed, I walked back to Neymar, and I knew I needed to have to conversation I had been avoiding all day.

What are we going to do with Levi’s future.



FC Barcelona is the football club with the most Ballon d´or winners in the world –a prize granted to the best football player of the year, worldwide. FC Barcelona has 10.

Luis Suárez- 1960
Johan Cruyff- 1973 and 1974
Hristo Stoichkov- 1994
Rivaldo- 1999
Ronaldinho- 2005
Lionel Messi- 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012