c: aya

Closing Time

Summary: Aya is incredibly tired after a long day of work, I help her close up. 

As I made my way into the salon, knowing my way there even when it was dark out. I had been there enough that the route was completely burned into my mind. Walking there almost felt subconscious at that point. Though, I never went there to buy any products or get anything done. 

Yet somehow I, a girl who rarely wore makeup, had fallen for the woman who runs the local beauty salon. There was something about the way she handled herself that made me unable to get her off my mind. Her low and sleepy voice, the way she ends so many sentences with a dreamy sigh. Those striking blue eyes, her hair that’s always so neat even when she’s in the middle of a busy day. She made me dizzy just from talking to her. 

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アニメ「文豪ストレイドッグス」公式 on Twitter
“【予約締切まであと6日!】原作13巻限定版に付いてくる新作アニメ第25話『独り歩む』の場面写真が到着しました!国木田君が文ちゃんに振り回されるお話です!予約をお忘れなく…! https://t.co/6EhvtkjIRi #bungosd”

Images of the upcoming OVA, can’t wait!