c.j. johnson


“Even though this is a cliche, you have to stay true to your own voice and write in a way that clearly expresses yourself in your own style. Meaning, those handbooks, teachers and other writers who “teach” creative writing can’t teach you what’s most important about writing and what’s going to make your work stand out - your voice. You don’t want to write like your favorite writer, or produce solid work that seems like it was made by a machine, you want to write and express yourself and your observations as only you can. Believing you’re the only person who thinks or feels a certain way, and then finding out that there are so many others out there like you because they connect to your writing is what happens when you stick to your instincts and develop your own style. Also, not everybody writes every day, even though that’s what everyone tells you to do. Work at your own pace (James Joyce considered it a successful day if he managed to write two or three sentences).”

-C..J. Johnson