How to watch Utopia on 4oD if you live overseas.

Utopia is a brilliant show with a lot of international fans, so if we want our viewings to count and help it get the ratings it deserves it is important that we watch it from on 4oD (4 on Demand), Channel 4’s official site.

Unfortunately, 4oD is not available outside of the UK or Ireland, so here are some instructions for international fans so that we can all enjoy and support the show too. If you are living in the UK or Ireland, lucky you. Just skip to step 4.

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The Creator Destroyed by His Creation

The Hitman Wore Yellow + An Eye for an Eye + A Vision of Vengeance and Cowardice.

I didn’t originally envision creating a Lee/Wilson pseudo triptych when I created “The Hitman Wore Yellow” but I just couldn’t stop myself. May have to do this again.