I love old literature, because it’s almost guaranteed they’ll be great - otherwise they would’ve died with their authors.

(Granted everyone has their taste - I won’t like every classic work, but still)

Day 16: Just one word: TBR

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❝ Stop man-handling the ice cream! ❞ - for cade and scott, pls. i need this more than i realized.

me too my guy im dying over here

❝ Stop man-handling the ice cream! ❞

Scott kicks, and he kicks hard. Cade gives an undignified yelp as Scott’s freezing cold feet find his legs, and he wriggles away, spoon firmly in hand.

“Why are you eating ice cream if you’re so cold!?” Cade huffs indignantly, making another swipe for the tub that’s firmly in Scott’s hands. Scott moves out of his way with a fluid dodge, and a ridiculous giggle around a spoonful of ice cream.

“Cos it’s good.” Scott mumbles, watching as Cade plans his next attack. The Pathfinder’s bed doesn’t leave much room for Cade to outmaneuver Scott, who’s firmly rooted amongst his too-many pillows, and Cade knows he’s not going to win this fight with brute strength.

So he changes tactics.

Scott sees the way his eyes turn sweet and golden in a split second, a careful, wicked smile forming on his lips as he slides easily into the slight space behind Scott. Narrowing his eyes, Scott lets Cade play out his charade, taking another careful scoop of ice cream while he waits. Warm arms snake around his waist from behind, and he can feel Cade resting his chin on his shoulder moments later.

“What you doin’?” Scott chews through a second mouthful, side-eyeing Cade with relentless skepticism. Cade has the gall to look offended.

“What? I’m not allowed hugs now?”

Scott snickers, swallowing, feeling the cool taste sooth his throat, sore and dry from spending two days in Eos’ sandstorms.

“Ulterior motive.” Scott accuses with a bold smirk, shaking the ice cream tub to identify it as the prime suspect.

“Ugh. Just– stop manhandling the ice-cream!” Cade sighs, burrowing his face in Scott’s neck with feather-light kisses along his tendons. Scott cranes his neck, allowing Cade better access, but not for long, as another ridiculous giggle slips his lips when he comes up with a reply.

“Why? Want me to manhandle something else?”

Cade deadpans, glancing up and turning to Scott with a blank stare.

“….that was fucking terrible.”

obscenely domestic sentence starters

me,  seeing rumors of dove cameron,  chloe grace moretz,  or kiernan shipka playing sabrina spellman in riverdale:


it just doesn’t matter, huh?  it doesn’t matter that we want to be together?  it doesn’t matter that we have, like… we have great chemistry?  it doesn’t matter that i love you?

Nothing In This World I Wouldn’t Do

Julian Ryder, Scott Ryder, & Alec Ryder. Mass Effect Dual AU. 3,718 words. Mentions @bxtgrl‘s Gabby Ryder & Sara Ryder. More under the cut. AO3. @everythingryder‘s Ryder Appreciation Week Day 3: Family. Trigger Warnings: Self-harm/cutting (brief mention of scars & cuts).

Some angsty brotherly moments, mostly pre-Andromeda.

For reference: Gabby and Julian are twins at 22 in MEA. Scott and Sara are their older twin siblings at 25 in MEA.

Scott always liked the idea of having younger siblings. He could hold over their head that he was older and thus knew better than them. He couldn’t do that with Sara. He had soon learned which of his siblings he could tease and how he could tease them. Julian… He avoided teasing Julian with a ten foot pole. His brother wasn’t like his sisters. He’d given him a noogie once and the look he’d received had been heartbreaking. Julian had basically looked like he’d been punched. That guilt trip hadn’t been fun.

Whereas his sisters, he could tease more. They had a sense of humor at least similar to his – Julian had a sense of humor too, but it took a while to learn what it was. Gabby would usually lick his arm as he held her for a noogie. Sara would bite and then, upon being released, proceed to noogie him and he’d bite her back. It was usually an endless cycle with Sara.

His sisters had always been closer while Julian had gravitated to his side. As kids, they were annoying for the first few years, especially with how Julian would cling to his side and constantly follow him around. He never pushed Julian away – his mother said he shouldn’t do that. One day his parents had sat him and his sisters down and explained why Julian was different, that there was nothing wrong with him or how he was, but also that some people might take advantage of that, some people might tell him something’s wrong with him.

From that day on, Scott protected his little brother. He protected his sisters too, but they didn’t need it as often as Julian – they didn’t need him as often. Anyone messed with Sara, and she usually beat him to the punch. Anyone messed with Gabby, and he and Sara usually double-teamed them. He usually beat his sisters to the punch whenever someone messed with Julian. Even when he thought that someone was his father.

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