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CEO: Part Two.

A/N; So from the title you can probably already guess this is the second part to CEO. It will be a small series, maybe consisting of four parts. I really hope you enjoy it! xoxo

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: NSFW.

Word count: 5,634

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Part One  

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True Pack

I Don’t Want To - Brett & Alison

 Alison x twin!reader

Brett x reader

Warnings: ???

Word count: 872

Summary: on a hunting trip, kill or save? Make the choice that defines

Author’s Note: i just came up with this today and just kept writing, before scott and before alison new 


“Y/n that way, go now !” My father yelled pointing to the right of the forest. Being a event was tough and never easy especially after finding out about the supernatural. Me and my twin-sister Alison  were stumbling about unpacking and found all these books on the lore of the supernatural creatures. Alison just let it go but I of course being curious as I am kept digging into what I found. When my father Chris found out he had a long talk about it with me and ever since then I’ve been training. Alison just thinks I want to be fit so she does it with me, I want to tell her so bad but they didn’t even want me to know I don’t want to get her hurt either.

As I headed the way my father pointed. After walking probably a mile or two out I saw shadows move and start to run I chased after 2 of them one small one tall. We came to a deep trench at the cliff they were backing up to the cliff. I pulled my bow over my head and grabbed a arrow and reached myself. As I got closer I noticed they guy had to be my age and the little one must be his sister.

“please don't” he said to me.

“i’m sorry” my voice cracked

“You’re sorry? Your hunting us and your sorry?” This time it was his sister who asked.

I lowered my bow and put the arrow back. “I don’t want to hunt you, -” i sad to her as she came forward and i kneeled in front of her “-or any of you” I finished looking up at her brother.

“Then dont “ he said

Before I could open my mouth someone I haven’t seen in a long time started walking over.

I stood up “long time no see” I smiled at her.

“Yes, y/n long time.” Satomi said with a smile she came over and hugged me.

As we pulled away the boy asked “you to know each other?”

“Yes, although I haven’t seen you in a long time y/n. Since-…” Satomi stated.

“Since me and Derek Hale we’re hiding from that rogue group of betas” I stated. She nodded remembering when she found us and helped us find a place to hide.

“So you know other werewolf’s and you still hunt them!” He stated kinda shocked.

“Brett relax, like she said before she doesn’t want to.” his sister said

“Loris right Brett y/n doesn’t want to hunt.” Satomi looked at me “ do you.”

“ I don’t , I really don’t. I have friends that are supernatural , and I don’t believe all of you are bad. It’s just-” this time I was cut off.

“Your family. “ Satomi stated I nodded.

“Your family makes you hurt people?” Lori asked

I leaned down to her and put a hand on her shoulder nodding ‘yes’.

“You guys should go” I said looking up at the guy Brett and then looking over at Satomi .

“i got they rest to my place we will be safe there-” Satomi said.

“What about you” Brett said coming up to me.

“Look I deal with it ok just go while you have a chance, please…”  I pleaded.

“Sweetheart maybe you should come with us or go back to Derek. Please… You know what they will do to you” Satomi stated.

“I-” I started but got cut off.

“wha-what will they do? What will your family do ?! what will your own father and mother do to you?” He started with yelling but seemed a little terrified at the end.

“Look I’ll be honest with you Brett, is it, they will do one of two things.”

“What are they gonna do?” He asked

“One, disown me kick me out and never speak to me again. Two, kill me they would call me a traitor and say it had to be done. Protocols is to say to the rest of the family I has killed by a werewolf but my father would say something else he follows our original family code not everyone does.” I told him honestly.

“Come with us! Neither one of the choices is good. Please don’t stay.” Lori begged.

“Lori’s right y/n please don’t go back. “ Satomi said

“I’ll be fine, if they do try and kill me I’ll leave I’ll go to Derek’s  he told me to come to him if ever wanted or need to. “ I told her, then I heard the hunting dogs “ now please go “

As Satomi took Lori Brett stayed for a minute “ so you gonna be ok ? “ he asked.

“I’ll be ok , just another day in the life of being Argent “ I said with a side smile.

“When your safe, can we hang out sometime?” he asked nervously

I smiled up at him and nodded ‘yes’ “ yes, yeah, sure sounds great.”

He then kissed my cheek and left.

Now time to face the jury, yayyyyy.