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Xavi/Alexis 18+

Tata was giving out the new rooming arrangements apparently the team didn’t know each other as well as Tata would like so he was placing them with a random team mate..Xavi and Alexis were not too pleased about their arrangements. 

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Alex Morgan in Blaugrana colours.

There are a lot of reasons I’m a big Barça fan. I love the way they play, their style, but what’s so great about this team is that they’re so great individually, but they come together as a team.

I love the way they celebrate goals. Everybody is so excited after they score a goal – it doesn’t matter if it’s the first goal or the seventh goal. They always celebrate together as a team

Barça play the best soccer in the world, they do magic on the field. 


World Future Phenom Lee Seung-Woo

anonymous asked:

can you explain what happen with Pique on twitter today?

Twitter user @el_pare_den_pol (father of Pol) used his twitter account to spread this letter that was allegedly written by his 12 year old son, who is an Espanyol supporter, and a fan of PIque. However, his son Pol has recently learned that Pique has taken jabs at Espanyol on the internet and that he has even been known for being happy when they lose *gasp*. Anyway, Pol’s dad, taking his child’s best interest at heart, surely, started spreading this letter to all of Gerard’s friends ( aka all the accounts handled by madrid media) until it inevitable reached Pique himself.

  @3gerardpique: In October your son Pol was 18 years old, but now he’s 12? The curious case of Benjamin Button..

This guy spreading this letter had a blog that he didn’t think Pique would look at and see that in prior posts he mentioned that his son Pol was 18 and not 12 as “Pol” mentioned in the letter lol and well this whole thing is a mess because a. the letter and the victimization of this boy is such a reach lmao if you read the letter “Pol” talks about being bullied in school because he supports Espanyol and alludes to Pique’s attitude contributing to this bullying b. Pique has never actually offended anybody at Espanyol (the ‘harshest ‘ thing he said about their fanbase is that they couldn’t fill up their stadium for the derby which was in fact true) c. Espanyol & Barca are football rivals so rivalry between the two fanbases is completely normal (and pretty much what keeps Espanyol relevant) d. Espanyol fans have some nerve to talk about Pique’s attitude when their club has yet to apologize or even acknowledge the chants and signs against Shakira from the last derby or the “Milan die”; “Shakira is a whore” chants from 2 years ago  … but anyway, Pique is too smart to fall for this crap, and knows that this is just another lame ass excuse for the press to talk shit about him :)