Our eyes met in a room filled with people, and you gave me a smile of a dandelion. And for the first time in my living years, I felt a little less alone.
—  Lukas W. // A little less

Hello!! (ノ。≧◇≦)ノ i’ve decided to jump on this bandwagon LOL I would like to discover more blogs b/c I follow so little ;; Also the more the merrier right? ;3 If you’re interested, please reblog and tag the post with your fandoms~~

+ haikyuu!!
+ bungou stray dogs
+ tokyo ghoul
+ ace attorney
+ danganronpa

bonus points if you:
+ have a tagging system!!
+ have a multifandom blog
+ create gfx/gifs
+ loves bokuaka bc i’m in bokuaka hell rn LOL jk

If anyone could help me signal boost this, it would be much appreciated! Note: I’ll definitely check out all the blogs that reblog this, but please understand that I won’t be able to follow everyone ;; Please don’t take it personally, y’all have wonderful blogs regardless!! c: Thanks so much for your help! <3