c: abby maitland

I’ve been trying to work out why AbbyxConnor feels so important to me and why they’ve raced to the top of my OTP charts and I think the reason is that they’re so /real/.

It’s not sappy and tv cheesy, or over the top or anything of the sort.

They’re not all over each other, and when they do say “I love you” it’s not over played and dramatised, it’s pure. S05E01, for example, Connor’s choking on gas and manages to croak out “Abby, I” her response? “I know, me too”. There’s not continuous coddling and PDA and whatnot, but she’s so sure in his love for her that he doesn’t even need to say it.

I also adored the fact that we didn’t hear what Abby whispered in Connor’s ear in S05E06, that it was kept a private moment between them up until the point that /she/ proposed to /him/. And thankfully, and true to form, in stead of it becoming a sappy, OTT, cheesy moment, he makes a joke of it before accepting in the best Connor Temple fashion ever.

It also helps that they started off as friends, more so on his part, who were unaware of their feelings for the other/the other’s feelings for them.

It blossomed perfectly and if we don’t get another proper season of Primeval UK, I think I’d be alright because those original and perfect characters had a perfect finale, and not a riding off into the sunset/massive kiss with dramatic music/under the stars kind of “perfect finale” but an absolutely true to form perfect AbbxConnor finale that was absolutely perfect for /them/, low key, understated yet utterly filled with love.

But I would quite like to see them with rings and whatnot so please bring Primeval UK back asap.