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Tiffany being adorable during a fanmeet for @suhokai!


This world was created for you.

gif request meme || @isohmas​​ asked: most heartbreaking moment from Mask 

You know, I think “Shiny” was a terrible song and a really lazy way to introduce Maui’s backstory. We could’ve had the fight and learned that information through dialogue or had it hinted at subtly and brought up later. But that song is just awful compared to everything else on the soundtrack (and out of place musically), beats you over the head with exposition, and was a completely unnecessary “villain song”.


“Hey, Hayley, how’d you react to the Director’s return?”

…Oh. You know.

When the new Get Down episodes were released I only meant to watch one episode, but I ended up going through the entire season ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now I just want to give everyone a hug..

  • it honestly amazes me how well akaashi knows bokuto. besides the whole list of weaknesses + solutions to combat them, he really knows how to read bokuto’s body language and mood well. he tries his best to understand bokuto through his ups and downs and that just screams how much akaashi cares about him. but seriously, i think it’s cute how they hang out outside practice too bc it shows how akaashi thinks of bokuto more than just the “ace/teammate.”
  • maybe… when bokuto started getting frustrated that his cross-spikes were getting blocked, maybe that’s when all the endless spiking practices started and akaashi agreed to practice w/ him because a happy bokuto is a happy akaashi. he’ll help bokuto jump over any hurdle they meet.
  • akaashi knows bokuto is capable of reaching his full potential (and beyond) on his own. in ch.244 when akaashi says he can only draw out bokuto’s top condition for a short time, i’d like to think that akaashi knows that bokuto just needs a little push from time to time, but the rest is all bokuto. akaashi believes in bokuto.
  • several months ago, i said how bokuto has complete trust in akaashi and i’m screaming bc of they think so fondly of each other and i’m just :’))) please get together. the day akaashi directly compliments bokuto, i will cry. will it happen at some point during spring interhigh?? bokuto’s graduation?? /cries
  • sometimes i wonder how far fukurodani will make it in nationals (i’m on the empty boat that thinks fukurodani’s gonna win, mainly bc my heart is gonna shatter if they don’t) but i really can’t decide. 100% sure nekoma v. karasuno will happen soon, but WHEN lol… i’ll just let the manga unfold itself c:

sorakhhikari98  asked:

I still feel that this lion switch was kinda messy. Like pidge said once, allura is the decisive head of the team, and also only royals can control the castle and the wormholes, so is this going to work? I'm not saying no to the switch (please don't be permanent I'll stop watching the show if that happens I'm so sorry ) but for them to be more reasonable, like blue just straight up rejected Lance only to open up to allura, he needs a hug,maybe express his frustration, sorry for being long lol

SNDFJHGJDKS I’m here to defend the lion switch!!! :D Coran has shown that he’s able to pilot the castle:

The only thing that they won’t be able to do is open wormholes. They have Slav though, maybe he can construct some kind of quintessence conserver that saves Allura’s energy until it’s needed. Or they figure out how to program wormholes like the one they used when Blue first flew to the castle ship. And even if they won’t be able to do it, it would have either been wormholes or Voltron and sorry buddy but Voltron is more important :’D

As for the lion switch itself… it makes sense. Pidge pointed out that Allura is the “decision maker” - but that’s nothing new. She has always been the decision maker, even when Shiro was still there. Pretty much whenever they had to make a decision outside of battle, Shiro turned to her and asked “Princess?”. 

So. Allura is and will stay the decision maker outside of battle. In battle Keith has proven time and time again that he’s someone that people follow instinctively (I think I even read somewhere that he coordinated the team in the last episode of s2 when Shiro was out of commission). He always reacts quickly and with conviction which is like THE thing you need in battle. outside of battle he needs to slow down a little though lmaooo Apart from that he has leadership qualities that I already talked about multiple times, he has Shiro’s trust (which Black 100% knows) and he has already successfully piloted Black once. 

Next. Lance in red. “The red lion needs a paladin that leads with instinct.” Next to Keith, Lance is the most instinctual person on the team. Both Pidge and Hunk think too much before acting. Remember s1e2 when they had to fly their lions without sight?

Hunk gave up like 2 seconds after it started, Pidge gave up as soon as she heard Lance and Keith crash. Lance and Keith kept going - distracted by their competition, yeah, but they do trust their instincts more than these two. 

So. Red basically just had a choice between Lance and Allura. Allura might be trained in magic/trusting her instincts a little more but she’s the “decision maker”, she is used to think before acting. Lance is the more instinctual between them. Allura has also had a… pretty rough relationship with Keith during s2 while Lance was shown to comfort and support him in s3. Out of these two, Red probably likes Lance better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(also look at what this anon had to say about this:)

Now onwards to Blue. Blue is the most friendly and accepting lion. Her paladin has to be kind and value the team - I think it was even said somewhere that the Blue paladin is the one that ties the team together. And while yes, Lance still fits that role better than Allura, I can see Blue accepting her. She also has a magical connection with the lions in general so it would make sense for her to “befriend” at least the most approachable lion :P

As for how exactly the lion change took place… I don’t want to say anything wrong, so I’ll keep it to “the lions can’t TALK how the fuck are they supposed to tell them that their paladins changed?” :’D We’ll see how it goes in 14 hours though so !!!!!!!!!! MUCH HYPE HAVE SOME FAITH IN LANCE, ALLURA AND THE VLD CREW ♥♥♥

also I very much doubt that the lion change is permanent, don’t worry too much about it^^

Imagine Your OTP - 3rd Wheel
  • Person B: Now that we're alone...
  • Person C: Oi! I'm still here!!
  • Person A: Oh, I forgot you came with us...
  • Person C: ...You invited me...

Enjoy my drawings of UF Sans and my voice acting insanity :D Aha just kittying But yeah seriously it’s mind and eyeballs shaking, be cautious when viewing it please! x’333

But! I apologize for not keeping update with wildtale pages, like it’s never gonna get done huhuhu :’) However it is due to my drawing tablet having problems that it is currently an old model, it’s causing glitching and unresponsive habits where I have to restart my pc and sometimes it doesn’t want to work. (Intuos 4 medium-sized, had it for more than 10 years I believe, I mean I was still in middle school ohoh). So! I’m getting a brand new one and I’ll video and everything on my main blog on Monday of what it looks like @metalphoenixxwolf Hope you guys are doing well and I’ll get started on the new wildtale page or pagezzz, depending how much I like this new tablet, cause I’ve seen good reviews. Anyhow be seeing ya and have a wild time ;}  

Happy New Years!!


“If this is really all happening in some other dimension.. shouldn’t we er- I dunno maybe send something to help them? Ya’know, so you don’t end up having to murder me at the end of all this?”

“Y-you kidding me Lee? You been w-watching this shii-urrrp-shit? I ain’t going anywhere near Rick Q-327!”

It started out as Rick finding a dimension where his life is directed by Quentin Tarantino on the multiverse goggles. Then they found the directors cut on inter-dimensional cable. The rest of the family walks in and out of the room at random intervals, really not wanting to ask why they’re watching and most of the time either laughing or crying over a movie where Rick appears to be killing everyone.


happy birthday, evilwvergil~! .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙


“We’ve always defined ourselves by the ability to overcome the impossible. And we count these moments, these moments when we dared to aim higher, to break barriers, to reach for the stars, to make the unknown known. We count these moments as our proudest achievements. But we lost all that. And perhaps we’ve just forgotten that we are still pioneers and we’ve barely begun. And that our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, as our destiny lies above us.” - Interstellar (2014)

     ❝ — Welcome to the Wolf’s Den. ❞ She’d just clocked in for her shift, but already Bianca was counting down the minutes until she could retreat to the safety of home. ❝ Can I start you off with anything? ❞