elle prenait la fenêtre éclairée au loin avec le linge pendu 

c’était les longues discussions de fin mai

et la gueule de bois au réveil avec le joueur de piano en écho 

one thing i dislike about the fma fandom is how they tend to view ling as being a goofy character

don’t get me wrong, ling can be very silly, but the majority of the time when he’s acting that way it’s because he is literally acting that way

ling isn’t what you would call a stern character but he is rather serious. he is a happy person and does like to joke but most of the time when he plays the fool it is either because he has an objective or because of his “shifty” eyes which i will talk about in a second

think about it, the first time we meet ling he is completely joking around with ed and acts very happy-go-lucky, but the second he thinks ed and al are withholding information from him the goofy grin disappears and he snaps for his bodyguards to appear as he pretty much threatens the elric bros for information. the second they run off and the townspeople appear though ling is back to “haha those funny boys i will have some more food please” (not that i am denying he wanted the food. i am sure he genuinely did.)

and the other thing is a moment in the manga which got left out of the anime (as did a lot of the scenes featuring ling and lan fan) where ed tells ling he could never trust a guy that had weird eyes like him. ling is visibly upset and tells ed it’s a sensitive topic and that’s why he tries to smile all of the time so that people aren’t scared of how he’s looked since he was born

imagine being a child and having people not trust you because of how your face looks. he’s only 15 when he comes to amestris. so he smiles and squints all of the time because when he doesn’t people like ed thinks he looks creepy

ling has a lot of fun and is definitely a good-natured character but people fail to realize that half of his antics are all for show

  • me: listen. prescriptive grammar isn't real. we made it all up. it's all made up. we made every single bit of every single language up together. language changes and we need to accept it, we need to move on, correcting people's "grammar" based on an arbitrary and misunderstood standard is ridiculous. also half of it is just rules that some old guys thought up by the rules of Math and also Latin neither of which have a place in English. split your infinitives, double your negatives, it doesn't matter, nothing matters. stop mithering people about this stuff and concentrate on important things like acceptance of different dialects and better understanding of language variation and change.
  • you, poking at me with a broom: get off of my bookshelf

Chromodoris splendida

…is a colorful species of Chromodorid nudibranch which is endemic to the waters around New South Wales, Australia. Like many species of nudibranch Chromodoris splendida is carnivorous and will feed on a variety of sessile invertebrates like sponges. 


Animalia-Mollusca-Gastropoda-Heterobranchia-Euthyneura-Nudipleura-Nudibranchia-Doridoidea-Chromodorididae-Chromodoris-C. splendida

Image: Richard Ling

Chromodoris elisabenthina

…is a species of Chromodoridid dorid nudibranch which was first described from Burias Island in the Philippines. But was later found to occur in the central area of the Indo-Pacific region from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Queensland, Australia, to the southern part of Japan. Like other nudibranchs C. elisabenthina is predatory and will feed on a range of sessile invertebrates like bryozoans and sponges. 


Animalia-Mollusca-Gastropoda-Heterobranchia-Euthyneura-Nudipleura-Nudibranchia-Doridoidea-Chromodorididae-Chromodoris-C. elisabenthina

Image: Richard Ling

Spengler’s Trumpet (Cabestana spengleri)

…a charismatic species of “Triton Snail” (Ranellidae), Spengler’s trumpet is commonly encountered in the waters of Oceania, specifically the areas around New Zealand and Australia. Like other members of the family Ranellidae, C. spengleri is a predatory, feeding on a range of other molluscs and other marine invertebrates. C. spengleri gets its species name and common name in commemoration of the Swiss naturalist Lorenz Spengler. 


Animalia-Mollusca-Gastropoda-Caenogastropoda-Hypsogastropoda-Littorinimorpha-Tonnoidea-Ranellidae-Cabestana-C. spengleri

Image: Richard Ling