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Hey are you still doing your thanksgiving tradition where we can submit our thanksgiving meals to you? I've done it the last two years <3

Aw, yeah! submit your pics tomorrow and i’ll publish em. I love seeing everyones yummy cruelty free meals. Makes me happy because going on facebook is depressing it’s just pic after pic of horribly cooked poor turkeys, man. Sigh.



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  • The sonic screwdriver. 
  • The psychic paper. 
  • A tie, even if he’s not wearing it. Makes for a good rope, in an emergency. 
  • The TARDIS’ key, in his blazer’s left breast pocket, in an inner-lining pocket where he keeps the sonic AND the key (so as to prevent them being lost in his almost-bottomless pockets). The paper is kept in the coat. 
  • He carries the memory of watching his planet and family burn, as well : )
  • He starts carrying a stethoscope with him post-Martha. 
  • Something which smells like bananas, except accidentally - he did not set out to have it in there. It’s just smelt like that for a while, his coat. Not really too sure why. Very fruity. 
  • A small, lipgloss-sized container, its lid stamped with a green crescent moon. It’s a decent painkiller and will usually stop things bleeding; an all-purpose ointment for surface-level injury. 
  • Food bars. Starving isn’t fun and they’re tiny and portable and often delicious. The Doctor carries food bars with him, and they’re either soup or vegetables or what-have-you. Think Willy Wonka’s bubblegum. 
  • Usually, he’ll also have a bit of copper wire, somewhere. A hundred uses, for copper - you know humans were the ones who discovered it? Humans. Nobody else - well, eventually, but humans’re the ones famous for it. You know how Italians have pasta? Humans have copper. Copper, and showers. Showers are universally loved.

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Eraserhead Week: Smile

It’s not art or writing but i saw the prompt and i couldn’t resist

aizawa shotoro