Critical discourse is stifled when it colludes with the market, for with the commodification of contemporary art comes a publicity machine for profit where ‘hollow cheerleading’ … takes the place of strident critique.
—  “Resist the List: A Problem of Politics in the Evaluation of Contemporary Art,” Charlene Lau. C Magazine, 118 “Criticism” (Summer 2013) (Toronto: C The Visual Arts Foundation, 2013), 27.

C Magazine, 118 “Criticism” (Summer 2013) (Toronto: C The Visual Arts Foundation, 2013), front cover.

Jimmy Limit, “GreenLiquid with Yellow Bag of Mandarins on Green (Agriculture, Anxiety, Assemblage, Community, Compression, Contemplation, Exotic, Family, Fluidity, Fresh, Frustration, Growth, Healthy Eating, Isolation, Nobody, Prosperity, Raw, Succulent, Support),”2012, Archival Color Photograph, 55.8 cm x 76.2 cm. Image courtesy of CLINT ROENISCH GALLERY