Today marks my official 1 year of being on tumblr, which also means 1 year of being part of clone club. I also am just about at 4K followers, so I thought I would celebrate!!!

I just want to thank clone club for being so wonderful, for always making me smile, for geeking out with me about clones, and for letting me just be me in all my dorkiness.

I’ve compiled a list of people who have done something extra to make my time in clone club special, whether it’s talking to me every single day, or just making me smile whenever I see them on my dash. You guys are so awesome, thank you for all you have done for me!

324b21-clone abadoom aparadoxinflux apwoodbailey b00ksandcleverness captain-jaybird c-estmabiologie clojanhorse cloneclubcompliments clonefusion cloneinstitute commanderlexaofthegrounders cosimathescientist dahhlek dirty-little-c0py-c0p dustymoonpuff

eatingpizzawithcophine eorroxsox fee-lixdawkins geekdawson geekmonkey-niehaus geekspiralling glassesanddreads happyjacq jennifer-fitzsimmons kimnrowdy lcmorganart lifeorbeth obcrack okteivia orphanblackballpit 

punk-rock-science racheldvncan rachelpuncan rayraythegay rose-tyler-fanfics sanetwin sarahcosima sarahjlbecks sarahsshahi sharkodactyl soitgoeschild suburbsclone theleashkid thewetcloud valiantprincex watching-crazy-science-fiction wolfboysawicki

And of course, all of clone club, everyone I follow and everyone who follows me, and everyone else, is super awesome, and I’m so happy to be part of this weird little family!

2014 was the year I discovered Orphan Black and Clone Club. Both the show and Clone Club have made my life so much better and to celebrate this I put together this end of year Follow Forever! Seeing you on my dash makes me smile everytime!


1000101010001 324b21-clone alisonhellahendrix alisonsgotthewineglass allthishashappened angrytinyalison catmilla-karnstein-hollis cloneclubdrinkstrolley cloneclubgifs cloneclubsandwich clonecraftroom coach–fitzsimmons cosassima-foureyeshaus cosiiimaaniehauss cosima-geekmonkey-niehaus cosimas-glasses delfinecallmier dirty-little-c0py-c0p evelyne-bruhchu


feelixdawkins flyingvortexofmodernliterature fourteenthclone gayer-than-cosima girlynerd42 holy–watershed ijustlove324b21 itsanotherclone kiras-monkey-bum-face


lcmorganart manning-niehaus monkeyhelena neverloveawildthing16 obspec oh-my-god-not-cats orphan–orange princessniehaus racheldvncan rachelfuckingduncan rachelpuncan rayrayissupergaygayforsarah69 


sarahmanning seductioneyescarmilla sorry-cutie suburbsclone the-cheeky-geek-monkey the-dyad-group tinselmaslany updatepls wickisawicki

Special shout out to my dutchcloneclub buddies:

dunhamnator drunkcerseilannister badassperger undiscovereduniverse spoopyskellyton tatmeowslany white–balloons clones-slayers-witches-avatars

Sorry if I forgot someone I love all of you and I wish everyone an amazing 2015 filled with love, laughter and of course lots of ORPHAN BLACK!