Some Influences on The Chronicles of Amber

Among the things which inspired Roger Zelazny’s most popular work were America’s Mother Road, Norse and Celtic myth, authors C .L. Moore and Philip José Farmer, astrology, and the Ramayana and Mahabharata:

The Road to Amber is 66 (part 1)

Zelazny & Norse Myth 6: Wasteland of the Gods

Patterns & Allusions in The Chronicles of Amber

Astrology & Amber

The Palace of Amber

Āryāvarta & Amber, and the Well at Mirata — a Zelazny Geography

A few of the links above contain links to subsequent or related posts:  “The Road to Amber is 66;” “Zelazny & Norse Myth;” “Astrology & Amber.”  With the exception of “Zelazny & Norse Myth,” links to additional material appear at the bottom of the post.


Today I went to the second weekend of our semi-annual library booksale. After 2 and a half hours of searching I found some lovely stuff. Also, I got quite a nice stack for my usual weekly haul. The first stack are my weekly received/gifted/acquired books. Stack 2 contains my acquisitions from the sale, and stack 3 are selected magazines from two collections that were being sold at the sale. I’ll take pictures of a few of the cooler covers later. Some of them have first publication of classic stories (such as “The Cold Equations,”“The Man Who Had No Idea,” and Delany’s “Lines of Power), while others have “novelets” by C. L. Moore & Henry Kuttner (Rite of Passage”), Harlan Ellison (”The Deathbird”), Zenna Henderson (”Wilderness”), and Walter M. Miller, Jr. (The Last Canticle”). I found several with stories by Russ, Disch, Leinster, and Kit Reed. Very happy with this load.