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That Suicide Squad/TW crossover vid made me think of a Season 3B AU where at some point Scott dies instead of Allison. Under Morrell's influence Stiles is a Void hybrid when his spark consumes the Nogitsune, Lydia desperate combing through the whispers to find Scott, Allison pushes herself harder and Derek finally succumbs to all the trauma he's endured. What they don't know is that Scott isn't dead. Deaton saved him but the recovery is long and the pack he returns to isn't the same.

This sounds like a fantastic fic idea. I love the idea of the whole pack just sort of slipping to the dark side together, and losing Scott – especially if it was the Nogitsune who did it – would be a good catalyst to set them all domino-ing over the edge.

Stiles would feel so much guilt for being connected to the thing that killed his best friend, and would have to battle that on top of his awakened spark and Void’s continued influence.

We already know that Allison is susceptible to vengeful behavior and dark influences when she’s grieving. Especially when Isaac – overwhelmed at losing someone else he loves in such quick succession – leaves town with barely a word of goodbye. So she devotes herself to training, to learning about every possible supernatural menace so she can take it down before it threatens the few people she has left (which would be fine if she wasn’t trapped in “kill first, ask questions never” mode).

Lydia can’t make sense of why she wasn’t forewarned about Scott’s death (she wasn’t forewarned because he didn’t actually die), and gets more and more desperate searching for answers and for a hint of a Scott in the afterlife who isn’t there.

And Derek is suddenly thrown back into a position of trying to hold everything together when no one seems to want to hold it together, and while he’s still struggling with his own grief on top of all the long-buried rage and guilt that had been dragged to the surface by the Nogitsune’s rage-fly in his veins.

And of course Deaton wouldn’t outright tell the others that Scott’s still alive because he’s Deaton, and because “the time isn’t right yet” even when everything’s spiraling out of control.

This could be awesome, guys. Someone write it!

Teen Wolf Prefrence #1

Who You’re Related To


You are Stiles’s twin sister. After your mother passed away Scott helped both you and your brother get through it.You and Scott became good friends and you started to develop a crush on each other.


You’re Scott’s cousin. When you started sophomore year, your parents got a divorce. There was a lot of discussing back and forth about who you would live with. After a while you got sick of the fighting and stayed a weekend at your aunt Melissa’s place without your parents knowing. You met Stiles and decided you wanted to stay at your aunt’s place.


You’re Erica’s sister. When your sister suddenly became super hot, you knew somthing was going on. You met Isaac when you were trying to figure out was going on. It was love at first sight.


You are Allison’s sister. After your sister died, there was a hole in your heart, so big that you thought no one would be able to fill it. Then Liam came along. He was kind to you, and after the long years with losing your family memers, Liam was the one that wouldn’t leave.


You’re Malia’s sister. You were the only human who got out of the car crash alive and because of that both your dad and Malia was very over protective over you. So when Theo started at your school and started flirting with you, Malia became very angry and violent.


You’re Stiles’ sister. You were sick of hanging out with your dorky brother and his slow friend. Of course you were Lydia’s friend as well, but she could be rude and you found it annoying that she pretended to be dumb. So when Allison started at your school you basically clung onto her at all times, and you slowly fell in love.


You’re Jackson’s sister. When your asshole of a brother broke up with Lydia you were both happy and sad. Happy because you got to try to win Lydia over and sad because Lydia was so devastated about her and Jackson’s break up.You tried to cheer her up every day and she soon realised that you were the better Whittemore.


You’re Lydia’s sister. When you found out that Malia had a thing for Stiles, you tried to make her like you because you knew your sister liked Stiles as well. And your plan worked out pretty well, because soon you and Malia were dating.


You’re Aiden and Ethan’s sister. Even though your brothers dropped out, you didn’t. When you saw Kira you knew she was going to be close to you. But you had no idea how close


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wolf-hearted girl  |  an allison argent fanmix.

she is eighteen years old and cold - dirt uncovering like bludgeoning remorse, like zealotry wavering, this is how you name saints. this is how you craft gods and angels - just elbows and ripped edges but still breathing; still alive. this is her fifth day amongst the living. was this pain always here? have the trees always tasted like trees? who are you when you leave, but come back again?

pretend that you belong here.  pretend that you are not haunted.

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