Mon-El Season 3 Speculation - War World

I have read a lot of theories about the Legions, because the Legion ring was referenced this season just like Cadmus was name dropped during season 1, but War World was referenced twice, once by Mon-El (When he gave Supergirl advise on how to fight Draga in the alien fight club episode) and by Superman in the finale. My reasons for why that wormhole only helped him travel through space to Warworld instead of the 31st century:

1. The pace of his Hero’s Journey

One big mistake all of us have been making in our speculations is our own impatience to see Mon-El in a suit stopping us from seeing that the writers are really going to town with this arc. 

An entire season has passed and during the finale Mon-El finally had his hero moment, where he chose the well being of the people of Earth over his life, his family, his people and his love for Kara. That is him barely getting to a quater of his hero’s journey, moving from the known world to the unknown world after making a selfless sacrificial heroic decision on his own accord when he told Kara to push the button.

He is just beginning to become grow into the hero he is meant to be.

2. The patience that Legion storyline requires

I understand the desire for all of this to fast forward and Mon-El to be an already established superhero in the beginning of next season, magically pushing through most of his arc during the haitus offscreen in the 31st century with the Legions but that is weak storytelling, making his position as a superhero unearned. They didn’t start from the opposite of superhero, that annoys some viewers to not slowly make him the hero worthy of the cape. The audience doesn’t love people with fighting skills, super powers and costumes, the audience falls in love with the hero inside the suit and what they stand for.

I understand that the Legions are a huge part of the Super universe, which is why I feel that Legion characters will be slowly introduced into Supergirl’s universe, in the 21st century, instead of introducing the squad all at once in the 31st century.

3. Slavery storyline - Gladiator Mon-El?

Daxam didn’t have slavery in the comics and that story was introduced in the show for a purpose and I doubt that it was just for a few dialogues in one season. Season 1 of Game of Thrones, Danarys had slaves and we witnessed her dislike for it even though the people in her life promoted it. She later rescued slaves and fought oppressors, only to realise that it did no good. Six seasons in and Game of Thrones is still tackling the issue. It’s a great way to educate people on the complexities of slavery and how it still haunts our society. How did supergirl handle it: 

  • This season Mon-El found himself on Slaver’s moon, confronting the past he wanted to escape.
  • Freed slaves on Slaver’s Moon on Kara, that being the thing that motivated him to become a hero.
  • He discloses that “There were many things on Daxam I didn’t agree with.” when asked about Slavery.
  • Advocated freedom and equal rights to his parents right before they put him in a cell.
  • Fought the invasion against his own people to protect the people of Earth from being enslaved by Daxamites.

The last time he was on Warworld, he was visiting as royalty, this time around he is a traitor according to the Daxamite people who could have sold him/offered him for revenge. A very logical next move for this story-line would be for Mon-El to find himself on the other end of the chains, to truly harness his belief against the practice, to give him his own agenda and to explore another aspect of the issue. It could be very powerful if done right.

Not only would a Gladiator like storyline of Mon-El being pulled into Warworld be totally awesome and make for epic fight scenes but it could improve his fighting skills immensely, break him as a character to be rebuilt into a hero, put him in a desperate position for new powers to manifest, and most importantly there will be a pressing reason for him to be pulled out of this storyline, a motivation for Mon-El and Team Super.

4. How villains are tied to heroes moving in space 

This has been Supergirl’s signature move, Supergirl’s pod is pulled out of the Phantom Zone and Fort Rozz is pulled along with it giving us season 1 plot and then Mon-El finds his way out of the well of stars, his distress signal to Daxam taking season 2 to an end, with Cadmus only serving as a plot device instead of the Big Bad. 

Where ever Mon-El was pulled into in space this finale is going to be closely tied to the villain next season. 

  • Maybe the evil baby that left Krypton, good speculation of it being Reign, landed on Warworld instead of Earth and Mon-El was it’s replacement for a superpowered warrior. 
  • Maybe this is Daxam’s revenge, putting Reign in Supergirl’s path in exchange for Mon-El on Warworld, a win win situation for Daxamites after the invasion. 
  • Reign could also find out about the Kryptonians through Mon-El on Warworld
  • Or maybe the big bad for the second half of the season will be whoever followed Mon-El from Warworld to Earth. 

5. Warworld - Perfect Crossover Venue

All said and done, I feel like Warworld is a pretty awesome planet for the show to explore and I would love to see some action going on in two parallel storylines the beginning of next season of Supergirl, Gladiator Mon-El on Warworld and Supergirl fighting Reign on Earth, both characters developing separately for the first half of the season before Karamel is reunited. Not to mention that Warworld is the perfect venue for next year’s four way crossover to take place, it could be this insane large scale fight against skilled fighters. 

Thoughts speculation Fam?

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Introduction/Guide: There is a set of 5 fanfiction prompt ideas for each week. You should write at least one Karamel fanfiction per week. If you’d like or have time, you can write more than one from what is on the list. You should write at least 500 words per fanfiction and you can publish it on either AO3, Fanfiction.net or both. For example, for week one, I’ll be writing a fanfiction based on a bodyguard AU that’s 1k words long and I will publish it on both Fanfiction.net and AO3. If you want, you can use AUs that aren’t on this list or use these AUs in other weeks. I don’t want you to feel restricted from writing what you wants. This is just a flexible guide so let your creative juices flow! Once you’ve published your writing, share it on Tumblr under the Karamel Fanfiction Challenge tag.

This will be going on from the 25th of June to the 23rd of July. Spread the word!

Week one:

  • Hogwarts AU
  • Lawyer AU
  • Bodyguard AU
  • Bookstore AU
  • College AU

Week two:

  • Coffeeshop AU
  • Neighbors/Roommate AU
  • Disney AU
  • Stuck in an elevator/train/plane/etc… when it stops AU
  • (Super)villain AU

Week three:

  • Band AU
  • Road trip AU
  • Historical AU
  • On the same bus everyday AU
  • “We love each other ‘platonically’” AU/Best friends to lovers AU

Week four:

  • College professors/Highschool teachers AU
  • Forced to share a table in a crowded coffee shop AU
  • Pretending to be your BF/BFF because you look uncomfortable AU
  • Asylum AU
  • AU based on book/movie

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Woah woah woah…OMG what if Queen Rhea sets Mon el up with Lena that way he won’t be with Kara. Hence “Villainous prearranged marriage.” That would explain then tensions between Kara, Lena, and Mon el AND the fact that Queen Rhea and Lilian/Lena have a scene together (*I’m pretty sure they do*)

Theories anyone??

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Kreisberg talks about Mon-El in the finale and next episodes

“Supergirl” is about to learn that Hell hath no fury like a Queen of Daxam scorned. After Rhea ventured across the galaxy to reunite with her son Mon-El and bring him home, he chose to stay with Kara over his own family. Mon-El’s father, Lar Gand supported his son’s decision, a siding which ultimately led to Rhea killing him. A vengeful Rhea has now set her sights on Kara, Mon-El and Earth, and woe be to whomever stands in her way.

In her anger, Rhea killed her husband and stated she is not finished with Earth. What is her endgame? At this point, is it all about her son, Mon-El?

I don’t want to give too much away because it’s part of the surprise coming in the next few episodes. Her plans definitely include Kara, Mon-El and Lena. She has a master plan. She’s very bright, very dangerous and she’s very ruthless. Rhea is used to getting what she wants. She’s going to set the table for the last few episodes to enact her master plan. What exactly she wants from all those people – you have to tune in to find out.

Mon-El isn’t the same guy as he was at the beginning of the season. How comfortable is he in his own skin now, and what is his arc in the next block of episodes?

Mon-El is very comfortable. He’s grown into himself and is in love with Kara. He’s the best version of himself. For all of Mon-El’s selfishness, he was never quite comfortable being this Prince of Daxam. Being on Earth, and being with Kara, has really allowed him to become the person that he wants to be. They are going to be put to the test in these last episodes when they are faced with some unimaginable choices. Each of them has to evaluate what it means to be a hero. And, can their idealisms survive what they are up against? Is winning more important than values? They are all put in these great moral dilemmas and have to make these choices. Is it love or duty? These are some of the biggest episodes we’ve ever done in terms of scope, visual effects and stunts, but they also have some of our best emotional material. Hopefully, the audience thinks so, but we really bring everything that’s happened this season together in these last few episodes.

What else can you tease about the finale and what it sets up for season three?

We have amazing guest stars in the finale. We are bringing back people we’ve had all season. We have Calista Flockhart coming back. In the last two episodes, we have Lynda Carter returning as the President, Sharon Leal is coming back as M’gann. Obviously, there’s Tyler as Superman. These are some of the biggest episodes we’ve ever done. We’re so proud of Teri Hatcher, and so amazed she’s on our show and killing it as Rhea. There is a feature film quality finale, with huge guest stars, stunts and visual effects. We will get a glimpse of the Season 3 villain in the finale, which we’re also excited about.

There is more info about other characters and storylines in the link.

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Daxam’s Mating situation - Finally figured out why they throw parades when People get together!

In 2x07 Mon-El says : “On Daxam we have arrange marriages chosen for you at Birth and you reach a certain age and boom! You are latched to that person.”

In 2x13 “Things were easier on Daxam when I objectified women and didn’t care for anyone”

In 2x14: “I mean back on Daxam they used to throw parties when people got together. You’re lucky I didn’t arrange a parade.”

It seems like most people on Daxam had arranged marriages and since they knew their romantic future was predetermined, our lovely hedonistic Daxamites just partied, objectified each other and slept around until they reached their latching age. That attitude towards relationships is common in arranged marriage cultures. I’m from a country with arranged marriage culture and people don’t take dating very seriously.

So it seems like whenever two rare souls decided to seriously date or pursue a romantic relationships with someone they intend to latch to one day, it was a cause for celebration because I don’t think it happened too often. It’s an exception to their usual mating ritual.

And ofcourse he wanted to throw a parade, he’s the Prince of Daxam! If he ever decided to choose a mate for himself, they would have totally thrown him a parade because I don’t think politically influential people ever got to make an exception to the arranged marriage system. It’s a big deal for him to be able to pursue a romantic relationship where he can see a future…

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Valor Speculation!

So we know that the valor suit is coming this season, but when does everyone think it will come? Do you think we’ll get a full episode or two of it towards the end of the season, or do you think it might be the last shot of the finale? I’m just super curious and ready to see valor grace my screen !

Using @emarasmoak ‘s fam tagging, hope you don’t mind! 

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I made this video after seeing a post on @winelover1989 blob for karamel appreciation week. I hope it does you post justice! *Tagging fam*

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