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  • Antonin: I’m getting a sense that the woman of the house had no idea we were going to be here.
  • Rodolphus: OK that we’re here, love?
  • Lucius: [assumed Rodolphus referred to him] Of course it’s OK.
  • Narcissa: [staring at Rodolphus and Lucius amusedly]
  • Rodolphus: Luc, I haven’t called you love since that sultry night in Bimini.

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Favorite/most interesting people from each house?

My favorites are the ones that cause the most drama. Here are the ones to watch:

Gryffindor - Marlene 

Marlene McKinnon is my favorite budding alcoholic, her fabulous missteps frequently filling these pages. From her desperate flirting with Gideon, to her kiss with Remus, to her world-class drunken episodes, Marlene is a constant source of entertainment. 

Ravenclaw - Antonin 

He’s a master of mystery, with a charming smile and a twisted streak. We all know there’s something wrong beneath the surface, but what is this Russian hiding? I can’t wait until the facade crumbles, and the golden boy explodes. 

Hufflepuff - Alice

Before this year, I found her dreadfully boring, but these new owls have me intrigued. School sluts come from the most unexpected of places, and I can’t wait to see who Alice hooks up with at the Gryffindor bash. 

Slytherin - Rabastan

This was a hard choice, considering the intense personalities in the house, but I had to go with the littlest Lestrange. This is a boy that’s the essence of bitter, a cruel bully with an explosive temper. This one is on the brink of a meltdown. 

Well at least this is starting to come along nicely. I had to find better footage of the cafe scene because I wasn’t happy with the previous size. But incorporating Michiel Huisman into these scenes has been less difficult than I thought since the actor playing Antonin looks close enough if I don’t pause too long on his face. 

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A couple of hours later, rightly sated, he walked through the doors of his home. The sun was almost up in the sky, but he knew his mother would still be up.

Headless of the state of his earlier activities would have left him in he marched through the dark townhouse and gently knocked just one on her sitting room door before letting himself in.

She was awake, as he had suspected, sitting at a small table pouring over a photo album. That the sight was familiar did nothing to ease the pain that gripped his chest. As he moved to sit down next to her, he already knew the page that would be open…

Passage from After the Meeting- Chapter 9-The Brother’s Tale (Reuben’s Story) by Calebski.  Featuring Reuben Yaxley, Antonin Dolohov and others. Find the full story HERE or jump to this chapter HERE. 

  • Antonin: Don't get me wrong, I love the ladies. I mean they rev my engines, but they don't belong in the Death Eaters.
  • Augustus: It is Death Eater, not Death Eater-ess. And that is a scientific fact.
  • Barty: I don't know what we're yelling about.
  • Antonin: You're with us, Rod, what do you think?
  • Rodolphus: [shouting] She... Sh... It's terrible. She has beautiful eyes, and her hair smells like cinnamon.
  • Barty: [shouts] Loud noises!