New video for the C4LM track Rally Up (featuring Tek Attack). Filmed and edited by Well Fed.

Hey guys I have a favor to ask

So today (November 01, 2012) is my friend Justin’s birthday. He deactivated his facebook so he wouldn’t get a million notifications.

Can you guys please go to his tumblr and blow up his messages? I really appreciate it if you do!


If you see this Justin..

Love you ♥

TH3R3 1S NO V3RD1CT Y3T!!! 1F TH3 VOT3 1S 4BOV3 80% H1S S3NT3NC3 W1LL B3 H4RSH, 1F 1T 1S B3TW33N 50% 4ND 80% H3 W1LL G3T 4 L1GHT3R PUN1SHM3NT. C4LM DOWN


“The fact that an execution is even an option for a crime like this is unthinkable! A voting system to choose whether someone lives or dies?! What sort of legal system is that?!” 

“I am not saying this man did nothing wrong, he is indeed deserving of a punishment, but death?! THAT IS WAY OUT OF LINE! There are plenty of punishments deserving for this man outside of death!”