but really when will people stop trying to push robert into making a decision about this instead of sitting him down and talking it through with him? helping him decide what he wants? cos truthfully i don’t think robert knows what he wants - and maybe a proper conversation would help aaron get his thoughts and worries off his chest too?

In Ch. 24, there’s a short story written about Akutagawa meeting Dazai for the first time, and it supplies some interesting details. From what I got, Akutagawa spent most of his young life numbing out any and all emotion in order to withstand a lot of the pain he got put through. It just verified for me more when he actually said the first emotion he’s felt since birth. I could rant about Akutagawa’s mental health for days but I don’t want to subject anyone to that, so here’s a quick lil thingamabob.

Someone mentioned Reigen with a beard, so I deliver this! Got my hands on some screentones huhuhu.

Also if you’re curious as to why Reigen is in the hospital then that’s just to answer why he hasn’t shaved. Just a slight coma nothing biggie.