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Red was on the run from a seemingly very pissed off drug dealer, a key of pure Columbian cocaine nestled inside of his sweater, taped securely against his stomach. The contract had been to rob a dealer out of his drug so it could be sold back to the original manufacturer. Red personally didn’t understand why they gained anything from this deal but it was money and money could get him out of his seat. 

That being said, getting chased down the Vinewood Walk of Fame by a giant of a thug was not the ideal way Red wanted to spend his afternoons. He liked them easy, maybe doing a light jog through his favorite park or swaddled up in Billy’s armchair while the Angel worked in his personal office. God, Red wanted to see his boyfriend again. Maybe after this, he should.

The runner barely noticed the obstacle in his path and barely caught himself when he tripped over an upturned square of concrete, careening onto the hood of a police cruiser. Red looked up and made eye contact with the man in the passenger seat, eyes wide before he remembered who was chasing him. Red rolled out of the way in time for a fist to land a dent into the hood. 

“Oh jeez,” Red sighed out before yelping when a knife suddenly went into his midsection, freezing before slowly looking down. He saw the handle poking out of him and made to scream before he realized he didn’t feel the same pain a knife wound should give him. In fact, it was a pricking sensation. Red suddenly realized the man had stabbed the cocaine and his body chilled. 

너 바보 같은거야?” Red hissed and pulled the knife out of his stomach, throwing it aside and landing a killer kick up the man’s chin. “너 때문에 더 적게 벌면, 너의 어머니조차 너의 얼굴을 알아볼 수 없을거야.” Red kicked the man away before realizing he was still on a police car. 

“I was just stabbed and you’re not doing anything?” he yelled, glaring at the worthless pig in the seat. “Do your job please!”