This was a print I did several years ago of the most famous Lockheed C-141 Starlifter, 66-0177 “Hanoi Taxi” as she looked on the first repatriation flight out of North Vietnam with the very first plane load of freed American POWs. Most of the C-141s participating in Operation Homecoming February-March 1973 had a Red Cross added to the tail along with both the active duty and reserve unit badges on the tail. I had found out from a Starlifter crew chief that Hanoi Taxi was missing its reserve unit badge on the first flight into Hanoi but it was added on for later flights. He had a picture to prove it, too, and this print reflects how 66-0177 looked on that first flight. She was later stretched into a C-141B and you can see her at the USAF Museum in Dayton, Ohio. The POWs flew out in order of time of captivity, so the first plane load were men who had been in captivity since 1965. #avgeek #aviation #aircraft #planeporn #thechickenworks (follow this tag to see more of my artwork) #lockheed #c141 #starlifter #usaf #hanoitaxi #avgeekery #illustrator #avgeekschoolofknowledge