The Definitive Guide to Copywriting

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From SEO to content marketing to even link building…I’ve created a lot of guides over the past twelve months about traffic acquisition. But what I haven’t touch on much is the topic of optimizing your site for conversions. One way to do this is by modifying elements on your web page, and another way is by optimizing your copy.

Today, I have a new guide to announce. With the help of Joseph Putnam, I was able to create another guide for you… The Definite Guide to Copywriting.

Here is what you will learn in this 30,000-plus-word guide:


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Stuck On The First Paragraph? Three (Uncommon) Ways to Bust Out Your Best–Even At Your Worst.

Sometimes, you stare at the screen. And you stare at the screen. And then you go get a bagel. And then you stare at the screen. *whips out nail file* *stares at cuticles* *stares at screen* *stares at cuticles* *wonders how many dead skin cells fall into keyboard during average workday* And then you tell yourself you’ve had enough. You’re going to get down to business. You make a stern face. You furrow your eyebrows. You turn off Spotify, and you get into concentration mode. You look fondly at the cursor. You look angrily at the cursor. You start cursing at the cursor. You take a bite of bagel and see who’s on Twitter. You nonchalantly stalk your ex. He thinks he’s soooo great. Yeah, well, you might be Vice President of the awesomest company in the world, but…NICE COMBOVER! *SNARK SNARK SNARK* Too bad you’re losing your hair! *SNARK SNARK SNARK* Too bad you lost me! *SNARK SNARK SNARK* [pause]

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