They walk in silence for a bit longer. The sun’s started to set, casting a soft pink glow over the city. 

(quick peter think of something to talk about)

“Do you like cats?” Peter asks, a smile on his face.

(nailed it)

“Not particularly… why?” Markus replies suspiciously. He slows down and turns to face Peter, who shrugs.


Well, that didn’t work. Try something else.

“What’s your favourite colour?” Peter asks.

“Green,” Markus answers, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Have you finished asking questions now?”

“I guess.”

By now, they’ve reached Markus’ car. It’s shiny and red, and that’s about all Peter can say about it. Cars are among the many things he knows nothing about.

Peter breathes a sigh of relief when they step outside. After being underground for eight hours, the sky is a welcome sight. The door overlooks a car park, which has a clear view of boring grey Wivley.

He glances over to Markus, who is staring ahead with his eyebrows as far down as they’ll go. 

“Which one’s yours?” Peter asks, nodding towards the cars.

“The red one,” Markus replies, “We’re walking towards it.” (oh, duh)

“Cool,” Peter says. Markus gives him a look. 

(hey im trying to be nice)