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SPN Reverse Graphics Challenge | malallory
↳ theme: deceased characters + endings | Prompt: Anna Milton + “The Song Remains the Same” 

part of wings & halos series

We Might Be Pretending 
Anna/Ruby [Supernatural]
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// When they sleep in beds, in motels or empty houses, Anna finds her way over to Ruby in the night, buries her face in Ruby’s neck, and falls asleep to the slow, slow beat of Ruby’s heart.

They’re not in love. But maybe they pretend to be. // 

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Milton’s 50′s diner and second service - chapter 6

RATING: mature
RELATIONSHIP: Lucifer/Sam Winchester
WORDS: 1528
: human!au, vintage vibes but modern setting, fluff fluff fluff
SUMMARY: The Winchesters are travelling along the road sixty six and stop for a meal. How typical of Dean to choose a 50’s diner for it. The town’s vintage vibes make them stay for a little longer. Sam gets a job at the diner for the summer.Love is in the air. People say they put some in the water too
A/N: a big thank you to my beautiful beta readers @spnyoucantkeepmedown @i-bleed-salt

TAG: @wearemykingdom @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell @samwise-the-true-hero @glitchygrin @annechuu @tattooedluci @thanatosdementor @purrfectmochi  @samiferarchive @samifer-trash @savagearchangelforthewin @azraphele @samlicker83  @headcanonsofthesupernatural @godhatesmichael @wait-what5  @xantcear @hardcorefangirlgroupie @lvsifer @thecutegayone1 @consultingmooseintimeandspace @whatisitlikeinyourfunnylilbrains

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Just to let you know, the SPN art book goes on sale NEXT WEEK

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