The Lady, Graphite, 6 X 9, C.nick, 2013

Ever since I found Jillian Venters’s site “Gothic Charm School” whilst toodling on the internet I’ve been a big fan. So when trying to come up with a sketch for today this is what came about.  

Friday’s Finished Piece:

Mirrors (Kat), Graphite, Charcoal, & Inks, 5.5 X 8.5 in, C.nick, 2014

I got it finished! Hopefully it is drastically changed from last Wednesday’s post. I put in all the details today and am extremely happy with how much the white pops on this paper. I hope all the midtones show from the scan because in person they look great, but sometimes scanners do weird things. Anyway, this is a drawing of Kat from Kat Sketch on Youtube. I haven’t talked about the concept because I wanted to draw it and have everyone see for themselves. But yeah, here it is. I also didn’t plan for it be posted on Friday the 13th, anyone who knows me knows I don’t possess that kind of forward planning, but I think that the drawing and the date fit perfectly. It certainly was fortuitous. I think that all I have to say. I hope everyone likes it and as always feedback is a lovely thing. So thoughts anyone?

Friday’s Finished Piece:

“Bay & Hun” (Work in Progress), C.nick, 2015, Graphite, 5.5 X 8.5 in

Finished the portrait of Balyn and Honey. They’re a bit like an old married couple since they’re about the same age and like to bicker back and forth. It’s their sport; Keenie (Border Collie) has Agility, they have bickering.

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Can't Sleep

*Sleep wasn’t coming easy, so Liam grabbed his keys and went to the only place he knew his mind could rest. He used his key to get into Niall’s apartment, locked the door, then crawled into bed with him*


I will hunt you down and tie you to a chair if you aren’t there.

We’re meeting at Harry’s because his is the biggest. Zayn’s making dinner and we’re going to have a guys night! So be there. No excuses.

Saturday’s Sketch:

“Heart 7: Fire on my Heart” (Work in Progress), C.nick, 2015, Graphite, 5.5 X 8.5 in

I decided to merge my Saturday’s Sketch and my seventh heart in countdown together. I also seized the opportunity to have this triple as my plan for my St. Valentine’s sidewalk art. So when this is finished it’ll be what I’ll draw on my sidewalk with a few minor changes.  

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Saturday’s Sketch:

Skull in Tree (Work in Progress), Graphite, 5.5 X 8.5, C.nick, 2014

My readings and research lately has lead me to a lot skulls. It also happened that Saturday came and I found myself with nothing to draw. This image of skull on a tree popped into my head, I just went for it and here we are. This is suppose to be in ink but my pens are dried out which is very strange indeed. Strange because the two pens that are dried out aren’t the ones I use a lot, but coincidentally the ones I need for this. I’m undecided if I should have a nail running through it or leave it as is. Thoughts?

I and my Border Collie, Keen, helped weave today! It was aright I guess, but I was hoping for food myself.  Today’s “Adventures in Pre-Raphaelites” is made possible by “I am half-sick of shadows, said the Lady of Shalott” by John William Waterhouse. He is one of C’s inspirations, but since he is dead and can’t feed me I don’t see what’s so special.