A few minutes later, Clive’s best human friend arrives.

This is Shme. She’s got a weird name, and likes to cry about animals.

When Clive opens the door to greet her, she grins and shouts “happy birthday!” before shoving the present into his arms and leaning around him to wave at Kevin.

“Thanks,” Clive says. Is that the right thing to say when someone wishes you happy birthday?

He steps out the way to let Shme in, and she sits next to Kevin on the couch. 

Now, sitting in the living room are Kevin, Shme, Clive, and Peter (who looks extremely uncomfortable, but is staying there to be polite). Their mum’s in the kitchen, getting the cake ready, and their dad’s probably at work, like always.

It takes him a few minutes, but Clive eventually unwraps all his presents. He has received:

- A pack of scented felt pens from Kevin. (”I bought some for myself too,” he says, “the yellow one’s supposed to be lemon scented but it just smells like dishsoap.”)

- A notebook, also from Kevin. (”To put important notes in!”)

- Some stickers, also from Kevin. (”You can stick those on things!” “Kevin I know what stickers are.”)

- The scariest thing he has ever fucking seen - genuinely what the actual fuck. (Kevin hands it to him and he tries not to grimace. “Isn’t it cute?” “Aaaah, sure, Kev.”)

- A shirt which has ‘hhhhhhhhhh’ on it, from Shme. Clive glances over at her for an explanation, but she doesn’t give one.

- A grow-it-yourself venus flytrap, also from Shme. Cool. 

- A little mug with a cute planet thingy on it, from Peter. 

- A mysterious envelope from his parents, which he should probably open.

Once he’s set all the presents except the envelope aside, he thanks Kevin and Shme, and shouts “THANKS PETER!!” in the direction of the kitchen. 

Once the lil decorations and stuff have been sorted out, and everyone’s settled, there’s a knock on the door. Standing there is none other than Clive’s best mage friend.

This is Kevin. He has cool electric powers, which he rarely uses. Boo.

He looks a bit uncomfortable. In his hand is a bag full of carefully wrapped presents, which he hands to Clive with a smile.

“Happy birthday,” he says meekly.

Peter goes back to eating his cake decorations in silence, and Clive pets DeathKiller with a fond smile. She’s just so fluffy.

He idly begins to wonder when Kevin and Shme are coming over. Did they decide on a time? Oops. Ah well, they’ll get here at some point. 

“Oh shit,” Peter exclaims, “Happy birthday! I forgot to say.”

“Psh, wow, thanks,” Clive rolls his eyes and pretends to be annoyed.

“You’re very welcome.” He reaches for another mini marshmallow, but he’s eaten them all. Their mum’s going to be pissed.