This side of Bae Jinyoung that we barely see on broadcast

the guy who is jumping hyperly? yep, thats him

his bubbly entrance tho

Just look how happy he is getting his price

That smile he made when he said “Joo Haknyeon” instead of his own name

Wanting a high five with Jihoon in the middle of performance. WinkDeep is 💖

How come only this “expressionless” Bae Jinyoung can get a split-second screen time?

And not this side of him dancing happily in front of the camera?

His smile can replace our sun 🌄

Our Deep Dark Bae Jinyoung is always working hard~

He is genuinely happy for other people’s success. He almost shout so loudly when Hyunmin got called. And when Kenta’s name was mentioned, he was so happy and said “YES DUDE!” 

Our Bae Jinyoung is a smol-headed bean whose face can easily be covered by a lollipop.

But he can also be hot af

He’s always shy in front of the camera…

But he is a lowkey hyper lil kid who also does silly things (but only in the corner/back coz he’s still shy)

He is more than a pretty face. His highnotes bruh


I hope this smol cinnamon roll can gain more and more confidence as time pass by..

Please keep supporting this precious Bae~ 배 진영, 데뷔하자!!