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The Angels of Supernatural:  An Illustrated Guide

1.  This is Castiel.  

He’s an ancient, mass-murdering Biblical personage wearing the skin of a middle-aged man in a trench coat.

Demons fear him, looking at him in his true form could burn out your eyes, and he’s first introduced by dragging a human soul out of the depths hell.

He is also legitimately one of the most adorable fictional characters in television history.

You will want to protect him.

2.  This is Anna.

She just wanted to do her own thing.  But sadly, the universe doesn’t work that way, and no one would leave her alone.  

As a result of this, she eventually sort of snapped.

Also, she slept with her brother’s boyfriend.  Not cool, Anna.  Not cool.

3.  This is Gabriel.

He’s one of heaven’s most powerful archangels.  As you can see, he takes this responsibility very seriously.

Gabriel is much beloved by the fandom due to his seemingly infinite supply of sass.  

And, you know, the fact that he sacrificed his life standing up to Lucifer.

However, like all of us, he’s not without flaws:  like most of us, he can have trouble dealing with his family, or with mildly bullying younger siblings.

Or with making people watch their loved ones die horribly an infinite number of times.  

Or with the fact that he’s still pretending to be dead.  But hey, nobody’s perfect.

4.  This is Lucifer.

He’s what you might call a “problematic fave:”

For one thing, he has weird ways of showing affection.

And maybe not the best relationship with his family members.

(I’m so sorry for making you look at this.)

And, of course, we have the minor detail that he is literally Satan.

All portrayals of him are creepily endearing.  It will make you uncomfortable how much you start to like him.

5.  This is Zachariah.

His hobbies include causing apocalyptic events to get time off work and yelling at people.

He has no friends.  

6.  This is Balthazar.

He’s the vodka aunt of the angelic race, yet manages to make promiscuity, drunkenness, and complaining about everything seem like ridiculously endearing qualities to have.  

One of Supernatural’s most popular angels.  Naturally, this means he had to die.

7.  This is Naomi.

Her professional skills include severe psychological torture and interfering with people’s relationships.

No one likes her very much.

8.  This is Samandriel.

Complete cinnamon roll.  He is the one angel who has done literally nothing wrong.  Like, literally.  Ever.

So, naturally, he had to die almost immediately.  

(I’m so sorry for making you look at this.  Fuck the writers.)

9.  This is Hannah.

As far as angels go, Hannah is actually pretty cool: she’s super pretty, nice, and generally opposed to the unnecessary massacre of humans, which is always a plus.

Of course, she also spends a large portion of her screen time trying to seduce her brother, and I have a bit of trouble getting past that.  But considering she’s one of the only angels who hasn’t committed genocide or mass-murder at some time or another, I suppose it’s something I can forgive.

10.  This is Metatron.

He is the worst and I have no idea why he’s still alive.  

That is all.

If the angels were all female











For @misc-oneshots​ @spnfanficpond

Words: 2,579
Pairings : Balthazar x Reader
Warnings : Vague violence

You made your way out of your bedroom to the kitchen. Hobbling you knew that you weren’t going on the next hunt. You had to take time to heal from the last one.

“Whatcha got?” You asked your brothers as you made your way to the kitchen table where Sam and Dean were talking.

“A case,” Dean said standing up to get you a cup of coffee. He was holding the cup when he turned and looked at you. “And before you even ask, no you’re not going.”

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When You Hurt His Possessions

Originally posted by careforcass

Pairing: Balthazar/Reader

Request: Hey, can I request? Can I have a Balthazar x Reader where reader is Balthazar’s mate and the Winchesters are targeting her to get Balthazar, then Balthazar gets into angry angel mode? Please? (From Quotev)

Words: 3328

Warnings: Language, Heated Moment (Does this count), and Soulless!Sam (This is definitely a warning for me)

A/N: This was requested on Quotev from long ago… so here is the first reader insert that I am putting on here!!! I hope for good feedback, but criticism is welcomed as well. Be warned that this is the first Balthazar imagine that I have written, so I apologize if he is out of character :) 

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Supernatural Preference- Having a one night stand with them and finding out they’re a father


Lucifer and you had only ‘met’ once when you summoned him so he could help you remove a curse, but it turned out he took a liking to you and things got pretty heated, one thing led to another and 9 months later you had a baby boy.
You didn’t expect Lucifer to come back to you or for him to even know, but as he asked demons to watch out over you- because he really did think you were special- he found out about his baby boy.
“Whats his name?” you heard from the door as you were putting the baby to bed; you almost jumped out of your skin seeing the man you couldn’t stop thinking of standing in the doorway of the room.
You were gob smacked and he just waited but finally you spoke.
“Aaron… his.. his name is Aaron” you said timidly.
He just watched the baby with a small smile on his face from where he stood, but you wanted to know so many things.
“Where were you and how did you know I had a baby” you asked timidly and scared at the same time.
“I had trusted demons watch over you and report to me what was happening, I thought you were special and wanted to keep you safe. I didn’t visit earlier because I was busy with hell and my brother and so many things, but also because I was scared, what was I going to say and what was I going to do…. and… and…” He started to babble getting nervous and scared, so you walked over to him and planted a small kiss on his lips.
“You’re here now and thats the main thing. I want you to stick around to help, I mean he is half angel after all; so please… stay?” 
“Of course I’ll stay” he said as he held you tight and kissed your head.


Balthazar and you first met when you had still lived with the winchester brothers. Once you found out you were pregnant you straight away knew whose it was and knew you had to leave.
About a year later after finding out you were pregnant, Balthazar visited the boys because they were worried about Cas.
Balthazar was less than interested in listening to the boys and looked around wondering where you were.
“Wheres y/n?” Balthazar asked interrupting the middle of Dean’s sentence.
“She left about a year ago wanting to get out of this life, now help us out” Sam answered getting angry with Balthazar.
He had heard rumours that you were pregnant but thought nothing of it, but now his suspicion was confirmed.
“Oh I knew it” Balthazar said to himself sighing.
Before the boys could ask what he meant he had left the room and flew to your house.
He knocked on the door hoping and praying you would answer, and after waiting 2 minuted you did.
He didn’t let you say anything and just hugged you; pulling back he said.
“We need to talk.”


Dean was a fellow hunter friend of yours and of course since the hunting life was as lonely and miserable as it was you had both hooked up once.
You didn’t have to time for a relationship and neither did he, and neither of you certainly didn’t have time for children but here you were non the less with you little baby girl watching the wiggles. 
After 3 years of not seeing each other he decided he wanted to see if you could help them on a hunt they were on.
You heard the door bell ring and when you opened the door you almost passed out.
“Dean! What are you doing here!” you almost shouted.
“I was wondering if…” His sentence died as he saw your baby girl pouncing up and down on the floor.
“Hey whose that little one?” He asked with a smile.
“I think you should come in” You told him as you closed the door behind you both.
“Dean this is Aurora…. shes our daughter” You told him shyly.
His smile shrunk as he look over at you with surprise and hurt in his eyes.
“You mean I’m a dad?” He said feeling a little terrified.
“Yes you are” You said staring each other in the eyes as he walked the small distance to you and held you in his arms.
“Well I guess I’m gonna be seeing a lot more of you than” He said and lifted you up kissing you passionately. 


Gadreel had gotten to know you pretty well when he was asked to help the Winchesters, and actually started to love you. When you both had sex for the first and final time he left and he felt extremely ashamed of his action.  
He did so much work in heaven and earth that it could kill even an angel, but he needed to do something to get you off his mind.
One day an angel who had been watching over earth found out about your 5 year old and went straight to Gadreel to to tell him.
“Gadreel I have something to tell you.” The fellow angel said.
“Yes what is it?” He asked.
“The human girl… y/n she has a toddler and… well… I could sense its grace and you’re the father.”
Tears started to formed into Gadreels eyes as he started to process what he’d just been told.
“Get out now.” He looked down telling the lesser angel as he started to cry even harder.

Don’t Touch My Girl

Characters: Balthazar x Reader
Words:  1032
Author’s Note: This is an idea I had and wanted to write, so I’m throwing it in the mix. There will be a few more of my own ideas coming up.
Summary: The reader is being tortured for information about the Winchester’s. Her boyfriend just happens to be Balthazar…and he’s not too happy. People have to learn that you DO NOT touch Balthazar’s girl.

Originally posted by grand-x

          You could feel the ropes cutting into the flesh on your wrists and ankles as the demons tied you way too tightly to the chair. You tried not to let the pain show, but you knew they got off on that kind of thing.

           “Where are the Winchester’s?” the demon demanded.

           “How am I supposed to know?” you asked, “I haven’t seen them in weeks.” You were being honest, but you knew they would never believe you.

           The demon backhanded you hard, “I’m sure they’ve been in contact with you. Where are they?”

           “I haven’t talked to them in weeks. I don’t know where they are,” you said, spitting blood from the impact of the hit.

           “Yeah, right,” the demon smirked, grabbing a knife, “I have ways of making you talk,” he said, plunging the knife into your thigh without warning, making you scream out in pain, “We can play that way.”

           “Balthazar,” you whispered the name.

           “What was that, Sweetheart?” the demon asked.

           You smirked, “Balthazar.”

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