I’m in limbo; What shall I do now that I no longer have you?
My days will be standard my evenings won’t be long
I will hear no more chit chatter or the strike of the key board from the iPads song.
I’ll be in limbo ; No more laughter, no more complaints the wifi is down
It just won’t be the same. I had six months of wedded bliss to the iPad class.
There is no more Monday Wednesday crew.
No Tuesday, Thursday trio group. No Friday lab.
What can I say my oh my the iPad class has gone astray.
They flew the coup they left the nest.
They got the training and said exit stage left.
We did what we came to do. We learned to communicate and make friends of new. We can now talk to folks near and far because we have earned our technology star. No longer isolated we have been set free. So I say Hey guys @ what about me? I’m In Limbo.


…I’m now connected to the community n the world…enjoy learning with my classmates about this iPad n many other things…what matter the most is the love we ‘ve shown for each other…together we overcame all obstacles…from this day on we ‘ll be family n friends…May THE GOOD LORD BLESS US ALL FOR EVER AMEN…!!!!!!!…special thx to Kim of NYC, AARP, OATS, Comcast, Seniorplanet n Family Matters…


Tony Flood iPad


I am so inspired by all the posts from Connecting to Community members from Washington DC Cohorts 1 and 2. I feel terrible I don’t find the time to blog more often! I think you all might have inspired me to start… :-) Until then, make sure to follow Senior Planet and NYC Seniors. Keep up the good work. You all are really an inspiration!

"Helpers Needed"

In whatever ways the Holy Spirit, the Helper, has gifted you, let Him use you for His honor,———-Anne Cetas

Thank you All Trainers who took the time to Participate in the Connecting to Community program. Your kindness will Never Be Obliterated!!! I am a little overjoyed about the trainers I had, Ms.June Archer,whom we started out with,until the last month and a half, and Ms. Gwen Hunnicutt, both were wonderful in providing the necessary tools to help us be in this Technology Age. They gave of themselves, and a little more, for us.

Thank You Again!!!
A lot of Classes to Learn in LIFE

I pad class for 2013
In my life have attended all type of class, because I believe to keep learning There has been small class rooms, large class rooms, and hotel conferrees meeting, and computer training,online classes. None have been this memorable as our iPad class, our instructor’s, and the class worked together for everyone to learn. We were a class but now we are friends and a loving family. I want to thank AARP, OATS. Family Matters,and Senior Plant, and Comcast, for this opportunity to learn how operate a iPad in a wonderful experience .

Car dealer

Sitting at the car dealer waiting on my ride watching and listening as time goes by.
People laughing aloud and talking on the cell phone.
Man some of those conversations should be left at home.

What is most curious is the international voice because I know we all wonder what they are saying and that is curiosity of course. Or is it just nosey why can’t we just let them be. Why do we wonder are they talking about me.

This is a point when I think Wow! curiosity should really kill this cat because it makes you wonder where are you really at.

Am I at the car dealer , on the corner or in a war zone all of this coming from people talking on the phone.

When will the day come when it’s so automated that we are just in and out. I guess next to never because of the people who,love to to talk loud, curse folk out and shout.

Being at the car dealer this is what it is all about. Whining, whimpering and complaining about-the cost of your ride but we buckle down and get it paid and then take it all in stride.

So if you looking for a con game,a good laugh a good joke. The car dealer is the place to go to see the hilarious folk. I’m sure the guys prefer the barbershop and the ladies the beauty salon. For me the car dealer gets the prize

Missing You 2/13/14

Hello c2c family. What happened last night! Didn’t expect all his snow. I hope everyone is snuggled up, warm, and safe. I miss all of u a lot. It’s like withdrawal for chocolate! I had a lot of obstacles during the past 6 months from being nervous about the class, taking care of my 84year old mom (which I finally got in home care approved for her just in Jan.,to my job being terminated( got a new job go to orientation on 2/20/14 god willing and a lot of other things going on to. Not complaining, just need to let everyone know put God first and He will work it out. I even got a final blessing of $900 I didn’t see that one coming the way it did, but that’s how God works I’m so grateful and humbled. That God gave me the strength to push on, and He got me through all of this and I didn’t miss not one class . I pray the best for all of you! Just had to let you know things happen, everyone’s life isn’t all roses,but it’s what you do, you always have a choice, I chose GOD and look what He did for me.

2/5/14 c2c class of 2013

OK c2c class of 2013, THIS IS IT!!! We only have one more session til Graduation. I’m so grateful to God for allowing me to go on this journey with ALL OF YOU! It was a great experience. I want to thank all of the instructors and my classmates for all of your encouragement,time and support, hat you gave me,because you all know I was the “problem child” of the class. Lol, but it made me try harder and not to give up. I’m going to miss coming to the classroom talking and engaging with you and watching all of you grow as well. So I’m not saying Good Bye, but,SEE YOU LATER,may God bless you all!

My sincere appreciation to the entire class for your enthusiasm and commitment to take on the challenge of learning this new iPad technology. Trust me, because of this, your life will never be the same!