Confession #1840: Magdedeact na ako. Kanina nagtatanong ako kung magdedeact na ba ako, madaming nagsabi na wag daw. Pero wala na rin naman kasing kwenta kung yung mga kaibigan mo sumikat lang iniwan ka na e. Oo nga nagboblog ka, pero puro ka-bitter-an lang rin. Nakakasawa na.

Cyclopedia of Botany c1840 - title page by AndyBrii on Flickr.

Steel plate colour engraved title page of The Cyclopedia of Botany c1840 . Hand coloured engravings of plants & herbs.

The ‘History and Description of Plants British or Foreign forming a Complete Book of Herbs and Family Herbal’

Printed by R. Brook, Huddersfield for W. M. Clark, London.Two Volumes 740 pages 20cm x 13.5cm.Half leather bound with marbled boards.

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of or relating to Queen Victoria or the period of her reign:

noting or pertaining to the architecture, furnishings, and decoration of English-speaking countries between c1840 and c1900, characterized by rapid changes of style as a consequence of aesthetic and philosophical controversy, technological innovations, and changes of fashion, by the frequent presence of ostentatious ornament, and by an overall trend from classicism at the start to romanticism and eclecticism at the middle of the period and thence to classicism again, with attempts at stylistic innovation occurring from time to time.