This is a birthday present for the lovely c3r-b3rus who asked for a bit more of werewolf nico. The au doesn’t belong to me but to sadgaywerewolf, i just have a lot of fun writing about it.

It was actually quite the miracle that Nico hadn’t noticed it before. He had felt it, of course, months ago, but never really addressed it. That’s the thing about unexpected lycanthropy: it left very little time to mind other things that weren’t dealing with your new powers or trying to not fall into a murder spree every full moon.

Three months passed before Nico noticed it. It wasn’t just his fault, after the second moon Jason had stopped changing in the same room as him, or dragging him to the Roman baths. So it was when he was too much of a clutz to avoid one of the water balloons the Hermes Cabin were throwing to ‘keep everyone hydrated during the heatwave’ and he had to take off his soaked t-shirt, that Nico finally saw it.

The reason he had felt so unsettled while they tried to take the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood, his sweat cold on his neck at what his gut knew meant the end. Or something very close to it.

What the hell happened to you?

It was more than a growl than an actual worded sentence but Jason understood it right away. He froze, his shoulders high and stiff. Nico felt himself seize his wrist, tugging him towards himself. Every hair on his body seemed to stand up, panic spurring his heart.

The son of Jupiter had always looked strong in Nico’s eyes, raw power tightly controlled by a strength of will he hadn’t inherited from his godly parent. But his broad torso, ridden with well-earned scars suddenly seemed fragile with the blackened gash on his stomach that reeked of death.

“Nico? Hey, wow, buddy, it’s alright”

He blinked, noticing he had pushed Jason against a tree, his face a breath away from his own. His cheeks reddened but he didn’t back down, his skin suddenly too snug, too constrictive.

“What was that? Why didn’t you–”, he shook his head, Jason’s wild heartbeat distracting him. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

He smelled fear and concern but he didn’t loosen his grip on Jason.

“Look, I– I didn’t mean–”, he bit his lip. “Let’s go to my cabin, we are kinda attracting a crowd here”

Nails dug in skin. “I don’t care about–”

Nico”, Jason gritted his teeth, his voice commanding, and Nico felt something in himself curl into a ball. He stepped back but didn’t let go, and let himself be dragged to the Zeus Cabin. But the moment he looked at the scar again, rage tugged at his core and he had Jason against a wall yet again.


“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I– I don’t know, it kinda slipped my–”

“How could it? You almost died, I felt you–”, he took Jason’s other wrist and captured him, not quite smacking him against the cabin.

“Yeah, but I didn’t, and with everything going on lately I honestly forgot–”

“Don’t hide these things from me!”, he felt his skin prickling, power struggling to break free. “You can’t, not to me!”

Jason blinked. “I didn’t mean to hide it”

The wolf growled and Nico pushed his nose against Jason’s heart, vehemency pulsing through his body. “You can’t get hurt. Promise me”

He felt and heard Jason’s pulse quickening. “Nico, you know I can’t promise you that”

“You won’t hide these things from me, you can’t”, he leaned his forehead on the spot his nose had rested, his words solid and definitive. “You are my pack”

Jason shivered under him and his gut tightened, delighted at the reaction.

“I promise I won’t hide anything”, his voice was breathy but firm and Nico felt the madness go dormant once again.

He lifted his head, eyes searching for answers. Jason was blushing, red spreading through his neck, but his gaze was steady and calm. His Adam’s Apple bobbed and the hunger it ignited in the son of Hades left him breathless.



“I need to put on a shirt”

“Oh”, he released him, stepping aside and feeling a little lightheaded. “Right, go on”

Jason went to rummage his trunk for something to wear and Nico covered his mouth with one hand, trying to quench the craving of tracing every one of Jason’s scars. When he turned around he was putting on a new camp shirt and when sky blue eyes met his, he smiled, a soft curve of lips that seemed at odds with the fact that Nico had just slammed him against a wall.

“Come on, let’s find something to eat”

He blinked, the wolf wanting something else between his teeth. He shivered. “Y-Yeah, let’s go”

Because that hunger had to belong to the wolf, and the wolf alone, right?