There’s no need to be a couple, for cosplay with your boyfriend.

Sometimes you can do something that you like.

…or something that HE likes.

Or maybe one doesn’t want to be anyone

But that doesn’t mean that he don’t like what you’re doing, and he doesn’t want to help you anyway.

And just remember that just because you’re not cosplaying a couple, you don’t have to forgot how to be a couple.

…and forgot that you have friends, too.

So, just stop blaming who you love just because he doesn’t want to cosplay your otp, and remember who you are. You’re not a character, you’re just yourself, and you don’t need cosplay to have a great relationship. You have to be yourself.

(Thanks Coky)

As you asked! Tony is C0ky, sorry for the bad quality but this is all we have ;w; hope you’ll like it! 
Design by Aishaneko
 Performed at GioCoMix 2014, we won the Premio Sardegna and we will fly to Romics to the WCS selections!


Victor is @c0ky
Victor and Victoria pics from the GioComix! We still don’t have great pics, and we’re planning to do a professional photoset as soon as possible but here’s the first pics, most of the from our exibition.

Just a preview <3

Actualhomosexualcastiel as Aradiasprite

C0ky as Erisolsprite

Ashesandrainbows as Fefetasprite 

DIT: More pics about Fefetasprite

More about Aradiasprite!

More about Erisolsprite!