c4 explosives


What are some of the other bigger stories coming up this season as you head into the season finale?

Beyond some really great cases that we have coming up, we’re definitely looking into… Bunny is always around in terms of Lindsay and her life. We definitely tease a little secret that at least Bunny’s convinced of, in terms of perhaps the amount of intimacy she may have had with Voight. So we definitely advance that storyline and we want to have it hit a crescendo here later in the season. That’s one thing that we’re really, right now, stocking a lot of C4 explosives and setting the charge and we’re going to be ready to detonate here by the end of the season for sure. (Laughs.)

As all this Bunny drama is coming to a head, what can you say about Lindsay and Halstead’s relationship going forward?

We are having the Lindsay-Halstead relationship begin to wobble because, as anybody will tell you, in one-hour TV obviously when you have a happy couple, at a certain point, there’s a sameness to that. Where’s the conflict? So we definitely throw a wrench in episode 17 into their relationship, a little window into Halstead’s past that she wasn’t aware of, that he wasn’t very forthcoming about. That definitely knocks them sideways. Going forward, is it a fateful blow to the relationship or are they able to repair it? We definitely have those two having to assess and do inventory on themselves individually and their relationship as a whole.

And then, again, we don’t want to just have that Bunny story chase it’s tail for season after season. It has to advance and so we’re looking to really hit a crescendo on the Bunny storyline and does that affect where Lindsay and Halstead are? And I foresee that happening.

There’s been some distance between Lindsay and Voight this season as she’s grown closer to Halstead. Will this rocky patch for her and Halstead bring her back into Voight’s orbit at all? There’s been

Not really. We have a line coming up in one of the episodes that Voight is seeing a little bit of discord between the two of them and he pulls Halstead aside and says very plainly, “We’ve already had this conversation. I already warned you two. Either clear it up and do your job, or you’re gone.” That’s unfair to Halstead because he’s siding with his daughter essentially. But he’s looking at Halstead as, you’re the one that went into this with your eyes wide open. And we also want to protect Voight. We don’t want him to be the bubbling dad who they constantly are putting stuff by and though he wags his finger and says, “Don’t do it,” they do it anyway. That’s not Voight. So there is definitely an ultimatum laid out to Halstead this has to be cleared up and there’s no more conversations after this.

So now the concern turns from Ruzek’s future to Halstead’s future.

Absolutely. There’s an ultimatum issued by Voight: “This isn’t going to happen again. You guys are either looking at each other longingly or fighting. It wasn’t supposed to happen to begin with. I let it slide for various reasons. It’s not going to happen again.”

Great, just great. Shut up Olmstead. Don’t like where this is going…

Fun is yet to begin. Joker x Reader

After so much likes on my last post “Come to daddy Joker x Reader ” I decided to write one more ^_^ enjoy!

Pairing : Jared Leto Joker x Reader

Warning : violence and swearing

Plot : Penguin kidnapped Reader to get to Joker

Fun is yet to begin.

“Tell me where he’s hiding?!”

“Fuck you!” You yelled at Penguin before one of his men slapped you across the face leaving a bruise behind .

You were held captive by Penguin.

The fucker thought that if he had you as a hostage he could get close to Joker but boy was he wrong. Apparently he wanted the trucks with the c4’s and other explosives that you and J had robbed a few days ago .

He wanted to know where was J hiding. But like hell you would tell him anything. But your becoming weaker by the minute. Penguin’s men have been beating you for about 4 hours now and you were about to brake .

But there’s no way in hell your will talk .

You knew you just had to stay strong for a little bit longer, for him , for your Mr J . He will find you . He always did . After all you were his little doll .

Even if he only admitted it to you , he loved you and it was really strange for him to feel something he hadn’t in a long time . The Joker, a crazy psychopath that was wanted all around the US had a small soft spot for you . He would get protective over you , get jealous if a guy flirted with you and get ready mad if you got hurt .

You just had to wait .

After 2 more hours, a bruised lip , black eye and multiple cuts and bruises the Penguin left you alone. For now .

You let out a sigh of relief. Your body hurt all over .

You probably had 2 or 3 ribs broken too . It was slightly hard to breathe and you could bearly hold your head up . Tears started falling from your eyes and landing on your cuts , stinging slightly. You wanted to go back home . To the crazy psychopath you loved so much. Another sigh and you closed your red and tired eyes.

“J … please…. I need you ” you whispered to yourself before you finally passed out .

“Oh you fuckedup big time there Penguin ” you hear a familiar voice but don’t open your eyes . You were still really exhausted and wanted to sleep.

But something was different. Instead of the cold floor you were sitting some where much more comfortable. Or more like someone was hoping you in their lap. You could feel the warmth coming from the person who was holding you . You knew who it was .

“Mr J … ” you say quietly as you opened your eyes.

You were right .

J was sitting in Penguin’s chair with you on his lap . Oh how mad he was . Someone is so dieing tonight. “Shh sweetheart, let daddy take care of someone ” he said in a calm voice but his expression stayed the same as he ordered him men to go and “talk ” to Penguin who already looked worse that you .

Joker stood up with you in his arms and carefully walked out side to the care that was waiting for you two. “When you are finished go back to the club and await further orders ” he said to a guy that was next to the car, probably the one in charge of the group of men in Penguin’s hide out .

You still in his arms Joker got in to the car and you made yourself comfortable in the seat and laying your head on his lap .

You smiled at him as he looked down at you. “I knew you would find me ” he smirked oh so slightly “I couldn’t leave my favourite doll hanging now can’t i ?” Once again you smiled at him knowing he calmed down a bit to see you smile . You propped yourself on your elbows enough to reach him and kiss him . He returned the kiss but much more gently this time , not wanting to hurt you more . You layed back down and closed you eyes , drifting to sleep as J puts a hand in your head .

He was so gentle and caring around you , something he never did around others . To many he was a heartless psychopath that was on a murderous rampage . But you you he was a misunderstood sweetheart that just need someone.

The next time you woke up you were in your king sized bed , all bandaged up and in clean clothes. Or in one of J’s white button up shirt with all of the buttons undone and in black lacy lingerie.

Of course he would dress you like this . You simply smirked at this and just as you want to get out if bed Joker entered the room.

“Oh no no no darling ” he said with a smirk as he waved his index finger side to side while coming closer to you “you will be a good girl and listen to daddy when he says you will stay here till your better ” he said with a slightly teasing manner.

You slightly chuckle at this “and what if I’m a naughty girl? ” at this his smirk widen “well the i will have to punish you for that won’t I? ”

“And what is i want to be punished? “You ask putting your hands on his shoulders and slightly pulling him to you "So we’re feeling so naughty already? Then guess i can make an exception for you doll ” he smirked again and laying you on the bed carefully he started to roughly bite your neck while you were unbuttoning his shirt.

This is only the begging of and amazing night and oh how much fun is to come your way .

An explosive beginning

Some time back, my dad, some of his friends, by brother, and I, were playing Deadlands. This was the either 2nd or 3rd session. We were camped out in a very small town in Kansas, little more than a few buildings. We were set up around the church. My character was a mad scientist (important to note) and I was on watch due to having glasses which gave me the best vision of the group. That’s where this starts. [End introductory explanation]

GM(my dad): Ok so you have someone up in the church’s bell tower keeping an eye out for trouble. Give me a roll.
Me: *Rolls high*
GM: Off in the distance you see a small flicker of fire that seems to be approaching quickly. In a few seconds you are able to make out that it is a carriage on fire, with the horses attacked to it panicked and speeding straight towards you. It’s coming quickly, but you reckon you should have plenty enough time to warn the others and clear out.

*The speed/turn order hand of cards gets dealt.*

GM:…And the carriage was just apparently going literally blazing fast and hits the church before you can even get more than a “Hey!” out. *Reveals a hand full of Kings for turn order, meaning 3 full turns of movement before anyone else could act* The church now has a burning carriage and dead or unconscious horses rammed into it, making a big hole in the side and beginning to set the place on fire.

———Not too long later———

GM: So you get out of the bell tower finally and come down to see the rest of the place already going up in flames. You see your teammate trying to put out a large tapestry that seems to be the main source of the fire, aside from the wagon. Are you going to help him put it out?
Me: Heck no! I run straight out of there!
GM: You arent going to help him?
The player putting out the fire: Yeah, you aren’t going to help me!?
Everyone else: *beat*
Other player: Ok yeah you should get straight out of here I may be set on fire but I don’t want to be exploded too.

I just had a M.K. thought


Judging by the idea of the new teaser released by BBC today,  do you think M.K. could have burned her face on a fire because either:

  • Her curiosity got the best of her and she got in a fire when she was a child (judging by the Alice In Wonderland reference and the stuffed animal caught on fire)
  • she’s a survivor from the Helsinki event in 2006 (the teaser shows a c4 explosive, which could’ve been used by DYAD to kill her and other clones)

Thus, giving her a reason to wear a mask to cover her face.  A sheep mask.

their n a m e s run through his mind, over and over, each one feeling like a fresh mortal stab wound because it’s her voice that speaks them– HYPERION. he’d tried to get out of this, he really had, but turning his own weakness against him had been childsplay for the likes of that fucking bitch. she’d kill his brother first, then his lover– she’d leave his best friends ‘til last and let them simmer in the idea of knowing he betrayed them. that was the blackmail. he’s in autopilot, burying his emotions as deep as they go while his hands make quick work with hiding C4 explosives in people’s quarters after they leave and join the chaos. ares accepts the fact that there’s NO GETTING OUT OF THIS, but isn’t as begrudged about it as he should be. never, has he liked this place. never, has he felt it had a cause worth dying for. bringing the olympus initiative down might even quench his his bitter resentment– he can’t deny that he wants it a little. when ares has completes his task, he starts toward the armory in hopes of finding his b r o t h e r. he knows that just looking at thanatos’ face would help him pick a side and stay there– forget about the past and be in the moment, with his family. with tightly clenched fists and a blank expression on his face, he detaches himself from the stress of the situation, IGNORING everything else.