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Why I think that Zoey Redbird is a problematic choice for being the heroine in a young adult novel

So I know I’m hell late for reading House of Night and my opinion on it.
But I still want to write about why I think that it is problematic to choose Zoey as the good girl and heroine in a book that a lot of young girls will read/have read.

• From the beginning on, Zoey calls girls that are sexually active sluts.
  She calls girls in her old school that make out with their boyfriends slutty, she    calls Aphrodite a slut for having sex with Erik, her b o y f r i e n d at that time even though Erik and Aphrodite should be 17-19.

• She calls having sex making “the nasty” and judges everyone else for it, boys and girls

• She is possesive and jealous when Erik talks to other girls, but at the same time whines over her exboyfriend all the time. Giving girls the feeling that it is okay to treat your partner unequal even if you do the same shit.

• She judges Erik and thinks about breaking up with him because he had sex before her, even though she secretly meets up with her exboyfriend and makes out with him, drinking his blood and even impriting with him.
Which basically means that she can’t stay away from him even if she wanted to

• She then continues to judge Erik without telling him the truth and cheats on him behind his back.

• She keeps being jealous and possesive even though she now starks hooking up with another guy, and still calls Aphrodite a slut, even though she hadn’t had sex with anyone after breaking up with Erik.

• After several books there is like NO development of character for that perpective. She still sees girls who have sex with people as lesser, calls them sluts etc. 

• She gets super pissed at Stark, her current boyfriend, because he is jealous of her falling for yet another guy.
Even though she would n e v e r allow stark to have an affair besides her, she would break up with him and be super pissed.

My main problem with Zoey is that she is really sexist when it comes to other people, and she totally neglects her own behaviour. She is depicted as that good girl and the heroine who most of the time is right with her opinions and feelings.
And I think it’s really problematic to have the main heroine call other sexually active girls sluts, while being a hypocrite herself.
Zoey even teaches that not being equal to your partner, here that she is allowed to have several guys whether her SO is not allowed so, is totally okay and fine.

I cringe whenever Zoey opens her mouth, and I glad I read the books being older than 16 or 17, because Zoey could have had a huge impact on me. One that would not have been good.

House of night

Book 1-i hate aphrodite, i love neferet and zoey
Book 2- feel bad for aprodite, something wrong with neferet, zoey is great
Book3,4- okay expose neferet
Book 5-okay neferet please die, zoey please stop already
Book 6,7-okay neferet fucking die, zoey please stop, i like rephaim and stevie ray
Book8- okay wtf can anyone kill this crazy bitch, zoey please stfu, stevie ray i love you
Book 9- nothing, nothing happens at all, im so serious, dont bother, nothing happens, i cant stress that enough
Book 10- haha bitch, they got your ass… oh wait, no they dont…sigh
Zoey i dont care if you stop breathing, aurox is my love
Book 11-okay im so fucking none with neferets bestiality nasty ho self, zoey is pretty much being a stupid bitch so idgaf at all, dallas needs to go die, oh wait…he does
Book 12- havent read yet, and i already know neferet is still gonna need to go to hell, zoey is still gonna be a stupid little bitch, stevie ray and aphrodite will be awesome, and they will throw the nuns into the equation some how, and they will all drink “brown pop”, bitch just say coke

In conclusion: dont read this book series, you will get pissed off and annoyed

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