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Apparently, Marvel is looking towards adding Power Pack to MCU as their Spy Kids.

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Daisy looks at the man talking to her, now distracted from her drink. She probably should stop ordering more drinking anyways, so Bobbi doesn’t have to deal with her being unbearably drunk and making skylights again. She sips at the drink she still has. “Something science-y? I don’t know. What does he say?” Despite knowing at least three scientists, Daisy still barely understands most science. Maybe she should’ve taken those books from Bobbi.

Where to start reading Alex Power?

Let’s start with his first appearance in Power Pack vol.1 #1

  • Power Pack vol.1 #2-62
  • Power Pack Holiday Special
  • New Warriors vol.1 #47-75
  • New Warriors vol 2 #1
  • Power Pack & Cloak and Dagger
  • Power Pack #1-4
  • Avengers: The Initiative #1
  • Fantastic Four #574, 579-580, 504-588, 600, 604, 607-608
  • FF vol.1
  • Avenging Spider-Man #17
  • FF vol.2
  • Fantastic Four vol.5 #5-9

Also check out Thor and the Warriors Four #1-4