Inspired at C4YW! (Young Survivor Breast Cancer Conference)

The C4YW Conference was an exhilarating weekend.  It was inspirational seeing so many young women celebrating life, supporting one another, and learning new information from experts.

We were greeted and welcomed by breast cancer survivors who were open and shared their stories.

Upon our arrival we met Amy, who is a Phyllodes Tumor breast cancer survivor.  She was a friendly mid-westerner who shared she was at the conference to meet other survivors like herself, because it is a rare form of breast cancer.

We witnessed one young survivor support another who was not feeling well by saying, “Let’s go and find a place to sit, visit, and refresh ourselves with some quiet time.”  

Continuing throughout the conference we saw everyone socializing and encouraging one another.  We greeted a breast feeding cancer survivor with her 7 month old gurgling and joyful daughter which brought smiles to everyone who saw them.  She gave encouragement to the survivors that happy marriages and children are indeed possible.

In the evening we squeezed on the dance floor to popular music.  The women were dancing up a storm.

Education was also part of the experience, which included new and old education about breast cancer treatments. 

In addition to survivors and supporters, we conversed with many organizations who are working diligently to support and educate breast cancer patients and survivors.  They include Kasey from the Cancer Support Community, Kathy from the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network, Darlene and Alexandra from Cure Magazine, K. and Dorothy and Keith from Families Who Support Breast Cancer Survivors, Carol from Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation, D. from Mautner Project, Kathy from Caring Bridge, and many others.  Colleen from Genentech called Murray and me, “Peanut Butter, Jelly,” which was a fun tag.

At the conclusion of the conference Rev. Aundreia Alexander gave an inspiring and motivating presentation. She encouraged everyone to find a “sacred place,” a special spot, such as a room or a comfortable chair where they can be revitalized and find peace.  

TalkAboutHealth made new friends. It was a rewarding experience.

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Post by Jorun Jones, Pharm. D.