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She’s just that good

Sometimes when I’m watching interviews with Tatiana talking about Sarah and I think, “oh I wonder if there’s an interview with the actresses who play Cosima and Allison floating around. It would be fun to see what all these actresses have to say about each other and how they interact off screen.” And then I remember they are all Tatiana and I get embarrassed and impossibly sad that it can’t actually happen. 

This cycle happens almost every time I watch an interview on Youtube.

What Helena wrote

Rough translation of Helena’s diary: 

“But they are their own people. I don’t have any control over the form they will take. Their health, the shape of their noses, they are appearing, and they will be random. 

And they will be …, my little miracles. They will have to chose that horror, which I searched for so long… 

How far we’ve advanced. How much the road sill has. And all…”

lovehoneybee  asked:

Have you ever sorted the orphan black clones? How alike do you think their primary/secondary houses would be?

Orphan Black is one of our favorite shows. Tatiana is extraordinary

Note: the way we play this game, “primary” is WHY you do things and “secondary” is HOW. 

Allison, probably one of the more frightening of the clones, is a Hufflepuff Primary/Gryffindor Secondary. Her worldview is wrapped around her little community of proper suburbs people, and all the expectations of culture and niceties that go with that. She’s a good example of a Hufflepuff who dehumanizes to shrink her circle of care — look at how she first reacts to “lowlife” Sarah. Allison’s classism defines the scope of her Hufflepuff; it’s when she reframes her sisters and sister-brother Felix as people that she circles the wagons around them.

Allison’s Gryffindor Secondary is what drives her brusqueness, honesty, and fervor. It’s what makes her tie her husband up in the basement; but it’s also one of the driving factors of their marriage — when they finally click again in the end of Season 2 it is with Donnie getting caught up in Allison’s strident Gryffindor Secondary’s certainty and leadership.  

Sarah is a beautiful, beautiful Slytherin/Slytherin heroine. You don’t get that very often. She’s selfish and coarse (she spends a lot of time in her neutral state). She is intuitively comfortable with the manipulations and adaptability of the Slytherin Secondary. The shows takes and treats her Slytherin Primary’s loyalties of “mine first” as something admirable, powerful, and warm. It’s such a nice thing to see. 

Helena has no secondary. Years of abuse and control have stripped that from her and she uses whatever tool falls into hand. From the second season, and the ways she likes to love and care, she might be growing into a Hufflepuff Secondary as she heals and rebuilds. 

The only way Helena was able to hunt down her sisters was to declare them “sheep.” She had to dehumanize them to be able to hurt them. Even when it is framed to her as “right” and “holy” — which a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw who valued her captors’ morality system would have latched onto— Helena turns it into a “them and us.” Or, often, “them and me.” I am real. They are not. I am the original and they are sheep for the slaughter.

A Slytherin might have turned it into something about her own safety, or in the valuing of the views of her captors and psuedo-family/handlers. Idealists would have convinced themselves it was the right thing to do, even if people got hurt. That need for dehumanization suggests a Hufflepuff Primary; and the way she jumps and hopes and loves so hard at the chance to have a family and sestras of her own backs up that sorting too. 

Cosima is a Hufflepuff Primary, too. She loves easy and broadly, especially with the people who most fit into her communities (her clone family, and also other scientists, which is how Delphine first gets close). She is one of the driving organizers of the Clone Club— not with a Puff secondary’s warmth and community building, but a Hufflepuff Primary’s valuing of people and groups. They are important to her and she is spending her life (literally) trying to help her people. 

Her Puff is also apparent in her interactions with Delphine — when Cosima continues loving Delphine it’s not with a Slytherin’s “mine” possessiveness which can bulldoze over flaws; or a Gryffindor’s ability to fully and intuitively forgive a changed soul. Cosima loves like a Hufflepuff — despite flaws. Delphine is a person, and a beautiful and brilliant one; Cosima may not trust her always, may disagree with and dislike her choices, might even leave or turn her back on her when Delphine goes too far, but Cosima will still love her. Because Delphine is a person, and people deserve that. 

(Delphine is a Slytherin Primary, continuing that common tradition of squishy, driven Hufflepuffs and the flabbergasted Slytherins who fall helplessly into their orbit.)

Both Delphine and Cosima have Ravenclaw Secondaries delighted at the discoverable and quantifiable nature of the world. It can be an amazing thing to have a lover who looks at the world with the same flavor of joy as you do. 

We haven’t seen enough of Tony yet to point out his Primary, though Slytherin isn’t unlikely. However, his Slytherin Secondary is easily identifiable and a delight.

Tony’s Slytherin was so striking and powerful it actually prompted us to change our ideas of Felix’s sorting. We had brother Felix sorted as a Puff Secondary— but when Felix got stuck in a room with Tony’s dynamic and honestly unsafe Slytherin, Felix’s own Slytherin Secondary rose to meet that threat and that… flirt.

Felix loves living in a model of a Hufflepuff Secondary, being kind and warm, teasing and friendly — but when prompted properly, apparently, that Puff is something he can just drop. (Which makes both Felix and Sarah Slytherin/Slytherins, except that Felix likes to pretend to be a Hufflepuff and Sarah doesn’t pretend to be anything.)

“It’s part of who Felix is is avoiding the deeper, murkier, messier territory and surfing the text and just surfing the surface of the character.

Tony offered me an opportunity to take the masks off, drop the theatrics, drop the defenses, the armor, and you see what real discomfort and fear looks like on this human being, this person. You saw him vibrate or exist in this fear; this uncertainty. And also, self-confront.

Tony holds a mirror up to Felix and, conversely, Felix holds up a mirror to Tony. And that was pretty spectacular”
- Jordan Gavaris (Felix’s actor)

We don’t see quite enough of Katya, the sick teacher, or even Beth to sort them with any certainty. 


Sarah is a Slytherin/Slytherin. Loyal and cunning, she puts her own self and people first with no qualms.  

Allison, Helena, and Cosima are all Hufflepuff Primaries, who love those they see as their kind of people. Allison has a forthright Gryffindor Secondary and Cosima an analytical Ravenclaw Secondary, while Helena, who has been burned too bad, hasn’t found her secondary yet. 

We didn’t see enough of Tony to confirm his Primary (we suspect Slytherin), but he’s got a gorgeous and capable Slytherin Secondary.