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Bleeding Cool

Here is it folks. The full creative line up and character count of the All-New All-Different Avengers. Written by Mark Waid, drawn by Mahmud Asrar with colours by Laura Martin.

Miles, Kamala & Sam on Avengers.

Alongside new Captain America and Thor

With strong possibility Iron Man might be Pepper.

Written by Mark Waid. I’ll repeat that - Mark “Co-Creator of Bart Allen the Impulse” Waid. 

You can jump in entusiasm in 3…2…1…now

Dear Comic Artists:

There are some of you out there who would have made these three panels weirdly sexual and uncomfortable. Please note that Adrian Alphona read the script, remembered he was writing a 16-year-old dork, and gave us three panels of true hilarity. It’s all about how you frame it. At no point in these panels the focus on Kamala’s butt. It’s her surprise that her wound has healed, her face as she tries to find the bullet, and then the her hand signifying her victory as she lifts the bullet to the top of the frame. It keeps the story where it needs to be, on Kamala learning to use her powers, while finding a really great visual gag that brings home the fact we’re dealing with a somewhat awkward teenage girl who isn’t always thinking about that other people can see her.

Well done, Alphona. May other artists learn from these really fantastic panels.

So what’s it like actually playing ‘Marvel Puzzle Quest’ with Kamala Khan on your team? Pretty much how you’d expect it to be from reading the comics, developer Joe Fletcher of D3 told us.

'Whenever we make a character — and [Ms. Marvel] in particular — we kind of want to go in and research exactly what makes the character who they are,' Fletcher said. As a result, her stretchy, shape-changing powers will definitely show up in the game board in a big way (pun intended). So will her upbeat attitude and desire to help others, which will translate to bursts of energy and other power-ups for the other heroes in your line-up.

'She’s very unlike any other hero or villain that’s in the game,' Bill Rosemann added. “She’ll definitely have a moment to shine and show gamers why she has such international appeal.”

And for those of us who want Kamala get the change to kick ass in other games, Bill Rosemann has this to say: ‘If you’re happy about seeing Ms. Marvel here in ‘Marvel Puzzle Quest,’ stay tuned.’

At the End of Worlds, it’s Always Nice to See a Friendly Face.

Even if that Face is on Fire.

By an anonymous DrawFriend who took a look at his cover:

And was like, “Yo, girl needs a buddy and a ride to get out of this disintegrating New Jersey and I know just the infernal gentleman for the job!”

Looking forward to Ghost Riders btw.

Also included, regular Robbie for those that are into that sort of thing:

This is saying our generation will never matter. But we have to matter.If we don’t,there is no future worth saving.
                                                                        - Kamala Khan. 

There is nothing else I can relate to more than this. I’m a futurist, and I believe in Kamala Khan. 

Thor - white; female

Iron Man - white; male

Captain America - black; male

Vision - robot; male

Ms. Marvel - Muslim; female

Spider-Man - black/Hispanic; male

Nova - Hispanic; male

The main Avengers team, and only one white dude. This is a magical day. Get this movie off the ground NOW.