Hermione Granger would assess where her resources were coming from...

“And so Hermione Granger, that charming grind, still goes to the Hogwarts library and spends hours and hours working her way through the stacks, finding out what a basilisk is or how to make a love potion… . Now, having been stuck with the library shtick, she has to go on working the stacks in the Harry Potter movies, while the kids who have since come of age nudge their parents. ‘Why is she doing that?’ they whisper. ‘Why doesn’t she just Google it?’”

Staff writer Adam Gopnik, “The Information: How the Internet Gets Inside Us,” The New Yorker, February 14, 2011

Posted on Thursday, Feb 10, 2011. (link goes to ALA public perception page, can't permalink to individual quotes.)

So the first thing I thought when i read this?

“Because Hermione Granger has learned about trans-literacy! She knows that websites are ranked by popularity, not necessarily accuracy, and scholarly website are not necessarily given weight in the ranking! and Hermione would CARE about using scholarly resources! AND WHAT ABOUT ASTROTURFING IN THE WIZARDING WORLD? Voldemart would be ALL about astroturfing! ”…and then i thought, what is the wizarding equivalent of the C.R.A.P test?  and then I made myself stop, because……I have not even read all the HP books, yet I have strong opinions regarding Hermione Granger’s research habits.


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